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Scandit Mobile Product Interaction


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Samule Müller, Scandit

Published in: Technology, Business
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Scandit Mobile Product Interaction

  1. 1. An ETH Zurich Spin-off companySamuel MuellerCEO and Swiss Social Media Forum, Winterthur, Sept 06, 2011
  2. 2. MOBILE COMMERCE ON THE RISE2  Consumers are turning to their smartphones to retrieve product information, get a good deal when shopping or pay for items. 48% of consumers conceded they use their mobile devices to look up product information or to find promotions (Source: Oracle, 2011).
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  5. 5. MOBILE COMMERCE ON THE RISE5 Thousands of product-centric apps are being built: Independent Mobile Price Brick & Grocery Online Brand Product Coupon Payment Mortar Comparison Stores Retailers Owners Portals Sites Provider Retailers Engines All these apps face the same challenges: 1.How to identify consumer products? 2.Understand user behavior to maximize retention and revenue? 3.How to earn money, i.e. how to monetize the application?
  6. 6. SOLUTION: SCANDIT PLATFORM6 Scandit provides developers best-in-class tools to build, analyze and monetize product-centric apps. IDENTIFY ANALYZE MONETIZE Products User Behavior Apps
  7. 7. IDENTIFY: SCANDIT BARCODE SCANNER7 Mobile Barcode Scanner:  Makes it easy for developer to enable their users to identify products: 1. Point camera at product barcode 2. Scandit barcode scanner will decode barcode and identify product  Available on all major OS:  Support for all relevant 1D/2D barcode types
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  9. 9. ANALYZE: SCANALYTICS9 Scanalytics:  Helps developers understand user behavior in their apps:  Which product categories are being scanned?  Which products are being researched?  Enable consumer-specific recommendations and rewards  Huge opportunities:  Optimize mobile user retention  Product trend reports
  10. 10. MONETIZE: ScanAds10 ScanAds:  For brands and retailers:  Interest-specific advertising  Opportunities for local stores to attract close-by shoppers  Cross- and up-selling  For developers:  With our ScanAd framework, we provide access to product- centric coupons and ads  Provide monetization to developers through revenue share
  11. 11. SO WHAT?11  Convergence of social, local and mobile  Disruption of established industries  Democratization of commerce  Mobile business models:  Freemium, ad-based or pay per use  Challenges:  Information overflow and user engagement  Mobile/digital divide
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