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A presentation to initiate reflection...

Published in: Education
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  1. 2. Don’t Build Walls. Build Bridges.
  2. 3. Seek A World Without Wars.
  3. 4. Show the World Your Beautiful Self Everyday.
  4. 5. Be Curious, Be Very Curious.
  5. 6. Ever Wondered Where You Are Heading?
  6. 7. YOU Just World Dot Everyone A P o s s i b l e F u t u r e
  7. 8. Remove Your Mask. Be Yourself.
  8. 9. Have You Recently Helped Anyone To Bloom?
  9. 10. Are Your Choices Destroying This Beauty?
  10. 11. Belong. Grow. Build Sustainable Communities .
  11. 12. Be Free. But Be More Responsible .
  12. 13. Do I Really “See” the World I live in?
  13. 14. It Takes You Round Those Disastrous Corners Of Your Life. Have Faith .
  14. 15. “ An un-reflected life is motion without meaning…It is activity without purpose….It is being without connectedness.”
  15. 16. Note: While the theme and messages are mine, the images used here have been taken from various sources, including my own photos. This presentation has no commercial value. It is solely for educational purpose. And is intended for discussion.