How mobile apps connect us to the world around?


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This presentation explains how innovative mobile applications have people in staying connected with their colleagues, friends and family members, whatever be the place or situation. If you, for example, want to send a message to your colleague in the middle of a meeting, you can easily do so with messaging apps like BBM, WhatsApp and the like.

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How mobile apps connect us to the world around?

  1. 1. How Mobile Apps connect us to the world around?
  2. 2. Technology has changed our lives a great deal in the last decade or so. In recent years, interesting and ingenious mobile applications have had a significant impact on our lives and they have undoubtedly changed the way we stay connected with one another and the world around us. There are many times when one steps out of the home and suddenly realizes that he/she left the smartphone at home. In such a situation, the person feels, as if something crucial is missing. These situations are common and they clearly show how smartphones and tablets have taken over our lives. When it comes to mobile apps, there are a number of applications that are innovative and help people stay in touch with each other.
  3. 3. Here are the most important areas that Mobile Apps have affected: • How we stay in touch with our friends and foes- Phones have been a great medium of communication. However, there are times when people prefer messaging over calling. There are several applications that have certainly made it easier for people to stay connected. Whether it is BBM or WhatsApp, these apps have helped people in exchanging messages instantly and communicating with one another easily. Google Maps is another application, available both on desktop and mobiles, which helps us, find the right way through unknown streets at almost in every corner of the world. • How and what we share- There are several mobile applications that have made it easier to share photos, audios as well as videos at a single click. One can share documents and other files with colleagues, friends or relatives, regardless of place and time.
  4. 4. • Where we get news from- With media influencing our lives, media channels and newspapers have their own mobile apps that help us in knowing what is going around us and in another corner of the world as well. Besides online publications, social media has also become a trusted source of information. • With social media apps making space in the smartphone market, people can easily access their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts even while in office, meetings or parties.
  5. 5. From shopping to communicating to gaming, engaging and innovative mobile applications have made it easier and faster for people. So whether you want to know which brand is offering products on sale, or want to exchange your wedding pics with your friends, or want to pass your time by listening to music, mobile apps are just a click away.
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