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SES - I SSPI Day 2017


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Beyond Frontiers

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SES - I SSPI Day 2017

  1. 1. SES Proprietary and Confidential |SES Proprietary and Confidential PRESENTED ON Date SSPI May 30th, 2017 PRESENTED BY Abel Souza, Sales Director
  2. 2. SES Proprietary and Confidential |
  3. 3. SES Proprietary and Confidential | History 3 1985 SES, Europe’s first private satellite operator, is founded in Luxembourg and signs launch agreement with Arianespace 1991 Co-location – an innovation by SES. SES’s first satellite co- located to multiply the number of services that could be transmitted from one position. 1995 SES goes digital – a huge attraction for channel providers was SES’s pioneering of digital broadcasting technology. 2001 SES acquires Americom from GE. SES GLOBAL is established with two operating companies: SES ASTRA and SES Americom 2013 SES Launches its first Ultra HD demo Channel 2016 SES forms MX1 and acquires O3b to significantly enhance existing video and data capabilities Company Overview — April '17
  4. 4. SES Proprietary and Confidential | 4 Global Presence, International Team Company Overview — April '17
  5. 5. SES Proprietary and Confidential | 5 The World-Leading Satellite Operator Unique GEO-MEO constellation complemented by a ground segment, together forming a flexible network architecture that is globally scalable Driver of INNOVATION in next generation satellite development 65satellites covering 99% of the globe and world population Company Overview — April '17
  6. 6. SES Proprietary and Confidential | • Over 50 satellite constellation • Reaching 325 million TV households worldwide • 12 satellite constellation • Covering between 45° North and 45° South • High throughput of over one Gbps per beam • <150 ms Ultra low latency for ‘fibre in the sky’ type of service • Additional eight satellites to be launched in 2017 and 2018 • Adding 36 GHz total Ka- and Ku- capacity by end-2017 • Global HTS platform • Reduced cost per MHz, improving value proposition for data applications Combining the Strengths of GEO and MEO 6 Completing and deploying a multi-layer satellite network to capture global opportunities GEO wide beam GEO HTS MEO HTS * SES holds an 100% ownership to O3b Company Overview — April '17
  7. 7. SES Proprietary and Confidential | 7Company Overview — April'17 Network Map Industry-leading network performance 99.9% NETWORK AVAILABILITY
  8. 8. SES Proprietary and Confidential | SES-10 8Company Overview — April '17 SES-10 was launched on on the first ever flight-proven Space X Falcon 9 rocket ORBITAL POSITION: 67°W
  9. 9. SES Proprietary and Confidential | Launch Manifest 2017 - 2020 9Company Overview — April'17 Satellite Region Application Launch Date SES-10 Latin America Video, Networks Q1 2017 SES-11 North America Video, Networks H1 2017 SES-12 Asia-Pacific Video, Networks H2 2017 SES-14 Latin America Video, Networks H2 2017 SES-15 North America Video, Networks, Government Q2 2017 SES-16 (GovSat-1) Europe/MENA Government H2 2017 O3B (Satellites 13-16) Global Networks, Government H2 2018 O3B (Satellites 17-20) Global Networks, Government H2 2019 SES-17 Americas Networks, Government 2020
  10. 10. SES Proprietary and Confidential | Two Key Market Verticals 10 SES focuses its differentiated strategy on value-added, end-to-end solutions in two key market verticals Video Technical reach of 325 million TV households worldwide, delivering over 7,500 TV channels and <2,500 HD channels, 33% of all SES channels are HD Networks Fixed Data +1 million simultaneous fixed internet connections supported by SES >300 customers Mobility >2,500 aircrafts served by SES satellites Government Serving 62 government entities in 28 countries Participant in >5 PPP Company Overview — April '17 Widebeam and GEO/MEO HTS capacity and teleport services for >300 enterprise customers, 99% global coverage of global maritime and aeronautical traffic, 62 governments in 28 countries
  11. 11. SES Proprietary and Confidential VIDEO 11Company Overview — April'17
  12. 12. SES Proprietary and Confidential | 12Company Overview — April'17 VIDEO
  13. 13. SES Proprietary and Confidential | Market Outlook: Video 13 Linear vs. non-linear consumption 2014(1) (1) Source: Eurodata TV, HIS (2014) Consumers want a higher quality experience HD growing in developed markets Between 2015 and 2019*, HD channels in Europe expected to increase 75% Growth in HD TV across Europe and North America (2015-2019)* +53% Ultra HD now a reality UHD channels via satellite overall (in Q1 2016) 51 Significant growth in TV homes across emerging markets ~6,500 TV channels added in emerging markets (2015-2019)* * Source: Euroconsult Consumers increasingly want combination of high quality linear experience (HD, Ultra HD), complemented by OTT Minutes Linear TV remains the main viewing platform Company Overview — April'17
  14. 14. SES Proprietary and Confidential | SES Serves 325 million TV Homes 14 Source: SES, Satellite Monitor YE'16, B2B surveys among cable and IPTV head-ends in North and Latin America, Pay-TV operators` figures, Lyngsat Q4 2016, SES analyses and estimates Note: Rounded. SES reach includes subscribers reached via Ciel-2’s spot beams and includes 1.11 million contribution to digital terrestrial networks (Ukraine) and 1.95 million to terrestrial networks (Middle East) North America 78M Latin America 37M Europe 156M Africa 10M Asia–Pacific 43M Company Overview — April '17
  15. 15. SES Proprietary and Confidential | 16 Eco-system Influencer: Ultra HD PIONEERING THE COMMERCIAL INTRODUCTION OF ULTRA HD 34 SES today broadcasts 34 Ultra HD channels SES continues to drive forward the development HDR (High Dynamic Range), as part of Ultra HD phase 2 WHAT IS ULTRA HD? 4x resolution of HDTV Company Overview — April '17
  16. 16. SES Proprietary and Confidential | NETWORKS
  17. 17. SES Proprietary and Confidential | 18 FIXED DATA Company Overview — April'17
  18. 18. SES Proprietary and Confidential | WHAT WE OFFER • Widebeam and GEO/MEO HTS capacity and teleport services • Network / platform services • Managed networks for consumer/SME applications • Industry-leading latency for any satellite-based broadband system WHAT WE ENABLE • Connect thousands of corporate network sites in industries such as energy, telcos, banking, utilities • Bringing communication services to remote communities via VSAT networks, mobile backhaul and broadband services • Real-time monitoring and synchronising information globally HOW WE DIFFERENTIATE • Unique solution of GEO and MEO satellites, global access network and network platforms • Constant innovation at spacecraft and network levels • Strengthen long-term partnerships by bringing best technologies and partners together • Industry insight, global expertise and regional execution 19 FIXED DATA Overview WHO WE SUPPORT Company Overview — April'17
  19. 19. SES Proprietary and Confidential | 20 Strong Growth Foundations From 30% To +40% ‘Tier One’ (e.g. Airbus, Orange, Telefonica) growth of Fixed Data 3x number of SES managed IP platforms and average bitrate grown from 4 Mbps to 12 Mbps (vs. 2013) 3x number of ‘virtual networks’ supported by SES over the last two years +1M simultaneous fixed internet connections reached by SES’s global fleet GEO/MEO complementarity with Digicel, PNG, RCS using both SES and O3b capacity Company Overview — April'17
  20. 20. SES Proprietary and Confidential | > 21 MOBILITY Company Overview — April'17
  21. 21. SES Proprietary and Confidential | WHAT WE OFFER • Trans-oceanic and landmass widebeam and GEO / MEO HTS capacity and teleport services • Mobility network/ Platform services • Scalable connectivity ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps per cruise ship WHAT WE ENABLE • Connect thousands of vessels, superyachts, airplanes and trains traversing across oceans, skies and lands to corporate offices • Provide high-quality live inflight entertainment and fast broadband access regardless of locations HOW WE DIFFERENTIATE • Unique solution of GEO and MEO satellites, global access network and network platforms • Constant innovation at spacecraft and network levels • Strengthen long-term partnerships by bringing best technologies and partners together • Industry insight, global expertise and regional execution 22 Mobility Overview WHO WE SUPPORT Company Overview — April '17
  22. 22. SES Proprietary and Confidential | 23 Strong Growth Foundations x4 Serving all four major global inflight connectivity providers (Global Eagle, Gogo, Thales and Panasonic) +100% growth in SES capacity contracted by one of the connectivity providers in last 12 months +70% growth in committed mobility capacity since 2014 ~300,000 airline passengers served by SES satellites today 4 Gbps potential in-flight bandwidth delivery 99% global coverage of global maritime and aeronautical traffic ~2,500 aircrafts served by SES satellites Company Overview — April '17
  23. 23. SES Proprietary and Confidential | 24 GOVERNMENT Company Overview — April'17
  24. 24. SES Proprietary and Confidential | WHAT WE OFFER • Widebeam and GEO/MEO HTS capacity and secure teleport services • C/Ku/Ka and Military frequency capacity • Fully managed end-to-end service to the end customer (Mbps + services) WHAT WE ENABLE • Civilian and defence applications such as defence, security and information gathering purposes are delivered on globally redundant, secure and reliable networks • Developing satellite-based solutions for humanitarian aid, e-governance, e-learning, etc. HOW WE DIFFERENTIATE • Unique solution of GEO and MEO satellites, global access network and network platforms • Advanced high power satellites and state of the art facilities • Large diversified fleet and back up • Diverse array of satellite infrastructures that incorporate commercial and specialized government frequencies 25 Government Overview WHO WE SUPPORT Company Overview — April '17
  25. 25. SES Proprietary and Confidential | 26 Strong Growth Foundations 62 government entities served in 28 countries x2 Doubled hosted payloads agreements in 2015 (EGNOS-I, EGNOS-II, WAAS and GOLD) 7 New US Government customers under contract since 2016 + Increase in UAV/ISR traffic supported by SES Company Overview — April '17
  26. 26. SES Proprietary and Confidential | LATIN AMERICA
  27. 27. SES Proprietary and Confidential | INCREASING DATA DEMAND Growth in cellular backhaul Growth in enterprise networks, mostly for oil and gas industry Number of connected aircraft to jump from 44 to 1,529 in 2025 28 Latin America POSITIVE DEMOGRAPHICS AND POTENTIAL GROWTH 70% of population younger than 40 years A growing middle class that is expected to double to 300 million by 2030 (World Bank estimates) RAPID EXPANSION OF PAY TV — MAINLY DTH Pay TV penetration above 40% 36% of Pay-TV subscribers are watching HDTV High level of competitiveness among providers DEMAND FROM 'DIGITAL DIVIDE' Digital divide programmes in development across the region Company Overview — April'17
  28. 28. SES Proprietary and Confidential | 29 SES’s Growing Presence in Latin America 11 satellites at 10 orbital positions +3 SES-14, SES-15, SES-17 to be launched x2 new orbital positions in Brazil — 48W, 64W PROVIDING SOLUTIONS FOR 37M households reached by SES 4 DTH platforms hosted by SES Company Overview — April'17
  29. 29. SES Proprietary and Confidential Abel Souza, Sales Director 30Company Overview — December '16 Connect with us T +55 11 98208-2604