Patterns of Big Social Data


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Highlights opportunity to process and analyse big data sets from social psychological data

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  • Social graph in the following order: you, your social network friends, friends-of-friends, your followers, and the overall community.Wall Street feed – simple way to navigate social network of friends social gestures and your –efficient, increased engagement , increases importance of attention info c.f. banking – remember fuss around news feedGoogle Open Social Attention Streams (already included in Plaxo Pulse) - MySpace Friends Updates -Netvibes Activities-LinkedIn Network UpdatesHigh social engagement vs traditional media (radio, tv, print, outdoor) with low engagement. This is about dialogue, interactivity, informality, people + technology & niche NOT Tradigital for mass using push, automation & technology only. Social Media Marketing practice centres around – networks, communities, blogs and microblogging. Traditional business functions can be socialised e.g. legal, supply chain, R&D, HR…Social Strategy (Media) - through sharing; engaging; building relationships and influencingincrease our reach, influence and relevancecreate ambassadors to support and promote what we dopersonalise interactionsencourage and grow communities through a critical mass of active cultural and scientific participants maximise revenuechange our work models from one-to-one communication to many-to-many communicationmove from providing information to creating shared meaning with audiences
  • Combine traditional and social data to create a Social CRM Build social fields into customer contact informationTrack social media interactions with customers.Understand where customers hang with social media dataCollect customer feedback from social channels.
  • Sharing and bartering of goods and services onlineAirbnbZipcartarnsportation serviceAdoption specific web-sharing categories:Home/place sharingCar sharingParking sharingClothes sharingLand/garden sharingTools/equipment sharingOffice-space sharing
  • Gender 60/40 in favour of malesTop tweeting age 25-34 yo
  • 1000 passionate fans told 10 friends who told 10 friends 100,000 people who have been told by someone they trust and care aboutReasons to Forward an Email:Humour: 78%A Recommendation 50%Involve in a Competition 49%Earn yourself Benefits 15%Raise money for a charity 15%Sex 11%Make you feel appreciated 10%Join a Petition 10%Embarrass them 10%Source: Sharpe Partners/BurstonMartsteller
  • Google Reader track and manageSpecific blogsBlog searchesNewsTwitter contactsTwitter searchesSharing All shared items are available to all people with whom you’re connected.Can star, share, email, and add tags, just like with items in your own feedsCan comment back and forthHow ?Copy RSS URL of desired content.Click “Add a subscription” in Google Reader.Paste URL and click “Add” buttonTry with variety of feeds including Facebook
  • HootsuiteMulti-faceted (plug into mostly anything social)Team collaboration with tasks associated (Scale) Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, Wordpress & more
  • Diana – max links (degree centrality) most connected – connector or hub – number of nodes connected – high influence of spreading info or virusHeather – best location powerful figure as broker to determine what flows and doesn’t –single point of failure – high betweeness = high influence – position of node as gatekeeper to exploit structural holes (gaps in network)Fernado & Garth – shortest paths = closeness – the bigger the number the less centralEigenvector = importance of node in network ~ page rank google is similar measure
  • Credible business referral NetworkProfessional outpostTool for content syndicationLong tail groups and communitiesKeys include connections and credible content
  • Patterns of Big Social Data

    1. 1. suresh "frequent reader" GreatMystery14 Suresh S. soody soody ssood Hero5! scuzzy55 Geektoid Mangala
    2. 2. Agenda – Social Big Data1. What’s this all about – Big Data ?2. What does big data mean for business and consulting ?3. Accessing and processing big data4. Big Data Case Studies: – Social media brand stories (PhD research) – Australian Twitter Analysis (Commercialisation) – Sydney International Airport (Consulting)5. Predictions from Big Data6. Tools and Visualisation of Big Data7. Where are the new jobs?
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. 4MX , 19 July 2011
    5. 5. What is Big Data ? Unknown relationships Unstructured data 95% of data not collectedSocial-Psychological- local-Mobile-GPS-M2M 6
    6. 6. Social CRM integrates social (psychological) data 7
    7. 7. Variables and Data Types in Big Data Set Aquarius,Aries,Cancer,Capricorn,Gemini,Leo,Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius,Scorpio,Taurus,Virgo An-Verb,An-Vis,Hol-Verb,Hol-Vis A&F,Beijing ,Gucci,LVMH,New York,Old Navy, ,Paris, Sydney, Tiffany, Tokyo, Tommy, Versace Depriv/Enhance,Enhance/DeprivAfrica,Argentina,Australia,Australia/HongKong, Austria, California, Canada, China, Egypt, England, Finland, FranceGermany, Guernsey, Holland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy Ambivalent, Employee, Opposer, Reporter, Supporter, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal,Paraguay 11. Committed Partnerships, 12. Compartmentalised, Philippines, Phillipines, Portugual, Saudi Friendship,13. Childhood friendship,14. Courtship,15. Fling, 16.Arabia, Singapore South Secret-Affair, 17. Enslavement , 2. Marriages of Convenience,3.Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand,UK ,USA Best Friendships,4. Kinships, 5. Rebounds/ Avoidance-Driven,6. Courtships,7.Dependencies 8. Enmities, 9. Love-Hate (Sweeney and Chew)
    8. 8. 9
    9. 9. Exploring Variable Distributions (Training Data Set)
    10. 10. Data Visualisation of Variables (Training Data Set)
    11. 11. Item Frequency In Support of Association Rules
    12. 12. Display of Decision Tree for Brand as Target Variable
    13. 13. Model Comparison By Variables/Predictors
    14. 14. 15/10
    15. 15. Why Revolution R ?1.SAS Data Access with the ability to import SAS files directly into R, without theneed for a separate SAS license.2.Modern Editing and Debugging for R: Includes a complete IDE for the R languagewith a syntax-aware script editor for highlighting, indentation, and more. A full-featured visual debugger provides one-click breakpoints and step processing toimprove code quality and the productivity of every R programmer.3. Revolution R Enterprise is compatible with all 2,500+ open-source packagesdeveloped by the R community. Key community packages come pre-installed4. Multi-processor performance. Revolution R Enterprise uses the power ofmultiple processors to run common matrix calculations in a fraction of the time.5.Access Big Data: Revolution R breaks through R’s memory barrier out-of-memorydata store that supports Big Data: data sets with thousands of variables andmillions of rows. Easily process and select smaller aggregates from this data storeusing R commands, instantly making Big Data accessible to all of R’s thousands ofin-memory analytics and data visualization functions 16/10
    16. 16. Why Revolution R ?6.Analyze Big Data, Fast: Revolution R Enterprise enables statistical analysis of Big Dataat unparalleled speed. Perform cross-tabulations, linear regressions and logisticregressions without the need for sampling or expensive specialized hardware. A high-performance out-of-memory data storage format combined with parallel streamingalgorithms makes statistical analysis in Revolution R Enterprise many times faster thanthose of well-known legacy7.A Stable R Distribution for Single Users and Teams: Built on the latest stabledistribution of R and subjected to a rigorous build and test process, Supported on 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems8. Integrate R into User Applications. RevoDeployR, a server-based platform forRevolution R Enterprise, makes R ready for enterprise deployment. A scalable WebServices API makes it easy for application developers to securely integrate resultscomputed in R into BI dashboards, spreadsheets, custom web applications and more.9.Support and Services10. Roadmap an easy-to-use graphical user interface, more statistical algorithms for BigData, additional support for computing on local grids and in the cloud, integration withenterprise data stores including Hadoop. 17/10
    17. 17. …Blogs are like conversations with friends. You share what you feeland what excites you about certain things. Its almost as good asbeing there. The fact that others can Google your topic and read islike tuning into a television station. We all want to know whats out there. Whos doingwhat, shopping where and what products help others. Blogs arejust another way to share all the great things, not so great thingsand just a part of who we are. An outlet if you will. The blogispherecommunity is all connect and we make contacts in many ways.Through posts, through twitter conversations, through smaller nitcommunitys, live web casts, and through conferences that we metin person. We make many friends and help each other with lot oftopics. Many of us are Mom bloggers who stay at home and haveno way of making new friends or communicating with others untilwe found blogging. Blogging creates friendships and thats whatmakes us real and connected. 40 year old Mom blogger “nightowlmama” (#260)18
    18. 18. Theory and Research on Consumers’ Reports of Interactions with Brands and Experiencing Primal Forces, Suresh Sood, 2010 19
    19. 19. “…According to the spreading activation model of Collins and Loftus (1975), the concepts (or brands in this case) are represented in memory as nodes…”“Most of what we know we don’t know we know. It usually seems that weconsciously will our actions, but this is an illusion” (Wenger, Daniel 2002) 20
    20. 20. Adly Influencers via TwitterReach(millions) Influencer10 savvy/active moms Jenny McCarthy, Kourtney Kardashian, Tori Spelling6 passionate sports fans Cristiano Renaldo, Paul Pierce, Nick Swisher12 trend conscious teens Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad16 teen males 50 Cent, Ryan Sheckler, Ryan Higa.14 women 18-34 Ivanka Trump, Mandy Moore, Serena Williams20 men 18-34 Mark Cuban, Jalen Rose, Michael Ian Black
    21. 21. Twitter and Marketing Predictions• Tweets is “found data” without asking questions• More meaning than typical search engine query•• Large numbers of passive participants in natural settings• Twitter can predict the stock market (Lisa Grossman, Wired, Oct 19 2010)• Predict movie success in first few weekends of release – “…it also raises an interesting new question for advertisers and marketing executives. Can they change the demand for their film, product or service buy directly influencing the rate at which people tweet about it? In other words, can they change the future that tweeters predict?” Tech Review, 22
    22. 22. Google Flu Trends
    23. 23. When does Aus/NZ Tweet?Count of Tweets Hour of Day
    24. 24. When is Aus/NZ Most Happy?Proportion of Tweets with+ve emotion Hour of Day
    25. 25. Which City Swears Most?Proportion of Tweets withprofanity City
    26. 26. Which City is Sad ?Proportion of Tweets withsadness City
    27. 27. Which Archetype ?Proportion of Tweets witharchetype count of tweets
    28. 28. 2011 Australian Social Media Data Mobile internet 50% penetration amongst online Australians in 2010 35 % penetration of smartphones among online Australians 8% of online Australians use tablet [ end 2011 forecast 24% +] 71% accessing audio or video content online in 2010 and 35% on a weekly basis 3 in 4 online Australians tap consumer opinion about brands, products and organisations, found in social media 63% have Facebook profile 46% have clicked the Facebook ‘Like’ button for a brand, product, org. 43% share their opinions about brands and products via social media 53% engaged with a brand or company on a social networking site 36% engaged with government or politicians on a social networking site Source: Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific Source: Nielsen Social Media #Infographics H1 2011 State of the online market: evolution or revolution? August 2011 March 2011 30
    29. 29. Australian Facebook Demographics ( 31
    30. 30. March 2011 “Online Australians Shift To Social Networks” Most Online Australian Adults Use Social Media Regularly Increasing socialmedia engagement 32
    31. 31. January 2012 “Global Social Media Adoption In 2011”Countries Show Distinct Social Media Behaviors
    32. 32. January 2012 “Global Social Media Adoption In 2011”Countries Show Distinct Social Media Behaviors (Cont.)
    33. 33. January 2012 “Global Social Media Adoption In 2011”Countries Show Distinct Social Media Behaviors (Cont.)
    34. 34. Popular Social Networking Sites by CountryChina (420 M) - QQ, Xiaonei (now RenRen), 51, TencentUK - Facebook, Bebo, MySpaceNZ - Facebook, Bebo MySpaceUSA - Facebook, MySpace, TwitterKorea – CyworldJapan – Twitter, (22 M users at 31/10)Germany - Facebook, StudiVZ, MySpaceThese social networks exclude popular dating sitese.g. Flirtomatic (UK) and loveonline (NZ) 36
    35. 35. Google+ Stream and Hangouts 38
    36. 36. New Generation of Social Platforms 39
    37. 37. Tag Cloud of Paige’s Story About Travel to Paris Created from Daniel Steinbock’s TagCrowd under Creative Commons © 4040
    38. 38. Elaboration of Trip to Paris Blog Story (Means-End & Heider) Woodside, Sood & Miller 2008 When Consumers and Brands Talk Psychology & Marketing 18."We went on Fat 17. "I wanted Paige to get a feel Tires day trip to + 19....."I know Paige will for shopping experiences that Monets gardens and treasure the memory of she would not have at home (aka house in Giverny, about this girls trip for many the ubiquitous mall). " 16. "On our trip to Giverny, we met a young an hour outside Paris."+ years to come." woman from Brisbane, Australia who was traveling on her own and we invited her to join us. Three of us enjoyed delicious and innovative soufflés, while Paige had the rack of 3. Paris lamb. We shared two dessert soufflés, one 11.Sites + chocolate and the other cherry/almond. Yum" •The Marais •Notre Dame •LArc de Triomphe - 248 steps up and 248 steps + down... 1.Gayle 15." Michael Osman is an American artists •Champs Elysee living in Paris." •Jacquemart Museum "He supplements his income by being a •Louvre Lite + tour guide." I" found out about him on Fodors" •Musee DOrsay •Les Invalides, Napoleons Tomb and the 2. Paige "So I engaged Michael for two days." Napoleon Museum •Sacre Coeur •Monmartre + 14. "They had decide to come to Paris •Rodin Museum to find the Harley Davidson store so •Pompidou Museum they could buy Harley Paris t-shirts." •Train to Vernon, bike to Giverny with Fat Tire4.”The occasion Bike Tourswas my cousin 5. “I am a Canadian •’s 16th” and get by in 13."The father stretched out his cupped •Eiffel Tower French.” hands which held all of the pieces they were able to recover, including the memory stick and he very solemnly said, "El muerto...".6. "All I can say is WOW! We rented a 2 9. "I bought a Paris Pratique pocket-sized book at abedroom, 1 ½ bath apartment (two 12. Unforgettable Memories Metro station. This handy guide has detailed mapsshowers), "Merlot" from ParisPerfect "This trip had so many memories, but here are a few choice of each arrondisement, as well as the metro lines, and boy was highlights........On our very first night, knowing that the Eiffel the bus lines, the RER and the SCNF (trains). Illit ever perfect! " Tower light show started at 10:00 p.m.... she [Paige] dropped never be without this again." her camera…down 6 flights…we were stunned…Spanish Family below standing below *with pieces of the camera+”7. “We had a full view of the Eiffel from 10."Six months before our trip, I gaveour charming little terrace. ....We were 8. "We were walkable to many good Paige a couple of good guide books onwithin walking distance to two metro bistros, cafes and bakeries and only a Paris and suggested she let me knowstops (Pont dAlma or Ecole Militaire) " few blocks from the wonderful market what her interests were since after all, 41 street Rue Cler." this was to be her trip."
    39. 39. Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC)Text Analysis : The Psychological Power of Words LWIC dimension “I love Paris” Personal texts Formal texts Paige’s Story Self-references 6.12 11.4 4.2 (I, me, my) Social words 10.55 9.5 8.0 Positive emotions 3.04 2.7 2.6 Negative emotions 0.54 2.6 1.6 Overall cognitive words 4.12 7.8 5.4 Articles (a, an, the) 7.74 5.0 7.2 Big words (> 6 letters) 18.40 13.1 19.6 Pennebaker, J. W., Francis ME, Booth RJ. (2001). Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC): LIWC2001. Mahwah: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 42
    40. 40. 43
    41. 41. 44
    42. 42. Iconic Sites & Scenes from Paris Blog• Eiffel tour night show• The Marais• Notre Dame• LArc de Triomphe - 248 steps up and 248 steps down...• Champs Elysee• Jacquemart Museum• Louvre Lite• Musee DOrsay• Les Invalides, Napoleons Tomb and the Napoleon Museum• Sacre Coeur• Monmartre• Rodin Museum• Pompidou Museum• Train to Vernon, bike to Giverny with Fat Tire Bike Tours 45
    43. 43. Marketing & Advertising Strategy Implications the Story of Paige• Story told in natural city setting• Assume Paris = brand• Brand is supporting actor enabling Gayle to achieve her goals of showing Paris to Paige (conscious) and help her coming of age (unconscious)• Builds favorable consumer brand relationship: best friendship (Fournier 1998)• Show someone Paris: Share experience,teacher-student,”fairy-godmother” or be the tourist guide• Use social relationships to sell cities• Interpersonal relationships (people travel with people)• Near conversational interaction with brand: story is called “I love Paris” 46
    44. 44. How Social Media Supports the Myth of Paris Casablanca “Well Always Have Paris”Lamps, Eiffel Tower,france, City of love , city ofnight, street, notredame, lights, landmarks , museums & bw, church, architecture, galleries, Cafés, coffee, conver toureiffel, city, cathedral, sations, friendship, artists, lovlouvre, museum ers, philosophers 47
    45. 45. Brand Equity - ConversationalConversation Gap - Vacation and Paris Conversation Gap (Rubel 2005) Brand share of the online conversation Gap between the total number of conversations about a category and the proportion which mention the brand operating in the category * Total identified blogs: 99,181,005 @ 18 December, 2008 Paris – Equity Share Analysis of Attributes Equities of a Brand (Stein 2006) Topics being mentioned in conversations about a brand with equity share corresponding to the frequency at which each topic is mentioned See pp 115-116 Cook, N 2008. Enterprise 2.0 Hampshire,England: Gower Publishing * Total identified blogs: 151,048,780 @ 24 November, 2010 48
    46. 46. Blog Mentions Sydney Opera House, TaJ Mahal &Great Wall China A review of the blogosphere on 8 June 2010 reveals 126.87 million blogs
    47. 47. Buzz Campaign Brief Deliverables:• Social media campaign (micro blogging) igniting conversations around recently launched SSP restaurants/units/offering• Customer education via social media around the $500m facelift at Sydney International Airport.• Social media ‘micro-test’ targeting English speakers over 4 months concluding January 31, 2011.• Create conversational sparks (social articles) stimulating discussions and interactions around the four KPIs of SSP Australia – Environment, Emotional Experience, Service and Product.
    48. 48. Service EnvironmentBlogs - 13 Blogs-27Videos - 24 Videos-36Photos - 51 Photos-94 Newsletters-3Emotion/Experience ProductBlogs-26 Blogs-32Videos-34 Videos-35Photos-128 Photos-69Newsletters-2 Newsletters-3
    49. 49. Consumers use social media togive SSP real time feedback.• Proof of Concept: Meet Michael H from Perth, WA. He was a real unsolicited spontaneous ‘Mystery Shopper’ at Trattoria Prego, his feedback he syndicated to multiple social touch networks.• Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    50. 50. Social Network & Media Asset Register  34 videos  98 images  2,239 views  31 videos  4,980 channel views*  28 comments  132 Unique photos  14,624 Following  43 Videos  14,335 Followers  44 Blog Posts  32,512 Tweets  146 Lists**  648 Check-In  58 photos  182 Unique Visitors 2,368 views *number of times more that anyone has looked at YouTube/Freshonthego channel **incidences where a Twitter users has classified you as important in a unique way - a sign of deeper engagement Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    51. 51. Social articles attract qualityclicks. These results above are from the past seven days to 31st January 2011 from a website which follows and tracks all unique links leading back to a specific URL. Total number of clicks on links over the past four months is 3,499 43% of these links were clicked on from within Australia. Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    52. 52. Facebook Fan Page Socialgraphics There are currently 1,263 fans for the SSP AustraliaFacebook Fan Page. In comparison, Caviar House &Prunier (global fan page) has 376 fans and Itacho Sushihave 642 fans. There have been 20,817 views of the Facebook FanPage within the last 30 days.The most frequent referrer to the Facebook Fan Pagefrom an external source is from YouTube.There are 31 videos currently uploaded to theFacebook Fan Page. There are currently 15 photo albums uploaded to thepage. Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    53. 53. FreshOnTheGo Key Insights Right Platform for Target Audience•FOCUS AREA: Consumer EngagementBehaviour Analysis: (Campaign highlights) -1.Emotional Experience/Environment Lunch With A TSFs - Travel Social FansLingerie Model (Montreux Jazz Café) 566 views, 3 tweets, shared toFacebook 5 times. (.01% engagement - entertaining but notcompelling.)2. Service/Corporate Culture: Experience Accidental Magic(SSP) – 165 views shared to Twitter130 times, shared to Facebook 10 times. (84% of viewers shared -STICKY) :3.Product Happy Bites at Itacho viewed 224, tweeted 199 times,shared to Facebook 15 times. (95% of viewers shared - VERY STICKYCONTENT)4.Product/Experience/Corporate Culture: That’s AmorePizza Making (Prego)- 172 views, 3Tweets, shared to Facebook 52 times (31% of viewers shared) Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    54. 54. Key InsightsConfidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    55. 55. Key Insights: Caviar HouseThe results over past four months indicate Caviar House &Prunier has 46% greater brand strength since October 2010 39 Unique Picturesaccording to *Social 8 Videos 9 Blog PostsThere have been no “offers” in place for Caviar House andtherefore limited “brand play” as there was no basis for 2, 001 Following  902 Followersbuzz and no interaction between local and global brand  16 Liststeams. 55 Check-Ins Text TextCaviar House & Prunier video content was the popular and 11 Unique Visitorsthe primary source of engagement and more could be done 7 videoson the education of the Global brand strength and 289 viewslocalisation of the offer (fresh seafood) in conjunction with 23 Picturesglobal social media team of Caviar House. 3 Videos 14 Pictures 624 Views Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    56. 56. Key Insights: Danks Street Depot 195 Check-In 38 Unique Visitors indicates a 76% greater brand signal than when the campaign commenced for search parameter 2,001 following 1 ,284 followers “Danks Street Depot Airport”.  14 Listed 10 Pictures Tweets and blogs focusing on Danks Street Depot’s ethos 3 Videos 5 Blog Posts proved to be the most engaging content and Product the most common focus articulated in real-time feedback. 16 Pictures 3 Videos 6 videos 242 views 13 PicturesConfidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    57. 57. Key Insights: Bambini Wine Room 2,001FollowingBambini Wine Room has 74% greater brand strength than 1,178 Followerscampaign commencement. 17 sentiment analysis shows that compared to 103Check-Intheir primary competitor The Black Tonic EspressoBar, Bambini Wine Room has a more visible online presence by 17 Pictures 2 VideosFoursquare check-ins and customers would like to see more 7 Blog Postscontinuity of brand message. 12 PicturesEnvironment/Experience,Product was “ notable ” to a 2 Videostraveler. (see real-time guest feedback by @witheredwords) 4 videos 247 views 11 Pictures Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    58. 58. Key Insights: Itacho Sushi 16 pictures 2 videos The results over the past four months indicate that Itacho Sushi has 64% greater brand strength than when 2, 001 Following 1, 060 Followers the campaign commenced. The sentiment analysis 7 listed shows that compared to their primary competitor China 26 Unique Pictures Grand Restaurant, by customer segmentation, Itacho 3 Videos 6 Blog Posts Sushi has a far more visible brand presence. 48 Check-In PRODUCT is the most popular KPI focus illustrated by 11 Unique Visitors measured interaction - 98% “Last Mile” share rate reported on YouTube. Immediate next steps include 5 videos 317 views development of contextually relevant videos in Asian languages, as Chinese flights to Australia have since 13 Pictures 2009, increased by 26.2%. 1, 744 views Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    59. 59. Key Insights: Montreux Jazz indicates 60% greater brand strength since 1 439 Following 889 FollowersOctober 2010. Competitive analysis indicates greater online 8 listedpresence than The Terrace Bar by check-in and mention. 18 pictures 2 videosMontreux Jazz Café’s online presence has lead to more frequent 31 Unique Picturesengagement and mention from local key influencer audiences. 25 Videos (including 19 videos from the Montreux Jazz Festival) 11 Blog PostsFocus feedback included Product, Emotional Experiences and 178 Check-In 26 Unique VisitorsSummer of Lunch campaign demonstrated an integrated socialapproach with customers going “ Last Mile ” when 6 videos@montreuxjazzsyd online friends met in real life with purpose and 816 viewsdrove sales revenue.Montreux Jazz Cafe is the first of SSP Australia to demonstrate 10 Picturescharacteristics of a community.Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    60. 60. Key Insights: Prego 13 pictures 1 videos 2 001FollowingTrattoria Prego (a ‘made up’ brand) has 74% increase in brand 854 Followersstrength since October 2010 according to 11 listed  9 Unique PicturesTrattoria Prego is one of the most engaged social brands of SSP with 2 Videos 6 Blog Postsredemption of “FreshonTheGo” offers which increased top-linesales. 69 Check-In Text 16 Unique Visitors Text EnvironmentFocus feedback on Product, Emotional Experience Text and 3 videoshave been articulated in real-time feedback and through multiple social 325 viewsplatforms by engaged customer as well crisis management programtested/deployed as necessary for complaints. 8 Pictures Confidential | Do not reproduce without prior written permission from MMG
    61. 61. Twitter Town Hall @ White House• 6 July 2011• #AskObama• 160,000 questions and comments combine into 17 questions• Multi prong approach to narrow Tweets : – Partner with service provider Mass Relevance to curate, visualize and integrate which topics were generating the greatest discussion. – Curation technology TweetRiver aggregates and filters Tweets with the #AskObama hashtag into real-time topic streams, including jobs, the budget, taxes, education and health care. – Use own signals to measure engagement (Retweets, Favorites and @Replies) within these topics. – Group of Twitter users (called "curators") helped flag questions from their communities through retweets
    62. 62. ns for “Twitter Town Hall”,arackobama (graph 2). event, the terms monitored included Summary Twitter Town Hall @ the White Housetions for “Twitter Town Hall”, monitor the economic focus event, the terms monitored included To@barackobama (graph 2). #AskObama (graph 1) and mentions for “Twitter Town Hall”, @whitehouse, @townhall and @barackobama (graph 2). #AskObama and “Twitter Town Hall” The Town Hall event on July 6th Jul 04 Jul 05 Jul 06 Jul 07 Jul 08 between 2-3pm ET was almost 200,000 equal to that of the 5 day long pre-buzz period from June 30th – 150,000 July 5th. 100,000 50,000 The Town Hall event on July 6th3 Jul 04 Jul 05 Jul 06 Jul 07 Jul 08 between 2-3pm ET was almost 0 The day of the event, July 6th , long equal to that of the 5 day The Town Hall Jun 30 Jul 01 Jul 02 had nearly 3 Jul period from June Jul 06 pre-buzz 04 as many Jul 03 times Jul 05 30th – Jul 07 Jul 08 between 2-3pm July 5 th. #AskObama Town Hall equal to that of mentions as compared to the pre-buzz period pre-analysis and Twitter Town July 5th. Hall. The day of the event, July 6th , had nearly 3 times as many Jul 04 @whitehouse 06 Jul 05 Jul Jul 07 Jul 08 #AskObama Town Hall @townhall Most Retweeted Usernames: to the mentions as compared The day of the @barackobama @barackobama, @whitehouse, Town pre-analysis and Twitter had nearly 3 tim @townhall, @mashable Hall. #AskObama To 20,000 mentions as com 15,000 pre-analysis an03 Jul 04 Jul 0510,000 06 Jul Jul 07 Jul 08 Hall. male 68,534: 58.1% 5,000 Most Retweeted Usernames: 0 @barackobama, @whitehouse,9,382: 41.8% Jun 30 Jul 01 Jul 02 @townhall, @mashable Jul 03 Jul 04 Jul 05 Jul 06 Jul 07 Jul 08 Most Retweeted @barackobama male 68,534: 58.1% @townhall, @m Salesforce radian6 report 34ale 49,382: 41.8%
    63. 63. Gender: Twitter Town Hall @ the White House Salesforce radian6 report
    64. 64. e day of the event, July 6th, 2011, the Financial Security segment grew to be the majorof the pie with over 54.4%, an increase of 20.8% Total View – Issue Segments and Gender Breakdown for 6 July 2011 National Protection 6,950: 18.6% Financial Security 20,291: 54.4% Total View July 6th, 2011 SEGMENT OVERVIEW Development 4,767: 12.7% Within each of the segments we can also take a look at the gender breakdown for each identified topic. Wellness 5,260: 14.1% 100.00% 90.00% 80.00% Twitter 70.00% Town Hall @ the White House Salesforce Radian6 Report 4 60.00% 50.00% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% Male 10.00% Female 0.00% Salesforce radian6 report
    65. 65. Sharing StoriesWhat happens when you tell stories? Two magical things: You build trustwith other people in your network, and from there you buildempathy…is when you share the emotions that other people have andexpress. It’s a powerful, deeply primal experience.ShareThis! Deanna Zandt, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2010 69
    66. 66. Sponsored Stories- Facebook 70
    67. 67. Stories and Listening to Brand Attributes• Your own stories are ego centric• Stories others tell about you to friends and associates (future prospects) are powerful – What vocabulary do others use – What do others tell about your skills – What stories do you tell about others• Brand attributes are what others write and repeat 71
    68. 68. Social Media Conversation Calendar Triggers• Tweets ~ 1 to 2 per day• Facebook status daily• YouTube weekly• New content ~ 3 to 5 hours per month• New online contacts ~ 1 hour per month• New blog post ~ 1 per working day 72
    69. 69. Analytics from Social Big Data8 Levels of Analytics Key Social Media Questions(Davenport)Standard Reports What conversations are taking place?Ad Hoc reports When and where are conversations taking place?Query Drilldown What are the sentiment of conversations?Alerts What actions are required?Statistical Analysis Why are these conversations occurring?Forecasting What if conversations continue?Predictive Modeling What conversations are next?Optimization How can we lead conversations? orginally adapted from Davenport T (2007), Competing on Analytics 73
    70. 70. First Step Monitoring [Brand] Conversations & Tips• Social Media Dashboard – All social media sources relating to brand – RSS technologies – Mashups (e.g. YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Nielsen, Google )• Weak Signals – Twitter early warning in advance of blogging• Set up comprehensive Google Alerts• Set up a feed reader with relevant blogs and new feeds• Use Twitter Search to follow hashtags and keywords in Twitter streams• Start immediately (~3 mins) with Netvibes and vocabulary 74
    71. 71. Google Reader• Free• Collects info from Twitter, blogs, and other RSS sources• Allows for easy sharing• Info all in one spot• Less real-time (both benefit and drawback)• Track what’s read/not• Powerful: Star, share, email, tag, notes, trends• LinkedIn - Job changes, New connections, Updates and Groups 75
    72. 72. Other monitoring options 76
    73. 73. A New Way of Marketing ? Social Network Marketing 1:1 ‘All Customers Marketing in a network interrelated’ Segment ‘All Customers are Marketing different’ ‘All CustomersShotgun in a segmentMarketing the same’‘All Customers the same’ 77
    74. 74. Facebook Social Graph 78
    75. 75. Facebook Object Types for Social GraphActivities Businesses Groups Organizations People Places Products and EntertainmentActivity Bar Cause Band Actor City AlbumSport Company Sports_league Government Athlete Country Book Cafe Sports_team Non_profit Director Landmark Drink Hotel School Musician State_province Food Restaurant University Politician Game Public_figure Product Song Movie Tv_showWebsites UPC/ISBN Other latitude longitude Contact Info :Blog UPC code Other street-address location locality emailWebsite ISBN number region phone_number postal-code fax_numberArticle country-name 79
    76. 76. Giant Global GraphIll be thinking in the graph. The ABC as Social GraphMy flights. Topics EventsMy friends.Things in my life. Music ProgrammesMy breakfast.What was that? Oh, yogurt, granola, nuts, and fresh fruit, since you ask. Users GardeningSubmitted by timbl on Wed, 2007-11-21 News Food Facebook Social Graph 80
    77. 77. Social Network Representation• Primary focus is actors & relationships # actors & attributes• Nodes (Actors) connected by Links (Ties/relationship or edge) Adjacency list• Links represent flows or transfer – material goods or information 1 1: 2 Graph or 2: 1, 3 sociogram 2 3: 2 3 Adjacency matrix 1 2 3 Actors 1 0 1 0 Relationship 2 1 0 1 1 = presence of link 3 0 1 0 0 = no direct link 81
    78. 78. 82
    79. 79. NodeXL - Excel 2007 template for viewing and analyzing network graphs 83
    80. 80. Key Network Measures Diana’s Clique krackkite.##h (modified labels)• Degree Centrality• Betweenness Centrality• Closeness Centrality• Eigenvector Centrality Connector (hub)Contractor ? Vendor Broker Boundary spanners 85
    81. 81. Facebook EdgeRank• Object = status update or post• Edge = like, comment or interaction with object• Interesting info  more people interactions resulting in higher rank and story in “Top News”• Posting status updates without conversation does not get high rank and move into “Top News” feed• EdgeRank is based on sum of three factors: – affinity or the relationship between the creator and user – interaction with the object (likes, comments have different levels of user engagement) – timeliness means new objects have better chance• 6 Tips to increase EdgeRank – Publish objects that encourage interaction – Create a forum – Make most of photos and videos – Share links – Keep it fresh – Ask users to share Source: 6 Tips to Increase Your Facebook EdgeRank and Exposure by Jim Lodico, 28/4/2011 86
    82. 82. LinkedIn• Over 120 million users – 26m+ members in Europe – 6m+ members in the UK – 2m+ members in France – 2m+ members in the Netherlands – 2m+ members in Italy – 1m+ members in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) – 1m+ members in Spain – 10m+ members in India – 4m+ members in Canada – 4m+ members in Brazil – 2m+ members in Australia• 2M+ professionals in Australia (~40% + of professionals)• Widely used in Financial Services (Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne)• Australian member usage ~ 8 minutes per month• 6.5 million students and 9 million recent college graduates• More than 2 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages. affluent & influential membership. 87
    83. 83. LVMH – Louis Vuitton 88
    84. 84. Blendtech 12,860,143Susan Boyle “United Breaks Guitars” 79,804,980 10,177,221 Old Spice The Man Your Man Could Smell Like 37,180,978 ** views current as at 19 November 2011 89
    85. 85. YouTube Insight – Video Analytics 90
    86. 86. Where will the jobs come from?1. Data scientist for big data insights? (Business/IT)2. Big Data compliments all organisation wide data3. Big data not owned by marketing, business or IT4. Requirement to take real time data and circulate across an entire enterprise?5. Who is responsible ?6. Reporting structure?7. Do we need a new organisation or team?8. Is this about organisational change?9. Social media or Big data Centre of Excellence10. What happens if opportunities exist from the data insights?
    87. 87. Caution!“Children never put off till tomorrow what will keep them from going to bed tonight” ADVERTISING AGE 92