Funding for technology


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Funding for technology

  1. 1. Funding for Technology
  2. 2. Need for TechnologyWithin the last 10 years, technology has become increasingly important for schools. Do you know the numbers???
  3. 3. Need for Technology …continued… A 1:1 ratio is not what we want. That would actually be counter-productive. We do not want students typing away on theircomputers and not communicating with each other. But, we cannot continue to believe that whatstudents are going to need to gain success in the 21st century is the same as what we have been teaching them up until this point.
  4. 4. Reasons Schools Need Technology  supports students’ thinking process and acquisition of problem-solving skills stimulates students’ motivation and self-esteem  promotes student equity  improves student achievement  prepares students for the future
  5. 5. The big question is…How do we fund technology for our schools?
  6. 6. Budgeting When possible,Title I Funds include a budget for:  Computer Hardware  Computer Software  Networking Tools  Tech Support  etc.
  7. 7. Educational Technology Grants Extron Classroom AV Grant Program provides increased visibility and expanded access for AV technology by supplying selected pilot classrooms with advanced audio video solutions at no cost to the district Extron Global Viewer Enterprise Grant Program provides qualifying school districts with our server based, AV system monitoring and resource management software
  8. 8. Educational Technology Grants …continued… Digital Wish Mobile Devices in the Classroom submit lesson plan on effectively using mobile devices in the classroom and qualify to win one of three Dell Venue Pro Smartphones Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge enable K-12 students to identify and solve local environmental problems, and promote good use of science practice prizes vary among grade levels and include money, a Discovery Adventure trip, technology, and more
  9. 9. Educational Technology Grants …continued… Doodle 4 Google a competition in which K-12 students are asked to create Googles homepage logo. The winning artist will win a $30,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 technology grant for his or her school Computers for Learning places computers in classrooms, prepares children to contribute and compete in the 21st century, and allows government agencies and the private sector to transfer surplus computers and related equipment to schools
  10. 10. Educational Technology Grants …continued… Technology Donor Program Digital Wish matches teachers with donors. To find a donor, teachers must build a wish list of Digital Wish classroom technology products. Prospective donors can review a classroom profile and donate funding or purchase an item for a school. After each technology purchase, Digital Wish will donate an additional 2-10% in immediate cash-back funding to the recipient school to fund their next technology project.
  11. 11. Up-to-Date Technology for Our Students In the technological world we live in today, the time is nowto provide for our students the tools they need to increase their interest and engagement in their learning and to promote independent thinking and problem solving.
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