09102013 ssp webinar_eliminatingprintpresentation_garydunham


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09-10-2013 SSP-Web Seminar 3: Eliminating Print...really?! - Gary Dunham Presentaion

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09102013 ssp webinar_eliminatingprintpresentation_garydunham

  1. 1. American Speech-Language- Hearing Association (ASHA) • Founded in 1925 • 166,000+ members (speech-language pathologists, audiologists, speech and hearing scientists, students) • 4 scholarly journals • went online in 2006, online only in 2010, PoD option offered in 2011 • 18 periodicals sponsored by ASHA’s Special Interest Groups • went online only in 2010 • Association newsmagazine, The ASHA Leader • print and online since 2002, e-Newsletter added in 2010, social media feeds in 2011, blog in 2013  As of January 2014, all online content will have transitioned to a new, more robust online hosting platform featuring enhanced multimedia and interactive capabilities as well as a single portal of discoverability among all publications.
  2. 2. As ASHA continues to further enhance the digital capabilities of its content, many lessons have been learned about the whys and hows of moving publications online. We’ve seen . . .  5 factors that come into play when considering why a publication should go online. 5 steps to implement most effectively the transition of a publication to online.
  3. 3. Why move a publication online? 5 factors to consider 1. What’s the added value, both for the specific type of content and the engagement of readers with that content? a. Accelerates publishing schedule b. Greatly increases discoverability c. Enables 24/7 instant access d. Provides greater multimedia capability e. Supplies enhanced interactive / social media capability
  4. 4. Why move a publication online? 5 factors to consider 2. Does it makes financial sense? a. Assessment of overall cost savings (print/shipping/staff reduction) vs. revenue loss (advertising) plus digital-specific expenses (hosting platform development and annual support, file provider vendor, apps) 3. Do affordable digital communication tools exist that match well the present and anticipated future needs of the content and readers?
  5. 5. Why move a publication online? 5 factors to consider 4. What are the professional norms and expectations of those writing and reading the content in terms of its availability in digital form? a. Are competing professional publications already digital-only? b. Do membership or readership surveys suggest a receptivity to digital-only content? c. What’s the word-of-mouth feedback about digital- only at professional conferences?
  6. 6. Why move a publication online? 5 factors to consider 5. What’s the extent of in-house support and buy in from your organization’s management? a. Is the digital-only transition mandated from above, proposed by the publishing team for best-practices and/or cost-savings benefits, or both? b. This is a key factor to consider when planning the messaging about the digital-only transition.
  7. 7. How to move a publication online? 5 steps to follow 1. Seize control of the process and facilitate buy in: Delineate the long-term strategic goals for the publication. a. Set forth the mission statement of the publication. b. Connect it to the mission statement of the organization. c. Establish strategic goals: Where do you want the publication to be in 3-5-10 years, in terms of stature in field, audience size/composition, financial health, types of content, functionality of accessing that content. How will the move to digital-only help satisfy these goals?
  8. 8. How to move a publication online? 5 steps to follow 2. Seize control of the process and maximize functional/creative input into the development of the online hosting platform: Draw up a preliminary list of desired functionality and desired aesthetics for the digital publication. a. e-Commerce functionality b. Discoverability of publication c. Accessibility of publication d. Multimedia capability e. Interactive / Social Media capability f. Will there be a PoD option? g. Visual branding
  9. 9. How to move a publication online? 5 steps to follow 3. Research and select the online hosting platform vendor that best satisfies the functionality and long-term goals you have established for the publication. a. Criteria b. Process c. Contract and implementation
  10. 10. How to move a publication online? 5 steps to follow 4. Carefully manage the messaging and promotion rollout. Critical for maximizing the buy in from members/readers/writers/advertisers and minimizing negative reactions. a. Incorporate into platform development timeline, with news strategically announced and advertised. b. Include time for member/reader feedback before launching. c. Keep the messages consistent, memorable, and bite- size.
  11. 11. How to move a publication online? 5 steps to follow 5. Build recurring operational post- mortems into the plan. a. Take a hard, honest look at what works and what doesn’t. b. Conduct 6 months out, and then annually. c. Incorporate on a recurring basis a methodologically sound way to obtain feedback from readers.