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Technological revolutions with i phone and android


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Technological revolutions with i phone and android

  1. 1. Technological Revolutions with iPhone and AndroidKnow the benefits of Hiring Android programmersAndroid is a growing platform for the developers and programmers. It offers a wide range of opportunities and options for buildingAndroid applications that are of high quality and involve a lot of creativity. Various tools and APIs are provided by the Android SDK,which helps in developing numerous applications on the Android platform with the help of Java programming. Many core applicationsare there in the Android SDK, which prove much useful for Android application developers and programmers.You may find a handful of Android programmers around, however it is difficult to look for skilled Android developers andprogrammers, who can assure the delivery of bug free applications, within economic budget. You can hire Android programmersand developers, and get few services as benefits. Such services include Android game programming, custom Android applicationdevelopment, Android application porting, Android multimedia application development, Graphics designing for Android games andapps.Once you’ve hired dedicated resources for fulfilling all the Android development needs, you can have the benefits of gaininginnovative applications that are built with the latest 4.0 SDK for Android. Various outsourcing companies provide numerous Androidprogrammers who can work according to your requirements.Rise of Cross Platform Mobile Apps DevelopmentThe development of the iPhone and the universal cross platform mobile apps development have bagged the position of being themost vital part of the workings of various individuals and enterprises. The developers are into constant bringing out of various mobileapplications. This is all done through a unique platform by the release of an SDK for the iPhone.The iPhone developers have gained complete access to the iPhone, through the SDK. This includes many things like the proximitysensor, the calendar, the dialer address book, and much more. A mobile strategy cannot be said to be sufficient by just one app. Itdemands various apps in its place. There are infinite tools and technologies that are available in the market, for structuring andbuilding the apps in singularity, as per when you require a single mobile project.Choosing a mobile platform that scales from a single project into thousands of projects is not a cake walk. The traditional methods andthe first generation mobile application platform have helped the first new mobile apps of an enterprise to lead multiple technologiesquickly. These clearly apply for the ones that are slow to get deployed and evolved, and are also costly on maintenance.The user experience and the expectations of the users should be line of the platform, which is monitored by the cross mobile appdevelopers. The increased sense of identity and the urgency on the part of major smart phones has put the web app developers in a lotof problems. It has drawn lines of distinction. The vendors on such platforms are joining days and nights, and are working hard tomake outstanding platform user experience. However, the mobile apps that are not in accordance with their standards are losing theirplace in the app stores.A majority of the iPad users belong from the old demographics and are from the age group of 30 to 54. The most functional andmeaningful tools are especially looked for the people with wealthy status, which also includes business and various productivityapplications. Other apps that are a part of the iPhone are games, news, utilities, and much more. This has lead to a rise of crossplatform mobile app development across a handful of mobile users.
  2. 2. SummaryMobiles and iPads have brought a revolution in the way people ever imagined their mobile usage would be. Developments in suchfields have contributed to the respect of iPhones and have hiked its sales all over the world.