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Business Quiz (Epic Quest-1-Prelima)


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Epic Quest Quiz Conducted By The D.R.S Team.D.R.S Team consist of Dishant , Rituraj & Sanchit.We our BBM students of Christ University Bangalore(2008-11 Batch).

The Following Are The Details Of Our Quiz:

Venue: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 43 , Race Course Road , Bangalore- 560001

Landmark:Chalukya Hotel

Quizfest: Epic Quest

Host: D.R.S Team,Christ University,Bangalore

Date: 9th May 2009

Time: 02.00 PM

Type:Business Quiz


More Details

Rituraj-(+91) 9449324623

Dishant-(+91) 9880647979

Sanchit-(+91) 9620180855

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D.R..S Team Daily Quiz Blog: Http://Dishgill.Blogspot.Com/

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Business Quiz (Epic Quest-1-Prelima)

  1. 1. Q1 ______is a brand of Unilever. In most of the world the brand is named ______; in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom it is named Lynx due to conflicts regarding the trademark.
  2. 2. A1 Axe(Unliver)
  3. 3. Q2 On September 25, 2008 Tracy Reiman from PETA sent a letter to ____ and _____ suggesting that in order to prevent cruelty to dairy cows that their company should use human breast milk in their products.The companies spokeswoman Liz Brenna says that while the company applauds PETA's novel approach to bring attention to this issue, the company believes a human mother's milk is best used for her child.
  4. 4. A2 Ben & Jerrys
  5. 5. Q3 In 1932 Wallace Flint started a project at the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration to enhance customer purchasing. As punch cards were all the rage at the time, the system they envisioned used a catalog of items with corresponding punch cards for each one. The customer would hand the cards to a clerk who would load them into a reader. The item would then be found and retrieved from a fully automated warehouse.An itemized bill was automatically produced. In spite of its promise, punch card systems were expensive and the country was in the midst of the Great Depression. The project never went anywhere, but Flint's efforts would later prove decisive.What are we talking about?
  6. 6. Barcode
  7. 7. Q4 The first ever _______ which was bought for a meagre amount of some 35 cent.Now _______ has fetched $317,200 (around Rs1.6 crore) at an online auction.Rocker John Dolmayan, drummer for the Armenian-American alternative metal band System of a Down, paid the huge amount to possess it.
  8. 8. Superman Comic
  9. 9. Q5 Asarco LLC a US Based firm with intrest in Mining Industry was recently purchased by which company?
  10. 10. Vedanta Resources
  11. 11. Q6 Vithal,Param Kannampilly & Ramesh Sanbag founded which hospitality chain?
  12. 12. A6 Kamat Hotels
  13. 13. Q7 In 1909, Michio ________ founded the ________ Loom Company in the small seacoast village of Hamamatsu, Japan.Business boomed as ________ built weaving looms for Japan's giant silk industry.In 1929, Michio ________ invented a new type of weaving machine, which was exported overseas. ________ filed as many as 120 patents and utility model rights.Despite the success of his looms, ________ realized his company had to diversify and he began to look at other products.
  14. 14. A7 Suzuki
  15. 15. Q8 Which brand gets its name from the latin word "I-Roll"
  16. 16. A8 Volvo
  17. 17. Q9
  18. 18. A9 Habil Khorakiwala
  19. 19. Q10 Alain Wertheimer and Gerard Wertheimer who are the grandsons of the early _______ partner Pierre Wertheimer.Which famous fashion house do they own?
  20. 20. A10 Chanel
  21. 21. Q11 X signed a record sponsorship deal with Y.Where X is an IPL team.Identify Y?
  22. 22. A11 Idea
  23. 23. Q12 Buying one share of Citigroup will cost its CEO Vikram Pandit his full-year salary.
  24. 24. A12 $1 was citigroup share price just like the CEO salary?
  25. 25. Q13 PM Murthy will be the new CEO of which Indian Company?
  26. 26. A13 Asian Paints
  27. 27. Q14 Recently there has been a Apple Inc. & ADAG promoted RCOM.What is the reason for the dispute?
  28. 28. A14 I-Phone trademark
  29. 29. Q15 “ Edge Connect” is the new variant for which car?
  30. 30. A15 Mahindra Renault Logan
  31. 31. Q16 ___ plans to invest Rs3.66 billion for setting up a company that will build “Formula 1” hotels in India, .___ is french hospitality company
  32. 32. A16 Accor
  33. 33. Q17 Prodyut Bora a LAMP specialist.He handles the Information Technology Cell for____.He earlier worked in Media Cell for ____.
  34. 34. A17 BJP
  35. 35. Q18 Who is the main owner of private investment company Millhouse LLC?
  36. 36. A18 Roman Abrahimovic
  37. 37. Q19 In 2002, _____ sold the Burger King fast food restaurant chain to a consortium led by the US firm Texas Pacific for $1.5 billion.____ also owned Pillsbury until 2000 when it was sold to General Mills.
  38. 38. A19 Diageo
  39. 39. Q20 <ul><li>________-- Records is a independent record label started in 2005 to sign artists who appear on the website _____. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of News Corporation, operating as a joint-venture between _______ and Interscope Records.Distribution is contracted to Universal Music Group's Fontana Distribution, with manufacturing and external marketing by Universal's Interscope.______ Records operates as a record label located in Beverly Hills, California. The President is ______ co-founder Tom Anderson. </li></ul><ul><li>Operation ________ was a concert to honor American military soldiers by _______ that aired on the internet on The event was held on March 10, 2008 in Kuwait. It was hosted by the Mexican-American comedian Carlos Mencia. </li></ul>
  40. 40. A20 MySpace