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TPCiP 2019 Wrap Up

A summary of various talks from The Perl Conference 2019 in Pittsburgh

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TPCiP 2019 Wrap Up

  1. 1. - My name Shawn Sorichetti TPCiP 2019 wrap up Shawn Sorichetti ,-
  2. 2. The Perl Conference 2019
  3. 3. The Perl Conference 2019 — Hosted at the DoubleTree Pittsburgh Downtown — 170 Attendees — 4 Tracks — 45 sessions — 2 sessions of Lightning Talks — 8 Group Talks/Keynotes TPCiP 2019 Wrap up /0 Shawn Sorichetti /0 @ssoriche 3
  4. 4. - Not going to talk a lot about these - Briefly talk about Sawyer's talk on Perl 5: The Past, The Present and One Possible Future Keynotes
  5. 5. - This is an abbreviated Sawyer's list of what he'd like to see - I myself (and Sawyer too from his comments), don't use an IDE, but the kids these days, it's what they start with. Perl5: The Past, The Present, and One Possible Future by Sawyer X — Reduced ambiguity — Best practice as defaults — One clear way to do most things — Parallelism, OO, etc. — Comfortable debugger — Better IDE support https:&' 5
  6. 6. Sessions
  7. 7. - Please feel free to help me fill in things - ask questions Disclaimer I always intend to take notes as the presentation are happening. This rarely happens as I get more drawn into the presentation. It's either pay attention or take notes, and I'd rather pay attention. TPCiP 2019 Wrap up /0 Shawn Sorichetti /0 @ssoriche 7
  8. 8. - The software vendor didn't help - The client didn't have any idea - none of the usual database indicators - ended up comparing directory structures after making 1 small change Building a Bridge to a Legacy Application - How Hard Can that Be? by M. Scott Ford Specializes in digging through legacy code and trying to figure out how it works. In this talk he describes a recent project in which they were unable to determine the data store. https:&' 8
  9. 9. - The Boy Scouts are going through major changes - discusses the parallelisms between open source communities and the Boy Scouts of America - vision statement - goals, a clear direction - Chris's message echoed parts of what Sawyer X said during his talk Happy Campers: Lessons Learned from Scouting's Premier Leadership Course by Chris Prather (perigrin) Chris relates his experience attending leadership courses to demonstrate the similarities, and how the Boy Scouts are handling the challenges. https:&' 9
  10. 10. - While I use tmux daily and am fairly fluent with it - if I learn one thing from this talk the return on investment is huge Organized Development with tmux by Doug Bell (preaction) Doug takes a tour of starting with a fresh tmux installation and walks common and useful settings. https:&' 10
  11. 11. - within the first 10 minutes, Doug discusses the use of last-window - I've been hunting and next/prev between sessions like a heathen - I immediately started updating my tmux.conf - I had the default for last-window bound to another key and hadn't rebound it. Organized Development with tmux Allow navigation between the two most recently active windows bind s last-window https:&' 11
  12. 12. - Unfortunately its syntax can be somewhat cryptic - Having the availability of someone to help understand. Non-trivial jq by David Hand jq is a very useful tool for command line work with JSON. David provides examples of extracting and changing JSON values with jq https:%& https:&' 12
  13. 13. - the title of this talk is referencing the Space Cadet keyboard - genehack is a keyboard nerd too. - including some that I would call fairly non-standard - blues, got to be blues - they do tend to annoy the family though Confessions of a Space Cadet by John Anderson (genehack) This talk was an introduction into the world of mechanical keyboards and could be the first step down the rabbit hole for a number of people. genehack describes the different layouts of keyboards and explains the different Cherry MX switches. https:&' 13
  14. 14. Confessions of a Space Cadet
  15. 15. Confessions of a Space Cadet
  16. 16. Confessions of a Space Cadet
  17. 17. Confessions of a Space Cadet It's not a problem it's a collection TPCiP 2019 Wrap up /0 Shawn Sorichetti /0 @ssoriche 17
  18. 18. - Abigail's talks are always very informative, and any new nuggets of information on writing regular expressions is always welcome. - Abigail's talks are not recorded. Regexp Mini Tutorial: Assertions by Abigail Abigail demonstrates different regular expression matches and replacements. TPCiP 2019 Wrap up /0 Shawn Sorichetti /0 @ssoriche 18
  19. 19. - a bit of a contrived example, but couldn't think of a better one - The K directive tells the regular expression engine to forget what it just matched and continue from the current position to try and match the rest of the pattern Regexp Mini Tutorial: Assertions Using the K directive: my $text = 'this is one two two many'; $text =~ s/ (two) s+ two s+ /$1 too /gx becomes: my $text = 'this is one two two many'; $text =~ s/ two s+ K two s+ /too /g TPCiP 2019 Wrap up /0 Shawn Sorichetti /0 @ssoriche 19
  20. 20. - Unfortunately video of this talk has not been posted. I've contacted Chris to see if he knows why, but he hasn't been informed as to why either. - This talk is designed to lead to discussion in the audience. - Chris has given this talk previously and the video is available here. I Never Metaphor I Didn't Like: How Cognitive Linguistics Can Help You Be A (More) Bad-ass Developer by Chris Prather (perigrin) Chris walks through what metaphors are and the constructs that comprise them. We use metaphors every day in the computing environment. From user interface design to communicating code details between teams of developers. TPCiP 2019 Wrap up /0 Shawn Sorichetti /0 @ssoriche 20
  21. 21. - Unfortunately some last minute CSS changes led to a presentation that's syntax highlighting left the slides unreadable at a distance. - I'm a firm believer that learning a different language strengthens the understanding of those I already know. Readin' Rust by Andrew Grangaard (Mr Spaz) A tour of the Rust programming language. A compiled typed language for "systems programming". This is one of the talks that reviewing the slides later would be informative. https:&' 21
  22. 22. - Ingy has been working on creating tab completion for programs that don't have it - The project includes a number of repositories for different commands, but there is still a lot of work to do. - At PTS 2019 he was demonstrating completion for cpanm which included full distribution name completion on the command line. - Really impressive, so I was looking forward to how far along the project is. CompleteShell - Tab Completion for Every Shell by Ingy döt Net The goal of the project is provide a simple mechanism for developers to add the completion files and man pages for their command line tools. A DSL has been defined that when used with the tool generates the files required to add completion. https:%& https:&' 22
  23. 23. - I consider myself an intermediate git user. - I can get myself out of trouble, - I've created and used many a release process, - and I know that I don't know everything. - This was a shortened talk - Find any talks by genehack on git, they're all useful C'mon Git Happy by John Anderson (genehack) This talk focuses on maintaining the git graph. The relationships that are created during the git workflow. genehack takes a tour of aliases, configuration settings, and commands that help keep it clean. https:&' 23
  24. 24. - with so many talks it's hard to see everything The One I didn't See
  25. 25. - I did not attend this talk - immediately after everyone was talking about the fantastic job that @yomilly did - As soon as I returned home this talk went on the main TV and I watched it with my family. Perl Out Loud Emily suffers from RSI and has tried all different methods to allow her to continue to work. She's settled on programming using her voice. This talk demonstrates her set up. https:&' 25
  26. 26. - There's no need for abbreviations. Abbreviations hinder accessibility, as well they can affect clarity. Perl Out Loud What I took from the talk: 1. Emily is a great speaker 2. Speech to text technology has come a long way 3. Be considerate to the names given to methods and variables. https:&' 26
  27. 27. - there are many lightning talks, not going to cover them all Lightning Talks There are a lot of different lightning talks on various topics, some related to perl, some related to other aspects of programming, and some with nothing at all to do with either. TPCiP 2019 Wrap up /0 Shawn Sorichetti /0 @ssoriche 27
  28. 28. To undef or not to undef by Cees Hek Cees revised his talk from Toronto Perl Mongers and presented it as a shorter lightning talk. This talk gets right to the point of the differences between $var = undef; and undef($var); Why you might want to use one over the other, but mostly shouldn't care. https:&' 28
  29. 29. - Under the category of nothing to do with programming but really interesting - I am not one that likes my penmanship - Might pick up one of the cheaper models he mentions to try it out. Fountain Pens by Mike Fragassi This lightning talk on fountain pens is really well done. He discusses different types of pens at different price points. https:&' 29
  30. 30. - I'll admit, when Ingy stood up on stage and stated that this was the topic of his talk, I was prepared to hear a lot of backlash from the audience. - Surprisingly there was none at all. A New Name for Perl Ingy proposes that: — Perl be the name of the community — Perl be the name of the language family — perl 5 be the implementation of — perl 6 be the implementation of the language. Watch the talk. It's interesting. https:&'()* 30
  31. 31. Interesting things
  32. 32. - Yes that is coleslaw on the sandwich - and yes, those are fries on there too Food Primanti Bros - Corned Beef
  33. 33. The Next Perl Conference June 23-27 2020 Houston, TX