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Vsat 2011 c-com


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C-Com / Pointer - Mobile Auto-Acquire Antennas Case Studies in Multiple Vertical Markets - Renato Silva

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Vsat 2011 c-com

  1. 1. Mobile Auto-Acquire Antenna Case Studies
  2. 2. Fully Connected: Anywhere & Anytime  In an age when „NOW‟ means „RIGHT NOW‟, LIVE is the only acceptable solution  24x7 Live & Connected is a must for Military, Government, Oil & Gas, SNG Broadcasters, Telemedicine, Emergency Services, Police, Fire, Ambulance, and many more.  Mobile, SATCOM, Comm-on-the-Pause antennas can assist users in sending and receiving large amounts of data to and from remote locations at very high speeds. In many locations where normal terrestrial infrastructure doesn‟t exist, satellite is the ONLY option.
  3. 3. C-COM – A Brief History Established 1997; Public in 2000 (CVE: CMI). 35 employees, HQ in Ottawa, Canada. 2011 sales (est): $17 million USD. JF Chief Financial Officer MA Billing Manager SA Billing department NS Assistant to Controller and A/P SR Controller of Finance, Administration & Human Resouces GS Senior Systems Engineer JS Senior Software Engineer ES Senior Mechanical Engineer TR Mechanical Engineer MS Senior Designer DJ Senior RF Technologist AK Testing Engineer BA Chief Technology Officer JD Director of Product Development LH Director, Product Management PS Senior RF Application Specialist and Sales Supoort LJ Director of Asia Pacific Sales JF Regional Sales Manager DC Regional Sales Manager SS Regional Sales Manager BB Marketing Co-ordinator DK Director, International Business Development LF Senior Technical Support Specialist Tier 2 AG Senior Technical Support Specialist Tier 2 ON Customer Support Tier 2 JB Techincal Support Manager Tier 2 DT IT Support RA Testing and Integration and Logistics Manager RM Inventoy Co-ordinator AR Testing and Integration Technician Team Leader LY Testing and Integration Technician WR Testing and Integration Technician FF Testing and Integration Technician GS Director, Customer Support Services LK President & Chief Executive Officer
  4. 4. Current users of Mobile, Comm-on- the-Pause Antennas • Satellite Operators • Network Operation Centers • Government Agencies (Federal, Provincial, State, Local) • Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Disaster Management) • Oil & Gas Companies • Telco‟s • Mobile Banks • SNG / DSNG / Broadcasters • Education (Bookmobiles, Mobile Computer Labs) • Telemedicine
  5. 5. iNetVu Mobile Internet
  6. 6. Typical Remote Operations Network Diagram Photo Courtesy of China Potevio Group
  7. 7. Typical Network LAN Configuration
  8. 8. Typical USB Configuration
  9. 9. iNetVu’s Growing Global Presence
  10. 10. Manufacturing Hundreds of Antennas at a Time End-users should rely on those resellers and manufacturers who can provide product quickly. The wrong choice can mean exorbitant lead times anywhere from 8-26 weeks long. C-COM is a manufacturer that produces and warehouses hundreds of antennas at a time, and unlike most of the competition, can deliver product, even large volumes, in just a few days.
  11. 11. 980 1200 18001500750 iNetVu Platforms 1201 FLY-1201 ACFLY-1200 Ka-750 / 980
  12. 12. 980 1200 18001500750 iNetVu Platforms 1201 FLY-1201 ACFLY-1200 Ka-750 / 980
  13. 13. Platform Comparison Table Mobile Antennas Flyaways Features / Model 980 1200 1201 w / pod 1500 1800+ FLY-1201 AC-FLY 1200 Band Ku Ku Ku Ku, C Ku, C, X Ku Ku Deployed Height (mm) 1320 1676 1650 1800 2480 n/a n/a Stowed Height (mm) 463 488 340 490 670 n/a n/a Total Weight (kgs) 65 92.5 70 83.2 155 128 64 Max RF (BUC/LNB) Mount Weight (lbs) 12 22 33 22 25 33 11 Max Buc Dims (L x W x H) in inches 10 x 7.5 x 3.5 19 x 9.5 x 5.5 12 x 15.2 x 5.8 19 x 9.5 x 5.5 19 x 9.75 x 8 12x15.2x5.8 10 x 8 x 4.5 Reflector Prodelin 1984, 1985 Prodelin 1132/1134 Skyware 125 Proprietary Carbon Fibre Skyware Type 183 Class III Skyware 125 Proprietary Carbon Fibre Elevation (degrees) 0 to 80 0 to 85 0 to 90 0 to 75 0 to 80 5 to 90 5 to 90 Polarization (+- degrees) 70 90 95 90 90 90 95 Frequency Rx (GHz) 10.95-12.75 10.95-12.75 10.70-12.75 multiples for Ku and C multiples for Ku and C 10.70-12.75 10.70-12.75 Frequency Tx (GHz) 13.75-14.50 13.75-14.50 13.75-14.50 multiples for Ku and C multiples for Ku and C 13.75-14.50 13.75-14.50 Midband Gain (Rx, Tx) 39.8, 41.3 41.5, 43.0 41.8, 43.3 multiples for Ku and C multiples for Ku and C 41.8, 43.3 41.5, 43.5 Survival, Wind Deployed (km/h) 160 112 100 112 112 145 145 Survival, Wind Stowed (km/h) 225 225 150 225 225 n/a n/a Survival, Temperature (°C) -40 to 65 -40 to 65 -40 to 65 -40 to 65 -40 to 65 -40 to 65 -40 to 65 Operational, Wind (km/h) 72 72 75 72 72 72 50 Operational, Temperature (°Celcius) -30 to 55 -32 to 55 -30 to 55 -30 to 55 -32 to 55 -30 to 55 -30 to 55
  14. 14. iNetVu Controller Interface
  16. 16. Chinese Oilfield, (Taklimakan Desert)  The second largest land-based oilfield in China  Area of 270,000 KM2  Taklimakan desert, the so called “sea of death”  The starting point of China‟s West to East Gas Line  14,000+ Employees  200+ working areas
  17. 17. Emergency Situations  Blowouts  Natural Disasters on site, such as flooding, sandstorms, fires, etc.  Production accidents  High Value Equipment Damage
  18. 18. Why Mobility is Important?  Drilling locations and work areas change  Gas line patrol inspections  Deserts changes the shape of the land and makes fixed stations unable to operate without re-pointing  When vehicles can not access parts of the desert, Flyaway Antenna Systems are the only viable option
  19. 19. Case Study: iNetVu Enabled Total Oil Field Emergency Solution in China  Problem: – Narrow bandwidth communications; • Bandwidth not sufficient to support all voice channels • Voice only solution, no data, video, Internet or email • Cell phone is not a solution  The iNetVu Solution – Satellite Enabled Broadband delivers sufficient bandwidth – Enabled Applications • Video • Wi-Fi • Trunk Radio • Cell phone • Internet
  20. 20. The iNetVu provides Instant Reliable Communications to China Petroleum Real Time Video/Audio and Internet Photo Courtesy of China Potevio Group
  21. 21. iNetVu Providing Emergency Communications Photo Courtesy of China Potevio Group
  22. 22. Case Study: CapRock Uses iNetVu Antennas For its Reliable Oil & Gas Communications Solutions  Requirement – Communications for drilling rigs – Provide support for data, voice, and video applications  Challenge – Support installation and maintenance of communications services on remote sites – Maintain communications in an industrial environment under very harsh conditions, which include: corrosion, high temperatures, shock, vibration, variable power quality, and movement  The iNetVu Solution – Sophisticated stabilized antenna system with integrated end-to- end networking service – Custom network to support evolving application demands – Flexible network to provide add-on services to support client requirements
  23. 23. The iNetVu in Telemedicine Applications
  24. 24. Case Study iNetVu Deployed for Mobile Breast Cancer Screening in NZ Equip the mobile health care units with VSAT antenna systems that can send/receive data from rural locations of New Zealand Challenge The health care unit`s new digital technology processes the pictures and reports within seconds and beams it via the iNetVu mobile satellite antenna located on top of the vehicle to radiologists in Auckland The iNetVu Solution Provide portable satellite connectivity to allow for instant and timely delivery of breast cancer screening reports and pictures from rural parts of New Zealand Requirement
  25. 25. The iNetVu in SNG / Broadcasting Applications
  26. 26. Case Study Mobile SNG Communications through the iNetVu • Build a custom rack to hold the iNetVu antenna on to the roof of truck body • Install VSAT systems that could fit on their smaller sized vehicles, perform cross-polarization without operator intervention and be deployed at the push of a button The iNetVu Solution Lack of modernized communications equipment on ARY’s Satellite News Gathering trucks in Pakistan Challenge Provide portable satellite connectivity to allow for instant and timely delivery of news from remote locations Requirement
  27. 27. The iNetVu in Police / Fire / Ambulance (ESP) Applications
  28. 28. Case Study: High-speed Data Capture through iNetVu Requirement Challenge The iNetVu Solution Catch criminals in Surrey (UK) using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) allied to satellite-based broadband data transmission Previously the command vehicles were hampered by having to download current data and intelligence at base at the start of a shift and then having no capability to update data remotely while on operational duty. C-COM supplied its iNetVu antenna systems that were installed by Excelerate Technology. The iNetVu systems delivered reliability of access and high data transfer rates at all times of the day. Moreover, the new satellite-based system was able to do so at a lower cost than the alternatives previously available to the Police. Adding satellite capability to ANPR systems from suppliers with the required accreditations and experience to meet the exacting NAAS standards made a significant contribution towards cutting crime and improving operational efficiency.
  29. 29. Police, UK
  30. 30. The iNetVu in Telecom Applications
  31. 31. Case Study Japan uses iNetVu Antennas for Tsunami Relief Operations • Technical team was immediately sent to Japan to inspect the site and install iNetVu antenna systems • A customized solution was developed where the antennas could automatically re-point in case of an aftershock or power outage • A complete communications solution was provided within 2 weeks where people at remote sites could communicate through iNetVu technology The iNetVu Solution Previously Softbank used fixed satellite antennas for emergency communications which took hours for the team to install. The aftershocks from 2011 Tsunami made it impossible for the fixed antennas to maintain their link to the satellite. Challenge • Establish reliable communications at Tsunami struck temporary cellular sites • Install 110 mobile antenna systems to provide emergency communications Requirement
  32. 32. The iNetVu in Mobile Post Office Applications
  33. 33. Case Study The iNetVu provides Mobile Post Office Communications • Provide postal services to remote locations • Equip Pos Malaysia Berhad’s mobile post office vehicles with reliable satellite- based communications on-site Requirement Lack of communication for mobile postal services in remote locations of Malaysia which lead to POS Malaysia Berhad’s limited access to its customers Challenge • Launch of two new postal services: Post-Automated-Machine (PAM) and POS-On-Wheels or mobile post office • Provide satellite-based communications solutions to provide instant reliable communications between the head office and the mobile post office through the simple press of a button The iNetVu Solution
  34. 34. The iNetVu in Military Applications
  35. 35. The iNetVu in use by Russian Army
  36. 36. Demo to President Putin
  37. 37. New Zealand
  38. 38. US Military Communications
  39. 39. 3Di Navy Install
  40. 40. The ‘iNetVu–On-A-Trailer’ Solution
  41. 41. The iNetVu® in Motion
  42. 42. Pointer Telecom Rua da Assembléia, 10 – Sl 2820 Centro – Rio de Janeiro – RJ +55 21 2531-2303
  43. 43. Thank You! 21-25312303