Innovate2014 Better Integrations Through Open Interfaces


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Innovate2014 Better Integrations Through Open Interfaces

  1. 1. © 2014 IBM Corporation Better Lifecycle Tool Integrations through Open Interfaces ICD-1884 Mik Kersten - Tasktop Technologies Steve Speicher - IBM
  2. 2. • Overview & Background • Problem statement • Approaches to the problem • Lessons learned • Examples in open source • Open interfaces • What next Outline 1
  3. 3. Mine!
  4. 4. I got this.
  5. 5. Though we have…
  7. 7. Integrate with open protocols instead of unnatural adhesion @ Open Interfaces. Planning & Tracking Continuous Testing Customer Needs Helpdesk Monitoring
  8. 8. Got links? 1. Use URIs as names for things 2. Use HTTP URIs so that people can look up those names. 3. When someone looks up a URI, provide useful information, using the standards (RDF*, SPARQL) 4. Include links to other URIs. so that they can discover more things. Simple. Linked Data: Tim Berners-Lee
  9. 9. Automation Monitoring Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration Lifecycle integration inspired by the web  Built off of W3C Linked Data  Domain-specific needs: Web UIs, domain models, protocol, … Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration Inspired by the web Proven Free to use and share Open Changing the industry Innovative Open APIs and Semantically Enriched Data Models More at W3C Linked Data  Simple guidelines for REST APIs  Consistency across Web resources (data) Web based loosely-coupled approach to integrating tools and services
  10. 10. Linked … wait, what? TestCase 14 Issue 973 Bug 318 Apache Joe
  11. 11. Share. Combine.
  12. 12. Interact. LINKED DATA PLATFORM TestCas e 14 Issue 973 Bug 318 Apach e Jo e GET /bugs/123 GET /bugs/ POST /bugs/ {“dc:title”: “Server crash”; “oslc:severity” : “oslc:Blocker”;} FETCH LIST ADD
  13. 13. Lifecycle Tool Change Management Lifecycle Tool Quality Management Lifecycle Tool Requirements Management Service Management Help Desk Service Management Deployment Leverage and Extend <http://cm/bugs/2314> a oslc_cm:ChangeRequest ; dcterms:relation <http://cm/bugs/1235>; oslc_cm:implementsRequirement <http://rm/req/56> . <http://rm/req/56> a oslc_rm:Requirement ; dcterms:title “Online shopping cart”; oslc_rm:validatedBy <http://qm/tc/17> . Common Resource Definitions Resource Preview Delegated Dialogs
  14. 14. Staying Current Tool A B D C
  15. 15. QA SOAP BA OSLC-RM Dev OpsPM OSLC-CM Reporting Agile Planning Requirement Defect OSLC-QM OSLC- Aut.
  16. 16. SLI Pattern Applies to Example
  17. 17. OSLC’s Big Picture Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration Lifecycle integration inspired by the web LINKED DATA PLATFORM WORKING GROUP The Resource for OSLC Implementers Inspired by the web Proven Free to use and share Open Changing the industry InnovativeOSLC: Tests, Libraries, Samples, Examples, Reference Implementations Scenario-driven & Solution-oriented Generally applicable: specs available for many domains covering ALM, DevOps, ISM, and PLM Leading choice for strategic integration technology
  18. 18. 24 Technical Committees are Driving Growth of Participation Member Section Co-Founders OSLC – Who’s involved?
  19. 19. OSLC – Who’s involved? Accenture Advanced Computational Research Alcatel-Lucent APG Atego BigLever Black Duck Boeing BSD Group CESAR Citigroup ClearBlade CloudOne CM-Logic Corso Creative Intellect Consulting EADS Emphasys Empulsys Ericsson fluid Operations Galorath General Dynamics C4 Systems General Motors IBM Icaro Technologies iFEST Institut TELECOM Integrate Systems Engineering IRIS Koneksys Kovair KTH Mentor Graphics MobileSmith NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Northrop Grumman OFFIS Oracle Orb Data Perforce Phunware PointSource Price Systems QSM Ravenflow SCM Solution Shell Siemens Sogeti SourceGear SPRINT State Street Stoneworks Software Tasktop Taxal Thales Tieto TOPIC Embedded Systems UrbanCode Virtual Vehicle Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority WebLayers
  20. 20. Got links? OSLC Eclipse Lyo Linked Data Platform
  21. 21. Thank You