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Msbi training&placement


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Sql servrer masters :

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project support.

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Duration for course is 30 days or 45 hours and special care will be taken. It is a one to

one training with hands on experience.

* Resume preparation and Interview assistance will be provided.
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contact India +91-9052666559
Usa : +1-678-693-3475.


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Msbi training&placement

  1. 1. WELL COME TO Sql server masters
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  4. 4. Overview During this Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] educational program, you'll dive into planning ETL solution architecture exploitation Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services and Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Additionally, we are going to extensively cover a way to design Analysis solution design exploitation Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and Implement and Maintain Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. You'll expand your data on MDX Queries and learn the way to make advanced reports using expressions, global collections, and conditional data formatting using SQL Server reporting Services. Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] course consists of all real time tasks that arise in day to day activities. Each topic is roofed with distinctive case studies. Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] course is split into three modules and totals quite 30 hours of instructor-led online training.
  5. 5. Course highlights: Microsoft Business Intelligence Online Training describes the complete Microsoft Business Intelligence stack and also the role of every element in order that a far better knowing estimate of resources could be created within the Bi project. Explain the thought of the Unified data Model; perceive its limitations and sensible implementations and once it would be acceptable to use in an exceedingly quick and low value Bi deployment. Explain what SQL 2008 and also the R2 unleash modification in Microsoft Bi and the way best to leverage these technologies. You will learn to use these tools to design reports in either ad-hoc mode or for distribution once or regular on subscriptions. You will explore the Dashboard designer and see the benefit of that you'll be able to produce scorecards, filters, KPIs and dashboards
  6. 6. You will explore the Dashboard designer and see the benefit of that you'll be able to produce scorecards, filters, KPIs and dashboards. Understand the roll of Power Pivot in Microsoft Bi. is that the massive development with stand out 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2. You’ll learn wherever it fits, a way to use it and what impact it'll have on this and future of your Microsoft Bi investment. Excel rules the land of the MBA! Here we are going to explore excel Services 2010 and you'll be able to with success implement a “Single version of the reality workbook” deployment