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Mexico bi-weekly intelligence report


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Mexico bi-weekly intelligence report

  1. 1. Bi-weekly Mexico Intelligence Report October 20, 2010 President Calderon continues to develop strategies to fight organized crime. On Wednesday, October 13, a proposal that would entirely eliminate municipal police was sent to the Mexican Congress. Municipal police have historically received poor training, sub-standard wages and a lack of equipment, making them vulnerable to corruption. States reporting the highest number of drug-related crimes over the last two weeks include: Tamaulipas, Puebla, Coahuila, Culiacan, Veracruz, Chihuahua, Michoacán and especially Nuevo Leon. On Tuesday October 14, criminals blocked major highways in Monterrey with dozens of trucks. Additionally, gun battles between cartels and police continue to plague Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa, creating an unstable environment for business and logistics operations in these communities. Cargo Theft and Supply Chain Risk  The most frequently targeted products during this two-week period include: milk, alcohol, metals and televisions.  Authorities are concerned about the increasing number of underage gang members, custom agents and corrupt police involved with organized cargo theft gangs. Last week, a truckload of textiles worth $3 million MXN ($241,800 USD), was hijacked along the Puebla – Orizaba highway. Police discovered warehouse security guards were involved with cargo thieves.  Special media attention was given to police impersonation incidents. This trend was prevalent in Sinaloa and to a lesser extent in Puebla, Oaxaca and Zacatecas. Four members of an organized gang were arrested last week for wearing police uniforms and conducting fake inspections; the impersonators stole various trucks around the Oaxaca - Puebla border.  The states of Nuevo Leon and Coahuila have become hot spots for thieves specializing in construction materials. On September 28, a truck loaded with steel bars was stolen in Monterrey. The owner reported the theft and located the load via GPS tracking system. The load was recovered and the thieves were arrested after a brief gun battle with police.  Cargo theft rate in Manzanillo and Guadalajara is higher than ever. According to CANACAR, the most dangerous regions within the state of Colima and Jalisco include: Manzanillo-Guadalajara; Guadalajara-Santa Rosa-La Barca and Anillo Periferico. Cargo theft is starting to become a significant issue for companies in the state of Morelos. During 2010, many companies have reported an increase in security spending and cargo insurance prices have risen by almost 20% in Morelos. Natural Disaster and Infrastructure Last week, intensive rains in Chiapas and Oaxaca caused serious damage to 45 communities and affected the infrastructure of several state highways in both states.