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315 fabien savenypresentation

  1. 1. Fabien SavenaySr VP Sales & MarketingSSP TMR 2008
  2. 2. ®
  3. 3. The Seed Community
  4. 4. 100 Blogs75,000 Posts11 Channels1.3 Million Readers1,000,000 Comments
  5. 5. Sb Survey August 2008Erdos & Morgan surveyover 3000 responses +/-97% accuracyGenderM 67% / F 33%AgeMedian 34Do you work in science?Yes 63%What is your highest level of education?Graduated 80%Postgraduate degree 38%What’s you political affiliation?Democrat 50%Republican 4%Independent 31%
  6. 6. Sb Survey August 2008Erdos & Morgan surveyHow often do you visit SB?Daily 54%How many of the blogs on SB do you usually read?Over 3 blogs 60%For me, SB is an essential site to visitAgree 79%I read SB for insights and information I do not get from other sitesAgree 93%Advertising on SB is usually helpful and informativeAgree 50%
  7. 7. What do you like best about ScienceBlogs?Its nice to see a site that not only represents the big As a science graduate student, its nice to readgeneral areas of science (biology, cosmology etc) but personal perspectives from researchers within andalso represents the sub-disciplines in each of the large outside of my field. The science itself I can glean fromgeneral fields. * the primary literature; Scienceblogs provides a way to glimpse personal insights from the people DOING theAnother strength of ScienceBlogs is its ability to science.respond quickly and accurately to science stories in themedia. I often rely on the coverage here to get Basically direct access to professional scientists. Ascorrections and a deeper understanding of a topic that opposed to access to professional scientists filteredis reported in the news. through journalism majors.A chance to get to know scientists as people, with all Reading a blog on peer-reviewed research by one oftheir quirks and daily aggravations. It cuts through the the ScienceBloggers is a great way to read about the"scientists say," empty-lab-coats you encounter in latest research and indicate if I should read the originalmainstream media. research as well.Absolutely the community atmosphere. And being Content is not dumbed-down. As a non-scientist IPART of that community. cannot always completely follow all of the posts I read, but there is vastly more detail and intelligent analysisThey help me "stay in the game" and really get a feel presented than in newspaper or television sciencefor what causes reactions. Its important that when journalism.scientists feel passionately about something, there is aplace to go where they can voice their opinions withoutrisking provost fire, or grant funding issues.
  8. 8. Contactsavenay@seedmediagroup.com