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Mmc deck


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Mmc deck

  2. 2. MOBILE PENETRATION HAS EXCEEDED 100% 104M Population 109M Mobile users 34M internet users Globe, Smart, ITU
  3. 3. AT LEAST 12 MILLION SMARTPHONES IN THE PHILIPPINES Expected to grow to 50% penetration in 3 years Globe, Smart
  4. 4. 146% smartphone sales growth Fastest growing country in the region for smartphones GFK 2013
  5. 5. 11M people Browse the internet using their phones Smart, InMobi
  6. 6. 34M Facebook users 17M Facebook mobile users (12M smartphones) Facebook 7
  7. 7. P2,000 for an Android phone
  8. 8. WHY MOBILE?
  9. 9. 53% 48% 16–22 yo 23-30 yo Willing to give up sense of smell if it meant they could keep their phone always on and always with them Source: Truth About Youth
  11. 11. Peter Bithos Globe Telecom, Inc. Brendon Chase MRM Singapore Carlo Bernardo Santos The Nielsen Company Melissa Limcaoco Smart Communications Oliver Rabatan Golden Arches Dev’t Corp. Vaughan Woods Whoosha Hannelore Grams Nestle Katrina Tioseco StarMobile
  12. 12. Lars Cosh-Ishii Mobikyo Fabrizio Caruso Opera Software Scott Lai Total Immersion Mick Atienza Philippine Star Mantosh Malhotra Qualcomm, Inc. Chris Fong eCommerce Philippines Leah Besa-Jimenez Smart Communications Rico Wyder Fiksu
  13. 13. STARTUPS Terence Lok ZAPGroup Odell Ramirez Looloo Ibba Rasul-Bernardo Sari Software Solutions Jerry Ilao Perxclub Philippines Erick Garayblas KuyiMobile
  14. 14. @immap_PH #mmc2013