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Audience feedback ancillary


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Audience feedback ancillary

  1. 1. Audience feedback<br />Ancillary Task<br />Sarah Smith<br />
  2. 2. In order to evaluate my ancillary task fairly I decided to ask 5 friends to answer 8 questions about our groups completion of the pieces. Our ancillary task was made up of two separate projects, one being the Digipack; in which we chose 6 panels rather than 4. The other being a poster advertising the debut album ‘Self Fulfilled Prophecy’ by Taylor and the Rubies.<br />Once thoroughly evaluating these answers, I aim to summarise both negatives and positives in order to realise what could have been done to improve or Ancillary Task.<br />
  3. 3. Do you THINK THE PRODUCTS ARE TYPICAL OF MAGAZINES/ALBUM COVERS/POSTERS? IF SO IN WHAT WAYS?<br />Yes, because the artist is present on all three products.<br />Yes, there is corresponding fonts and colours used.<br />Yes, there is a really good sense of the artists character, with different facial expressions and outfits.<br />Yes, as there are labels and bar codes included, making the product feel much more realistic.<br />Yes, the artist is wearing the same outfits in both, showing they are part of the same promotional scheme.<br />
  4. 4. Does anything make it different or does it stand out from the typical? How?<br />Yes, the poster with the animated frames behind.<br />Yes, the use of the text over the artists face.<br />Yes, the fact that the artist is holding her tape with her name and song on over her mouth, being ironic.<br />No, I do not see anything that stands out from the typical.<br />No I don’t see anything different from the ordinary.<br />
  5. 5. Does it work? Why?<br />Yes, because there is a clear link with both products, as the artist is wearing the same outfits.<br />Yes, because the covers match, and the use of the green tape on the front and back stand out.<br />Yes, the fact that the Apple iTunes logo is on the poster makes the advert seem much more realistic.<br />Yes, both products are very easy to link together. The colours, outfits and fonts all match.<br />Yes, the song names seem very realistic.<br />
  6. 6. Name two interesting/impressive elements?<br />The use of different emotions and facial expressions, showing the character of the artist.<br />The inside middle cover, with the blurred out photos of Taylor jumping.<br />The computerised netting and frames on the poster.<br />The idea of the album hanging off the frames, especially as it is done with computer software and not drawn out.<br />Nothing stands out to me.<br />
  7. 7. Could these products be stronger? If so, how?<br />The back cover on the album could have something more in the background.<br />Brighter colours could have been used.<br />I do not think anything could be improved.<br />There could have been one or two extra close ups included.<br />No, I don’t think the products could be improved.<br />
  8. 8. Can you sum up the brand image of this album/artist in a short sentence?<br />Fun, energetic and different.<br />Indie, with a hint of pop.<br />Typically indie.<br />Fresh and energetic.<br />Very pop, with the bright colours and fun images.<br />
  9. 9. Can you see a clear brand image? What creates this?<br />Yes, with the use of the fun images and creative backgrounds.<br />Yes, as many of the photos are corresponding as well as the outfits and fonts.<br />Yes, there is a girly feel to the branding, with pinks and swirly writing included.<br />Yes, there is a bright energetic feel throughout both products, creating a fun and exciting brand image.<br />Yes, because there is clear colour co-ordination being used through all of the ancillary task, showing there is a bright and exciting feel to the artist.<br />
  10. 10. SUMMARY OF MY AUDIENCE FEEDBACK ON THE ANCILLARY TASK<br />From looking at my results from the audience feedback, overall I am very pleased with the outcome. Firstly I was happy with how the audience could relate both products, and could realise that we had tried to create a clear link between the two with the use of certain fonts and colours. As well as this I also appreciated the feedback on how we could improve this product, as I strongly believe we could of too. I certainly agree that the back cover could of had a much more interesting background and that the colours could of been a little brighter. Another point I was very pleased with was the short sentences people chose to describe the image of the artist, as I believe certain words such as ‘fun’ and ‘energetic’ was the exact kind of image we were trying to portray.<br />