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225 cc roleof_irinscholarlypublishingatuc


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225 cc roleof_irinscholarlypublishingatuc

  1. 1. The Role of theInstitutional Repository in Scholarly Publishing SSP Annual Meeting June 6-8, 2007 Catherine H. Candee Director, Publishing and Strategic Initiatives California Digital Library
  2. 2. Overview Two noble goals Publishing services at UC What is the eScholarship Repository? Lessons from experience, surveys and a bit of reflection What is the role of the institutional repository in scholarly publishing?
  3. 3. Two Nobel Goals, intersecting Control of institutional digital assets Development of a fair and sustainable scholarly publishing system
  4. 4. CDL Publishing Services Provide low-cost alternative publishing services for the UC community Support widespread distribution of the materials that result from research & teaching Foster new models of scholarly publishing through the development and application of advanced technologies
  5. 5. Time for change? Economics of scholarly publishing still troublesome New technologies hold promise for more innovative and more cost-effective publishing Greater challenges and opportunities for UC services in support of research & teaching BUT…Experiments extended as far as existing organizational structures (UC Press and CDL) and budgets will allow
  6. 6. Provostial Task Force Co-chaired by Director of UC Press and Director of Publishing, CDL Environmental scan of research priorities and current/future publishing needs @UC Seek efficiencies among UC systemwide publishing services; build collaboration Advise administration on role for the university in scholarly publishing
  7. 7. Principles for University of Calif.Publishing Services The university must provide a research infrastructure that ensures productivity and stimulates innovation Publishing is more than the production of an archival record; it is an integral part of the research infrastructure Publishing must embrace a suite of production activities, some of which will be revenue generating Publishing must enable faculty to create and distribute works via the most appropriate method Publishing must enable the discovery, use and re-use of content in support of research, teaching and learning
  8. 8. Findings: faculty survey; campusvisits Enormous amount of publishing activity and growing Science faculty relatively content w/ publishing system Faculty, esp. in humanities, distinguish between in- process scholarly comm and “archival publication” Tenure criteria are a major impediment to use of non- standard formats for “archival publication” Growing % of UC faculty are desperate for university support for creating, validating, publishing, recognizing their new scholarly communication activities
  9. 9. UC Strategy Align UC publishing services with the academic enterprise Broaden the capacity of the university press; reclaim the original role of the university press Coordinate planning across the UC system; develop intersections in IT planning, digital stewardship, research data support, publishing and preservation Develop publishing services to be interoperable with services for research data
  10. 10. UC Publishing 2007-2008 Extend repository-based services to support the implementation of UC policy on faculty copyright; ETDs Formalize a collaboratory structure for UC Press and CDL’s eScholarship Office to focus efforts in publishing initiatives Provide a more robust journal publication service: offer a menu of choices for editorial assistance, production quality, print and access options Implement cost-recovery mechanisms; secure open access options Seek efficiencies across traditional publishing modalities, e.g., books and journals; invest savings in R&D for emerging publishing modalities
  11. 11. UC Publishing Services Traditional Scholarly Publishing Services  Scholarly monographs  Peer-reviewed journals Dissemination & Repository Services  Working papers, technical reports, etc.  Electronic Theses & Dissertations  Postprint Repository New Publishing Models  Distributed Editorial Boards  Digital Critical Editions  Interactive map-based publications in soc sciences & humanities  Science reference/collaboration with museums