Audience feedback


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Audience feedback

  1. 1. Sarah Smith<br />Audience Feedback<br />
  2. 2. Once filming our Music Video ‘Oh No’, we then filmed ourMedia Class, to gain some audience feedback. Once doing so, we also decided to gather our own individual feedback, in order to gain a broader understanding of the positives and negatives of our Music Video overall. I chose to do this task by asking family members and friends. Each was asked individually so that no discussing could take place of certain answers.Once thoroughly evaluating these answers I aim to summarise our negatives and positives, in order to know what we would do differently if we were to shoot the video again. <br />
  3. 3. How is it typical of a Music Video?<br />It has a clear link with the lyrics and the visuals.<br />There are many close up shots of the artist.<br />There is the usual performance scenes seen in many music videos.<br />There is the usual performance scenes seen in many music videos.<br />It looks like other music videos that I’ve seen before because they use more than one location and made the girl look successful and glamorous.<br />
  4. 4. My summary of Audience Feedback<br /> From looking at these various answers I agree with most, such as the lighting being improved in certain shots and our syncing being done to a good standard. Certain answers such as the video reminding someone as '80's disco' I found surprising, although once watching the video again I can see this element in shots; such as the weather green screen, which switches to an embarrassing photograph of Taylor dressed in an 80's style outfit.  Overall I believe the answers are fair and correct and with this in mind, things I would choose to do differently would be, concentrate much more on the lighting and colour corrector as well as editing our green screen shots.<br />
  5. 5. What makes the Music Video unique?<br />The use of the tape player at the beginning and ending.<br />The use of the shots gone wrong towards the ending.<br />The split screen that is included.<br />I found the style in which the auteur appears different than anything iv seen before.<br />The song itself is something different and refreshing, there was also a documentary feel to the film.<br />
  6. 6. Does the Music Video work and why?<br />There wasn’t anything that stood out for me on this subject.<br />I found that all the micro elements had been taken into account and done to a good standard.<br />Yes because it is made obvious that lyrics fit the shots.<br />Yes the video works as the jobs shown in the video are shown clearly.<br />Yes the video works as it is very positive to match the positive point of the song.<br />
  7. 7. Are there any interesting or impressive elements?<br />The split screens used.<br />The huge range of locations.<br />The fun shots added towards the end.<br />I think that the video works well in conjunction with the track and what you see on screen as the group have taken a very literal approach to the meaning of the song.<br />The video works well to get the point across to the audience.<br />
  8. 8. Could it be improved?<br />There was nothing in the film that I thought could be better.<br />I think that the lighting could have been looked into in more detail and the group could have taken more time to improve this element.<br />The lighting could be improved in certain shots.<br />I believe the green screen could be improved.<br />I believe the only one thing to be improved are the green screen shots.<br />
  9. 9. Was the pace and timing correct?<br />Yes as the shots of the video move in time to the beat of the fast paced song.<br />Yes the shots are very fast with the fast song.<br />Yes because the song is fast and upbeat and the shots switch quite fast in time with the beat.<br />Most of the syncing within the video is in time throughout.<br />The syncing was done to a very good standard I thought.<br />
  10. 10. Can you tell the Genre of the Music Video?<br />I think that the video reminded me of 80's disco.<br />I would say that the genre of the video and the song would be indie/pop.<br />Pop<br />Indie-Pop<br />Pop<br />