Ceramic I Pinch Unit Presentation


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Ceramic I Pinch Unit Presentation

  1. 1. *Pinch Unit: Area of Interaction(s): Environment/Approaches to Learning Guiding Questions: Knowledge and Understanding (Criterion A) What was “art” in ancient societies? Scholastic Arts Magazine In what ways is environment and culture of the artist revealed in the artwork? View and know about Anasazi, and Pre-Columbian pottery, environment and society. Unit Objectives: Know and Understand Earthenware clay, low-fire glaze and electric firing. Learn and Practice the Pinch technique by creating several pinch bowls. Apply Slip and Score techniques of attaching clay. Know and apply painted and “incised” surface designs. Create a functional musical instrument out of an organic material. Learn and Apply- Surface Treatment using Low fire Glazes, Electric Firing Techniques.
  2. 2. Colorado VA Standards Observe & Learn to Comprehend GLE 1.1. Visual art has inherent characteristics and expressive features GLE 1.3- Art and design have purpose and function Envision & Critique to Reflect GLE 2.1. Reflective strategies are used to understand the creative process Invent & Discover to Create GLE 3.2. Assess and produce art with various materials and methods
  3. 3. Project Criteria: Create a creative form, animal, object, that whistles, rattles, (makes noise). Complete with quality craftsmanship, No cracking or breaking Slipped and scored well. Quality glazing, colorful and color applied with little raw clay showing
  4. 4. Ceramic I Vocabulary Write definition and/or draw picture reference (if applicable) Clay- Score- to scratch the clay surface in the areas where 2 pieces will be joined Slip- watered down clay Wedging- The kneading like action done to clay before starting work Shrinkagestarted. Most clay has 8-13% when drying that makes the work smaller then when it was Grog- Ground fired clay mixed into wet clay and helps reduce shrinkage and strengthen. Plasticity- Maximum bend ability in clay Construction Techniques Hand-building: Pinch- The hand building technique using just the fingers to shape