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  • What about metadata and discovery ? What about payment gateways ?
  • 261 ae bc going large - nick evans-1b

    1. 1. What is the ALPSP e-Books Collection (AeBC) and how will it work? What can we do together that we can’t do as individuals? Nick Evans Chief Operating Officer Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) nick.evans@alpsp.org1
    2. 2. There is strength in numbers2
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    5. 5. ALPSPThe international trade association for non-profit publishers and those who work with them.• 360+ organizations in membership; 50% outside the UK• both large, medium and small• ALPSP members publish over 10,000 journals and countless books, reports, databases and other publications• Members in 36 different countries (50 in the States)5
    6. 6. ALPSP Membership (262 Publishers) Membership Summary 400 Sponsored 350 Full Reciprocal 300 Partners/Complimentary Associate 250Members Individuals (Honorary) 200 150 100 50 0 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 (at 2007 at 01/08) 01/08) Years6
    7. 7. What does ALPSP do?• Advocacy and representation• International coverage• Cooperative initiatives• Professional development• Good practice guidelines• Information and advice• Cooperative initiatives7
    8. 8. Cooperative initiatives• Launched in 2003• 2008: 728 journals from 53 publishers• 2007 revenue exceeded $1.5m• Single publisher contract, standard customer licence• Managing agent (Swets)• Evens out the playing field with the larger publishers8
    9. 9. Academia Press; Accucoms; Africa Health Research Organization; African Association of Political Science; African Crop Science Journal; African HealthSciences; African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition & Development; African Journal of Reproductive Health; Akademiai Kiado; Allen Press; Alliance forChildren & Families; American Academy of Pediatrics; American Chemical Society; American Geophysical Union; American Institute of Biological Sciences;American Mathematical Society; American Medical Association; American Physical Society; American Psychiatric Publishing; American School of ClassicalStudies at Athens; American Society of Clinical Oncology; American Society of Plant Biologists; Amigos Library Services; Amsterdam University Press;Annual Reviews; Antarctic Science; Antiquity; Applied Probability Trust; Aptara; Aries Systems Corporation; Association for Learning Technology;Association of Applied Biologists; Association of College & Research Libraries; Association of Literary Scholars & Critics; Association of Subscription Agents &Intermediaries; Atypon; Australian Academic Press; Australian Physiotherapy Association; Barry Bracewell-Milnes; Beech Tree Publishing; John BenjaminsPublishing Company; Berg Publishers; Berghahn Books; Berkeley Electronic Press; Bertoli Mitchell; Biochemical Society; Brill; British Association forCanadian Studies; British Computer Society; British Ecological Society; British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery; British Geriatrics Society; BritishInstitute of Non-Destructive Testing; British Institute of Radiology; British Journal of Pharmacology; British Library Publishing; British Medical Association;British Museum Research Publications; British Mycological Society; British Nursing Index; British Postgraduate Musicology; British Psychological Society;British School at Rome; British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy; British Society for Immunology; British Society for Rheumatology; British Trust forOrnithology; British Veterinary Association; CABI Publishing; Caledonia Marketing Solutions; Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre; Cambridge UniversityPress; Canadian Journal of History; Canadian Medical Association; Carden Jennings Publishing; Center for Studier i Arbejdsliv; Central African Journal ofMedicine; Central Asia Archaeological Group; Charlesworth Group; Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals; Chatham House; ChemicalSociety of Ethiopia; Chemical Society of Japan; College of Occupational Therapists; Company of Biologists; Content Complete; Cotswold PublishingConsultants; Council for British Archaeology; Cox, John, Associates; Croatian Physical Society; CrossRef; CSIRO Publishing; Davenport Publishing Services;Earthscan; Edinburgh University Press; Editing & Publication Association of Bangladesh; Editorial Office; EDP Sciences; Electronic Publishing Services;Electrophysiological Technologists’ Association; Elsevier; EMBL; Emerald Group Publishing; ENAKT Consulting; Energy Institute; English Heritage; EPI;Equilibris Publishing; Equinox Publishing; eSharp; European Association of Science Editors; European Respiratory Society; European Society of Cardiology;European Urology; Faculty of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care; Federation of European Microbiology Societies; Federation Press; Food &Agriculture Organization; Forum; Forum for Global Health Protection; Frontline Global Marketing Services; Future Medicine; Gemmological Association;Geological Society; Gold Leaf Consulting; The Haworth Press; Headfast; Health Affairs Journal; Health Sciences & Practice Subject Centre, Higher EducationAcademy; HEP; HFSP Publishing; HighWire Press; Hindawi Publishing Corporation; Hydrographic Society; IAHR; IAHS Press; ICSTI; Ife Centre forPsychological Studies; IM Publications; Inera; Inferno; Information Design & Management; Informed Strategies; INFORMS; Ingenta; INIST-CNRS; Instituteof Actuaries; Institute of Clinical Research; Institute of Finance Management, Tanzania; Institute of Marine Engineers; Institute of Mathematical Statistics;Institute of Mathematics & its Applications; Institute of Physics; Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine; Institute of Pure and Applied Physics;Institute of Social Studies; Institution of Chemical Engineers; Institution of Civil Engineers; Institution of Engineering & Technology; Institution ofMechanical Engineers; Institution of Structural Engineers; Instituto ELFOS; Intellect; International Association for Bridge & Structural Engineers;International Atomic Energy Agency; International Centre for Materials Science & Technology, Ghana; International Centre of Insect Physiology & Ecology;International Food Information Service; International Glaciological Society; International Labour Organization; International Monetary Fund; InternationalNetwork for the Availability of Scientific Publications; International Union of Crystallography; IOS Press; IWA Publishing; Journal of Applied Sciences &Environmental Management; Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy; Journal of Transport Economics & Policy; Karnac Books; Kilmorie Clarke;Kingston Press; Knowledge Pipeline; Lambak; Librapharm; Lightning Source; Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins; Liverpool University Press; Lloyd FletcherConsulting; London College of Communication; London Mathematical Society; London School of Economics; London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine;Mac Keith Press; Manches; Manchester University Press; Maney; ManuScript; Marginalia; Marston Book Services; Mary Waltham; MediaFund; MedknowPublications; Microsoft Live Book Search; Millennium Journal of International Studies; Mineralogical Society; Modern Humanities Research Association;Modern Language Association of America; Monash University ePress; Morris Associates; MPS Technologies; Multilingual Matters; MyiLibrary; NaturePublishing Group; New England Journal of Medicine; New Phytologist; Newcomen Society; NHS Health Scotland; NISC; Nottingham University Press; NowPublishers; NRC Research Press; Nutrition Society; Oceanside Publications; Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development; Organization for SocialScience Research in Eastern & Southern Africa; Oswaldo Cruz Institute; Overseas Development Institute; Ovid Technologies; Oxford International Centrefor Publishing Studies; Oxford University Press; Pan African Association of Anthropologists; Path; Peeters Publishers; Peter Sowden; Physiological Society;Pion Limited; PIRA International; PNAS; Policy Press; Polish Agricultural Universities; Portico; Postgraduate English; Postgraduate Forum; PostgraduateJournal of Aesthetics; PSP Publishing; Public Library of Science; Publisher & Society Advisory Services; Quest; Regional Studies Association; ResearchInformation; RICS Books; Ringgold; River Valley Technologies; RMIT Publishing; Robert Gordon University; Rockefeller University Press; Royal AstronomicalSociety; Royal College of General Practitioners; Royal College of Nursing; Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists; Royal College of Pathologists;Royal College of Physicians; Royal College of Psychiatrists; Royal College of Radiologists; Royal College of Surgeons of England; Royal GeographicalSociety; Royal Irish Academy; Royal Meteorological Society; Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain; Royal Society; Royal Society of Chemistry;Royal Society of Edinburgh; Royal Society of Medicine Press; Royal Statistical Society; Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences; RPM Print & Design; RWConsulting; Sage Publications; Scheman Consulting; School of Advanced Study, University of London; School of Social Work; Science International; ScienceReviews; Scientific Institute for Medical Information & Documentation; Semantico; Shift Media; Simon Inger Consulting; SINET: Ethiopian Journal ofScience; Society for Editors & Proofreaders; Society for Endocrinology; Society for Experimental Biology; Society for General Microbiology; Society forPersonality Research; Society of Glass Technology; Society for the Advancement of Management Studies; Society for the History of Natural History; Societyfor Underwater Technology; Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan; Society of Chemical Industry; Society of Dyers & Colourists; Society of Indexers;Somerset Computing; SPARC; Springer Science + Business Media; Sunrise Setting; Swedenborg Society; Swets; Symposium Journals; Tanzania Journal ofScience; Taylor & Francis; TBI; Tech-Net Scientific e-Publishing Services; Therapeutic Guidelines; Tou-Can Marketing; Trust for Wessex Archaeology; TurpinDistribution; Turpion; Universitätsverlag Göttingen; Unibio Press; University of Buckingham Press; University of Chicago; University of Loughborough;University of Technology, Sydney; Vathek Publishing; Verlag der Osterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften; Versita; VetLearn; Walter de Gruyter;Mark Ware Consulting; Anthony Watkinson Consulting; The Way; Westburn Publishers; Whiting & Birch; John Wiley & Sons - Wiley-Blackwell; Wolters 9Kluwer Health; World Bank; World Conservation Union; World Health Organization; World Tourism Organization; Zimbabwe Scientific Association; ZoologicalSociety of London (Membership as at February 2008; E&OE)
    10. 10. The big deal . . .10
    11. 11. Getting even in eBooks, or how we went aboutdeciding whether to produce a collection• In 2006 ALPSP commissioned a research report on eBook Aggregators and platforms and library requirements• In 2007 surveyed our members to see if they’d be interested• Held a workshop/round table meeting• Formed a committee (well, we are a trade association!) and consulted Council• Drew up specification for a RFP for an eBooks platform, and issued it in 2007• Received over 12 responses• Decided on a shortlist of candidates• Argued and discussed whether to build own platform or work with existing one• January 2008 ALPSP Council selected Ingram Digital as ‘preferred partner’ and agreed to offer the service to members• February 2008 public announcement about ‘AeBC’• July 2008: scheduled launch11
    12. 12. How’s it going out there? From: Primary Research Group - Library Use of E-books, 2008-09 Edition• Libraries in the sample expected to renew over 77% of their current contracts.• Well over 81% of the sample cataloged their e-book collection and listed it in their online library catalog.• E-book spending by libraries is growing rapidly in 2008 but by significantly less than in 2007.• For the most part, librarians in the sample felt that their patrons were less skilled in using e-book collections than they were in using databases of magazine, newspaper and journal articles.• The libraries in the sample had MARC records for a mean of approximately 74% of the e-books in their collections.• Many libraries reported significant use of electronic directories.• 12.5% reported extensive use and 30% said that use was significant.• The larger libraries reported the heaviest use.12
    13. 13. How’s it going (2) From: Primary Research Group - Library Use of E-books, 2008-09 Edition (ISBN 1-57440-101-7)• Use of e-books in the hard sciences was particularly high. More than 30% of participants said that use of e-books in the hard sciences (defined as chemistry, physics and biology) was quite extensive and another• 26% noted significant use.• Libraries in the sample maintained a print version for a mean of 24% of the e-books in their e-book collections.• Nearly 21% of the libraries in our sample have digitized out-of-copyright books in their collections in order to make their contents more available to their patrons.• E-books account for only about 3.9% of the books on course reserve, with a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 30%.• Nearly 70% of the sample’s total spending on e-books was with aggregators, while just over 24.6% of the total spending was spent with individual publishers.13
    14. 14. 14
    15. 15. Intermediaries – many layers Author Author Manuscript Agent Manuscript Agent Publisher Publisher Typesetter Typesetter Based on work by Mark Carden and Printer Printer colleagues at Ingram and partly inspired by Simon Inger (of Simon Inger Consultants) Fulfilment Service Fulfilment Service http://www.subscription- agents.org/conference/200802/Inger.pdf http://www.sic.ox14.com Distributor Distributor Retailer Retailer Carrier Carrier Library Library Reader Reader15
    16. 16. E-content Technology Supply Chain Source TextBook TextBook STM STM Fiction Fiction Source Publisher Publisher Publisher Publisher Publisher Publisher Ingestion Ingestion Case of Case of Format ePUB ePUB PDF PDF WAV WAV Books Format Books Content Content VST VST Audio Audio Warehouse CoreSource CoreSource MiL MiL Warehouse Repository Repository Repository Repository Repository Repository Delivery Delivery Chapter pdf VBK VBK Book pdf Book pdf Chapter pdf ADEPT ADEPT .LIT .LIT MP3 MP3 Book Book Format Format Medium VBK Db & VBK Db & MiL MiL Audio File Book Medium Application Database Audio File Book Application Database Sales Sales Library Library Wholesale Wholesale Audio Audio Retail Retail Channel IDG Direct IDG Direct Consortium ILS Vendor ILS Vendor Bookseller Wholesaler Bookstore Channel Consortium Bookseller Wholesaler Bookstore Delivery Delivery Higher Ed Higher Ed Further Ed Further Ed Academic Academic Public Public Catalog / Catalog / IDG Online IDG Online Online Online Widget Retail Retail Entity Institution Institution Bookstore Library Direct mail Store Store Widget Bookstore Entity Institution Institution Bookstore Library Direct mail Store Store Bookstore Package Package Application Application Chip-in-a- Chip-in-a- Format & Data PDF Page PDF Page Data file Data file Box CD CD Book Book Format & Data Box Transport Transport Internet Internet Internet Internet Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless E-mail GSM Collect Collect E-mail GSM Mail Mail Format Format Download Download Display Display (cellular) (cellular) (WiFi) (WiFi) from Outlet from Outlet Delivery Delivery Personal Personal Web Web Handheld Handheld Handheld Handheld E-Book E-Book Audio Audio iPhone iPhone Book Book Platform Platform Computer Computer Browser Browser (Phone) (Phone) (PDA) (PDA) Reader Reader Player Player Consumer K-12 K-12 Further Ed Further Ed Undergrad Undergrad Post-grad Post-grad Academic Librarian Employee Library Library Citizen Consumer Student Student Student Student Student Student Student Student Academic Librarian Employee Patron Patron Citizen16
    17. 17. Fit for purpose?17
    18. 18. Gregory cartoon: New Yorker, March 10 200818
    19. 19. 19
    20. 20. 20
    21. 21. Technology considerations• MyiLibrary platform with all its attributes• Comprehensive full text searching across collection• Comprehensive usage statistics (COUNTER)• Secure and controlled access• Flexible DRM security21
    22. 22. Business model - customers• Perpetual access purchase• Whole collection or subject sub-collections• Collections available annually in two “parts” – later addition of ‘pick and mix’ and backlist collections• Clear AeBC branding – a unique collection of eBook content from small and medium sized ALPSP members• Discounts on eBook prices for collection purchases, and rates related to size of institution• Institution-wide access22
    23. 23. Business model – ALPSP publishers• No uploading fees for placing titles in AeBC• Easy transfer of titles already within MyiLibrary aggregation• Standard pricing, licensing and revenue share matrix• Co-operative selling to Consortia• Non-exclusive; Publisher sets eBook price• Extra benefits from IDG for other services (PoD, Digital Warehousing etc)• Links to print purchases• ‘Retail’ option for membership purchases23
    24. 24. Business model – ALPSP publishers (2)• Help with file adaptation & digitization (free digitization through link with Microsoft Live Search)• Special arrangements for grey literature and ‘unpriced’ reports: $20 annual hosting fee for adding titles to collection24
    25. 25. Sales and distribution channels• Swets (which links to ALJC if required)• Coutts• Other agents25
    26. 26. When?• Expected launch in July 2008 – 2008 Launch Collection will include all titles published to the end of the year by participating publishers, and ‘recent backlist’ from 2006 & 2007 – 2009 Part 1: available April 2009 [Jan to end June titles] – 2009 Part 2: available Sept 2009 [July to end Dec titles]26
    27. 27. What might be in it?(just an estimate derived from a selection oftitles currently on MyiLibrary from ALPSP members) Titles Av. Price List ValueArcheology & History 100 $68 $6,800Law 100 $82 $8,200Life Sciences 150 $57 $8550Linguistics & Arts 150 $147 $22,050Medicine 150 $71 $10,650Religion & Philosophy 150 $73 $10,950Sciences 200 $65 $13,000Technology 150 $102 $15,300Total 1300 $765 $110,50027
    28. 28. 28
    29. 29. ThanksNick EvansChief Operating OfficerALPSPwww.alpsp.orgnick.evans@alpsp.orgmobile +44(0)7793 55999229