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Sunrise Valley Brochure 2006

  1. 1. Investing in Vilnius Knowledge Economy
  2. 2. SunrISE VALLEy – cEntrE oF KnoWLEdGE EconoMy IntroductIon such as Alna (IT), Bitė (telecommunications), Science and technology parks are Ekspla (lasers). regarded as useful mechanisms to In February 2004 Vilnius City Municipality promote technology transfer between became a stakeholder in public company higher education and industry (and Sunrise Valley. EKSPLA Ltd transfered its vice versa), foster increased levels of authorities as Sunrise Valley stakeholder innovation and better harness research to Association of Laser and Photonics and development results. They are also Science and Business Institutions in July seen as pivotal in encouraging the 2005. Association unites nine Lithuanian creation and accelerating the growth RD institutions and business companies. of high technology start-ups and in facilitating the development of sectoral clusters. Through their strong focus on MAIn objEctIVES oF networking, they create new jobs and SunrISE VALLEy business start-ups and have proved a useful tool for engendering a more Helping transforming Vilnius into a entrepreneurial and innovation-oriented ‘Knowledge City’ culture particularly when located in Capitalizing on the research strengths of proximity to higher education and VU and VGTU and further development; research institutions. Improving industry - higher education l i n k a g e s a n d co - o p e r at i o n , t h e re b y Short hIStory e n co u r a g i n g g reate r i nv e s t m e nt i n research and development and innova- Sunrise Valley is an initiative bringing tion, which is essential for Lithuanian together higher education, science and companies competing in an increasingly research, government authorities and competitive and globalized marketplace.; industry to develop a business support Encouraging technology transfer and infrastructure (to include science and the commercialization of publicly funded technology park and incubation facilities research; to nurture the growth of high-tech start- Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship ups) at the Saulėtekio (Sunrise) campus in both within universities and research Vilnius. institutes, as well as amongst the Sunrise Valley (Saulėtekio slėnis – lith.) was population in Vilnius; Creating new employment and wealth formally incorporated as a public non- creation opportunities for university profit entity in May 2003. Founders of graduates, scientists and researchers; Sunrise Valley included Vilnius University, Attracting new foreign direct investment Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and (FDI) in high value added activity areas. leading companies in key target sectors –
  3. 3. Key facts about Vilnius Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, the reaching 70.4 thousand in 2005/2006. country’s administrative, cultural and Vilnius has concentrated a strong business economic centre. The city is home to and academic potential working in such major companies and key financial high technology areas as biotechnology, institutions. Vilnius is also known as the laser technology, information technology centre of study and research. The city has and telecommunications, electronics and 10 universities, with a body of students precision mechanics. 300 km to the Baltic Sea 170 km to Minsk Geographic 280 km to Riga location 350 km to Kaliningrad 460 km to Warsaw Vilnius - 401 km2 Area Lithuania - 65300 km2 Vilnius - 553.3 thousand Population Lithuania - 3469.1 thousand 300 km area around Vilnius - (as of 2006) 18.8 million KnoWLEdGE EconoMy cLuStErS In VILnIuS Santariškės/Visoriai cluster (biotech, IT, medicine) North Town technology park (IT, environmental technologies) Sunrise Valley hi-tech cluster (lasers, optics, IT, telecommunications, electronics, engineering) Vilnius science and technology park park (new materials, nanotech) Paneriai biotech cluster
  4. 4. AcAdEMIc And rd InStItutIonS In SunrISE VALLEy ArEA Sunrise Valley is being developed as part of the broader strategic plans of the two universities. There are plans to transfer a number of universities faculties from central Vilnius to the Saulėtekio site in order to rationalize geographically dispersed buildings located across central Vilnius and also to support and stimulate Sunrise Valley’s development by moving relevant scientific centers and faculties to the site. VILnIuS unIVErSIty SunrISE VALLEy LocAtIon The Faculties of Economics, Physics, Communication and Law Sunrise Valley development is centered on Centre of Excellence in Cell Biology and the 156 ha Sauletekio (Sunrise) Campus in Lasers (CEBIOLA) Vilnius (5 km from the city centre, 12 km The International Centre of Knowledge from the airport). The territory of 2.4 ha Economy and Knowledge Management of designated for Sunrise Valley constitutes Vilnius University university campus reserve (in total - 62 The Institute of Material Science and hectares) in the immediate neighborhood Applied Research to the laboratories, research centers, The International Business School institutes and auditoriums of Vilnius Vilnius University Computing and Career University and Vilnius Gediminas Technical Centers University. Faculties of Informatics and This prestigious district of Vilnius is Mathematics, Chemistry, Natural sciences already fully integrated into the city life (to be transferred) and represents dynamic, multifunctional environment. The area is supported VILnIuS GEdIMInAS by adequate communications and tEchnIcAL unIVErSIty transportation, surrounded by student campus and private housing. The Faculties of Fundamental Sciences, Environmental, Civil Engineering and Business Management Institutes of Humanities, Transport and Teritorial planning Institute of Internet and Intelligent Technologies International Studies Centre The Laboratories of Bioinformatics, Parallel Computing, Numerical Modeling, Information Systems Faculties of Electronics, Mechanics (to be transferred)
  5. 5. development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Environment in Sunrise Valley InFrAStructurE dEVELopMEnt – ScIEncEtEchnoLoGy pArK (Stp) And buSInESS IncubAtor Sunrise Valley is developing the high quality sites and premises that are suitable for high value Sunrise Valley Science and Technology creating, technology-driven busi- Park development project (the nesses. 2.4 hectares (two land first phase) received over LTL 10.5 plots of 0.6 and 1.8 ha) have been million in EU structural assistance allocated in Saulėtekio (Sunrise) under measure 3.2 Improvement of campus for the development Business Environment of the Single of new business support Programming Document of Lithuania infrastructure as well as office 2004–2006. The project is worth over space for domestic companies LTL 28 million. It is co-financed by and foreign investors (building the Vilnius City Municipality (LTL 6 potential - up to 50.000 sq m). million) and bank credit (up to LTL One-stop shop services will be 12 million). During the first phase, provided to companies in the STP a 6,300 sq. m. Sunrise Valley STP as well as to regional businesses building will be built for high-tech and and research institutes under business support companies selected business, innovation support and according to pre-defined criteria. Up funding programs covering a wide to 900 sq. m will be used for a business range of services designed to incubator, where business start-ups meet the needs of businesses or will be able to rent space at discount university units at different stages of their lifecycle – from product prices. Project was started in August idea to business development in 2006 and is planned to be completed international markets. in September 2008.
  6. 6. InnoVAtIon Support – tEchnoLoGy trAnSFEr cEntrE In August 2006, Sunrise Valley’s Technology Transfer Centre project received almost Technology Transfer Centre (TTC) has LTL 1.3 million in EU structural assistance overall responsibility for organizing the under measure 3.2 Improvement of Business provision of innovation support services Environment of the Single Programming to companies and RD institutions Document of Lithuania 2004–2006. The first located at the Sunrise Valley site. Some project of this type in Lithuania is aimed at services, particularly contract research developing a permanent innovation support services provided by the universities/ framework at the knowledge economy cluster research institutes and intellectual to drive forward business and research co- property management services provided operation networks and innovative activities by the technology transfer centre will as well as promote technology transfer from also be available to wider business VU, VGTU and related research institutes community. to Lithuanian businesses. Project ends in Main objectives of TTC includes: August 2008. Promotion of technology transfer from publicly funded research to industry and EntrEprEnEurShIp vice versa EducAtIon – SunrISE Exploitation, management and protection of intellectual property within EntrEprEnEurShIp Vilnius University and VGTU and within SchooL (SES) publicly funded research more broadly; Commercialisation of new technologies/ The Sunrise Valley entrepreneurship innovations development programme is offered to Encouragement of spin-off creation individuals from the universities and start- from within both the universities and ups who have a basic business idea but companies who lack the necessary skills to launch To deliver these services, the TTC is and operate a company. After an appraisal planning to establish service level of the individual’s business potential and agreements with providers such as the training needs, two options are offered: Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LIC) as well as to establish working relationships with Fast-track course for prospective STP law firms, patenting offices, etc. and incubator tenants who already have
  7. 7. In April 2006 Sunrise Entrepreneurship School project received LTL 1.1 million of EU support under measure 2.5 Improvement of Human Resources Quality in Scientific Research and Innovations of the Single Programming Document of Lithuania 2004–2006. The school project is aimed at developing a permanent practical training and consultancy framework at the Sunrise Valley knowledge economy some business experience; cluster to promote entrepreneurship among Full training programme for those students, researchers and scientists. During who have a good business idea but who the project, a four-month entrepreneurship do not have any previous experience in capacity building course will be compiled business (mainly for universities master for graduate and post-graduate students, degree level students and graduates, scientists and researchers as well as a two- researchers, professors). month entrepreneurship capacity building Eentrepreneurship development pro- course for start-up representatives. The end gramme is designed and delivered pilot of project - May 2008. in close collaboration between the Sunrise Valley management company, AccESS to FInAncE - business associations, local universities, buSInESS AnGELS and experienced partners from United Kingdom (Kingston University, London). nEtWorK (bAn) The SES is planning to develop a wider support structure that enables In order to fill the information gap entrepreneurs to join forces with those between those who are looking for risk in publicly funded research in order to capital and those who are willing to invest start and develop hi-tech ventures. It into innovative projects Sunrise Valley will work closely together with business jointly with partners – INVEGA, business angels, business mentors and business schools, private consultancy companies - support providers to provide potential initiated creation of the first Business entrepreneurs with access to appropriate Angels network in Baltics. BAN will provide financial and advisory support. The range of services - screening of investment SES will also seek to stimulate interest proposals, organization of presentations in entrepreneurship for example by and meetings between entrepreneurs and holding competitions to identify the business angels, organization of seminars most promising business plans from and trainings for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs, internships for business angels. students etc.
  8. 8. Sciencetechnology park (Stp) and business Incubator Sunrise Valley is an initiative to facilitate the knowledge-driven, predominantly high- development of a science and technology tech businesses, the overriding emphasis park capitalising on existing research is on the development of high quality excellence within Vilnius University and services and on other soft factors such as Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. networking and internationalisation. The initiative involves close partnership The site reserved for the development between business, academia and research. of Sunrise Valley currently covers an area At the science park, the plan is to develop a of approximately 2.4 hectares in Sunrise knowledge-intensive cluster centred around avenue in Vilnius. It is planned that Sunrise (but not limited physically to) the Saulėtekio Valley Science Technology Park will be (Sunrise) campus in Vilnius where both developed in phases over a 10-15 year universities already have an impressive time span by attracting public and private number of university faculties and affiliated investments. Over the medium term, to research institutes, some recognised as attract businesses to Sunrise Valley, wider European centres of excellence (such as supporting infrastructure (sporting, leisure VU Laser Research Centre). While Sunrise and recreational facilities, student hostels, Valley involves the development of new banks, shopping centres) is planned to be business infrastructure at the Saulėtekio site to create an attractive environment for developed by private investors. 10
  9. 9. SunrISE VALLEy tArGEt GroupS Start-up companies and micro-firms under as advanced security systems, labs, etc. 3 years of operation – these will be located Business development/marketing units, in the Technology Business Incubator product houses, RD divisions of existing (typical space need 10-120 sq m); companies will be typical tenants in the Existing companies (SMEs) –small firms early stage of STP expansion. with less than 50 people located in the Foreign direct investors – inward investors STP (average space need of 100-250 sq m) will also be targeted. Speculative space and medium-sized companies (space jointly with private investors and operators need of 250–5,000 sq m. Some companies would be developed to help attract inward may require additional facilities such investment. 11
  10. 10. Business support services – marketing FAcILItIES support, business planning, consultancy support on business development, Offices will be equipped with broadband strategic planning, human resource internet access and each office will development, mentoring, exporting and have telephone, fax and high speed internationalisation. internet connections. Facilities of STP Access to finance - access to investor and business incubator will also include networks such as the recently formed a reception desk and shared secretariat ‘Sunrise Valley Business Angels Network’, services. The reception and secretariat introductions to financial providers will provide fax, mail and photocopying specialising in innovation finance e.g. services to tenant companies. Tenants venture capitalists, banks, INVEGA etc. will have access to shared meeting Advice on ‘investor readiness’ rooms, small, well-equipped kitchens Innovation support services - techno- offering hot drinks-making facilities and logy commercialisation, technology snacks as well as cafeteria. audit, legal advice on patenting, intellectual property rights protection SErVIcES and management and introduction to technology commercialisation agents/ Sunrise Valley will serve as a one stop brokers. shop facilitating access to high quality services for tenant companies and other SMEs in Vilnius region. Services provided to STP and incubator tenants are divided into three categories: business support services, innovation support services and access to finance. Within these three categories, a number of services will be offered: SunrISE VALLEy opErAtInG FrAMEWorK Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Promotion Selection Pre-incubation Incubation Graduation After care Owner occupied Science Park Other Units/Space Appraisal of Rented units locations business potential Admission Contract Managed units and support criteria needs Business incubator Units Selection of Grow on Exit space projects criteria Hot Starter Expansion Exit desks units units Sunrise Valley Advisory Management panels Business Science Company Incubation Support Programmes Centre Entrepreneurship dvment Conference centre, meeting rooms Universities RD institutes Innovation and RD support SV Management team Financial institutions Business support agencies Risk capital financing support Restaurant, Internet café, bar Public authorities Other providers Business support programme Science centre, exhibition space 1
  11. 11. 1
  12. 12. buSInESS (tEchnoLoGy) IncubAtor The incubator is important link between or to grow-on space located elsewhere in the universities and the wider Sunrise the Vilnius area. Valley science and technology park. It will Applications from prospective tenants serve as a mechanism for supporting and will be for screened by Advisory Panel nurturing high-technology spin-offs from comprised of representatives from the the universities and existing companies Sunrise Valley management team and until such time when spin-offs and representatives from universities, RD start-ups are ready to graduate from the institutions, financial institutions and incubator to the wider Sunrise science park business support agencies. AdMISSIon crItErIA: buSInESS IncubAtor Quality of Business Idea Is the business idea commercially and technically viable? Has a business plan been prepared and is it of adequate quality? Does the company demonstrate strong growth potential? Does the applicant have a good understanding of the market competition? Financial Resources Have cash-flow projections been prepared and have these been reviewed externally? Is the time projected to reach positive cash-flow appropriate? Is the business likely to have sufficient capital to operate for a minimum of six months? Are the company’s budget forecasts adequate in comparison to the research and development / proof of concept work outlined? Does the business stand a realistic chance of raising any additional funds needed to carry out the project? Has it thought through potential financing sources? Quality of Management Does the start-up’s management team have the necessary capacity to succeed? Does the applicant have a relevant educational background and / or previous business experience? In the case of spin-offs started by lecturers/ researchers, has the applicant participated in an entrepreneurship training programme or is able to demonstrate they understand business basics? Has the applicant secured mentoring support/other sources of external expertise (e.g. additional management and outside directors) to help guide the business’s development? Target Sector Incubator applicant operates in: High-tech industry (outside key target sectors); Applicant is focused on a low-medium value added sector but is involved in research and development/ innovation. Technology/ Innovation Potential Start-up involves an innovative technology-based concept; There is already a patented technology or the potential to secure a patent; If the business opportunity is based on proprietary technology, is the proprietary position adequately protected. 1
  13. 13. Technology IncubaTor – summary of facIlITIes and servIces by IncubaTIon sTage Services offered to tenants: units and three support programmes – Pre-incubation risk capital financing, innovation support Hot-desk facilities; (Technology Transfer Centre), business Advisory support prior to formally advice and training (advice on marketing, launching a business (market research, human resources management, legal setting up a company, near-market RD/ issues, entrepreneurship training etc.). product development, developing a In addition, there would be ad hoc business plan etc.). mentoring and advisory support form the Entrepreneurship Development Pro- Sunrise Valley management team as well gramme (short courses targeted at pre- as other support such as networking. Graduation incubatees in “business basics”, training, business plan competitions etc.). The maximum tenancy period could Access to finance (pre-seed / seed be extended to 5 years in exceptional capital financing). circumstances. Incubation Graduates will move on to grow-on In the first three years of occupancy, space located both at Sunrise Valley (STP) tenants will pay a discount compared to or alternatively, if space capacity issues the full market rate for office space. emerge at other STPs and business offices Tenants will have access to managed in the Vilnius area or elsewhere. 1
  14. 14. ScIEncE And tEchnoLoGy pArK STP will provide favourable conditions for the accelerated growth of existing small and medium sized high technology firms as well as those that operate in traditional sectors but which are innovation-oriented. STP will also seek to attract private business support service providers to locate in the site including those providing legal, marketing, financial, audit and consulting services. Special services for tenants will also be provided by public business support agencies such as INVEGA (micro credits and guaranties), Lithuanian Innovation Centre (international technology transfer, support for participants in European RTD projects) and other. Applications from prospective tenants will be evaluated by Advisory Panel based on admission criteria. 1
  15. 15. AdMISSIon crItErIA: Stp Target Sector Applicant to STP is an existing firm operating in: High-tech industry (IT, laser technology, biotechnology, electronics, etc.); Knowledge intensive industry (developing and implementing innovations); Applicant is focused on a low-medium value added sector but involved in high-value added activities such as research and development/ innovation. Financial Resources Is the business likely to have sufficient working capital to operate for a minimum of six months? General Selection Criteria Note that the following criteria are not formal admission criteria but selection criteria to help the Sunrise Valley selection panel to prioritise applications Does the business’s previous track record suggest it is likely to prosper in a science-park type environment? Is the business interested in university-industry collaboration? Is the company likely to create new welfare/value? Is the company likely to create new employment? Does the business demonstrate innovation in its business activities? Is the business socially responsible? Access to skills – access to students MAIn AdVAntAGES For and a strong skills base. Internship coMpAnIES employment opportunities to help solve recruitment shortages Networking – opportunity to be co- High quality service provision – business located with other companies in the and innovation support services provided same sector (critical mass, new business by professional support providers opportunities etc.) Internationalization – opportunity to Research excellence – close proximity tap into European/ international networks of research excellence, opportunities that help firms identify new markets, for joint projects between industry and universities, access to EU funding business partners and routes to market. 1
  16. 16. tEchnoLoGy trAnSFEr cEntrE – minimizing the gap between business and science Gediminas Technical University – as pArtnErS well as Vilnius research institutes. The main aim of the seminars is to stimulate The project is implemented in association development of innovative activities, with partners – the Lithuanian Industry implementation of innovation projects Confederation, the Public Institution and application of scientific knowledge Lithuanian Innovation Centre, the Public in Lithuanian high technology business Institution North Town Technology Park, companies, to narrow the gap between the Public Institution Visoriai Information Lithuanian business and science sectors Technology Park. and to encourage constructive dialogue and cooperation between these sectors. AdVAntAGES oF Participants will be selected according projEct: to their field of activity and demand for interdisciplinary cooperation. Seminars ‘Innovations in business’. Seminars will be devoted to the topics These seminars are unique, as participants of innovation management, technology are going to be both from Lithuanian transfer and commercialisation, venture high technology companies and two financing, intellectual property rights, universities – Vilnius University and Vilnius etc. Moreover, case studies of Lithuanian 1
  17. 17. innovative business undertakings and technologies offers and placing their their experience in implementing certain requests. This data basis is going to be innovations will be analysed. integrated in international innovation Meetings involving Lithuanian (technologies) transfer network (IRC). high technology companies and Information publications about representatives form science and technologies and possibilities of research institutions. The aim of these Vilnius University, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and Vilnius person-to-person meetings is to inform research institutes. Two information Lithuanian high technology companies about possibilities of Vilnius University, publications about technologies with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University commercialization potential and scientific and Vilnius research institutes to conduct research competence of Vilnius University, contract research, about technologies Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and with commercialisation potential and Vilnius research institutes will be issued. other possibilities for mutual cooperation. These publications will be also focused on These meetings are going to be a platform information about possibilities of science for future establishment of innovation and institutions to take part in innovation technology transfer system, involving projects and about technology transfer Vilnius University, Vilnius Gediminas processes and mechanisms. Innovation management consultancy Technical University and Vilnius research services for business companies. institutes. Innovation and creativity trainings Lithuanian high technology companies for Lithuanian high technology will be provided with two types of companies. Innovation and creativity consultancy services: Legal consultancy. These consultancy trainings will help business companies in evaluation of inner demand for innovation services will be focused on intellectual and new technologies. Also current need property rights, technology transfer for innovation support services among agreements, innovation protection business companies will be evaluated and and other legal questions as well as involved companies will be provided with on intermediation between business information about possible technology companies and science institutions. Innovation management and transfer mechanisms. Innovation and technology audit in innovation audit consultancy. These universities and research institutes. consultancy services will embrace Innovation and technology audit is aimed innovation and technology audit in to evaluate intellectual property of certain business companies, identification departments of Vilnius University, Vilnius of business companies’ demand for Gediminas Technical University and Vilnius innovations and new technologies, research institutes and assess technologies information EU financed programs with commercialisation potential. Results and search of possibilities of science of this audit will be a background for institutions to conduct contract research technologies data basis, which will be or of already existing technologies with used by business companies for searching commercialisation potential. 1
  18. 18. strategies to commercialize promising SErVIcES proVIdEd by technologies by evaluating market ttc: opportunities, monitoring key trends etc; Facilitating access to networks Technology ‘scouting’ or ‘mining’ of strategic partners – partners can services - to assess commercialization help in the commercialization of new potential i.e. undertaking joint research technologies/ innovations, licensing with universities and companies to aspects, international IP management identify technologies/ innovations for and protection and marketing aspects. commercialization. This could be managed Working through partners may be a more through a centralized database; cost-effective mechanism for companies Intelligence monitoring of than managing IP directly; technological and innovation deve- Generating interest at European lopments - to assess the commercial and international level in client potential of new innovations, high technologies – this could be managed quality research is needed to assess the through a contacts database of potential technical competitive landscape i.e. other research partners, licensees etc; institutional RD efforts, similar product Assessing most appropriate route offerings, existing IP in those areas etc; to market – assessing merits of different Patenting services to clients – routes to market and identifying most assisting clients in registering patents appropriate commercialization route. with Lithuanian State Patents Bureau and Options include creating a spin-off European / international patents orga- nizations such as European Patents Office; company and licensing a technology Technology marketing and / product/ service to an existing commercialization strategies – the company that can help develop and Centre will assist clients in developing commercialize it. 0
  19. 19. 1
  20. 20. Sunrise Entrepreneurship School proFILE pArtnErS: The project is aimed at creating an Project is implemented with partners - educational centre of practical training Vilnius University, Vilnius Gediminas and advices in order to promote the idea Technical University, Vilnius University of entrepreneurship among university International Business School, Association lecturers, researchers and scientists, “Knowledge Economy Forum” and graduates and master degree students, Association “Infobalt”. to help them developing entrepreneurial mindsets and skills necessary for entrepreneurial start-up, to encourage them on starting new ventures, to support them in the early start up phases in order to increase the chances of success.
  21. 21. tArGEt GroupS: EntrEprEnEurShIp SKILLS dEVELopMEnt Project is prepared in such a way that concEpt And trAInInG lecturers, scientists, researchers and proGrAMME students from Vilnius University and Gediminas Technical University as well Advantages of the programme as entrepreneurs from Sunrise Valley will Prepared using the best practice of be educated. In the second phase of the EU schools and under the supervision of project there is an intention to expand foreign experts. network of target groups by providing Lectures on programme modules are services to all universities in Lithuania as delivered by specially-trained and selected well as to other interested parties. lecturers who have experience of working The project also encompasses new and at EU higher education establishments. recently started companies of Sunrise Valley Subject modules have been developed that are working in high-tech industries in view of the context of Lithuanian (creating and implementing innovations): entrepreneurship problems. start-ups, incubated companies that have Unlike other project of such nature been operating for less than 3 years, that use foreign companies’ experience spin-offs and spin-outs. The project aims in training, the Sunrise school refers to at improving entrepreneurship skills of materials on the practice of Lithuanian employees of the above companies. It is companies developed especially for this a pilot project whereby Sunrise Valley is project. going to create entrepreneurship skills A new form of training that is not used development concept and training in Lithuania yet – practical workshops at program, to prepare case-studies and companies – has been introduced. entrepreneurship courses targeted towards young innovative firms, spin-offs and spin-outs. The project is also directed towards business meetings and practical seminars in high – tech companies to discuss business opportunities and to encourage cooperation between business and academics.
  22. 22. Benefit to trainees Structure and curriculum of training programme Acquisition of required theoretical knowledge and skills for practical The Sunrise Entrepreneurship School application. programme has been developed by The possibility to use a reading-room experts from the British University of with specially-arranged entrepreneurship Kingston, who are directly involved in it. and innovation management literature and The programme is comprised of lectures computer access to international databases designed specifically for training that are of scientific periodicals. divided into three blocks: Acquisition of additional entrepreneurial management – development of a new skills currently required in the labour market business, marketing of new products, without interrupting their main activities. technology transfer; Provision of the possibility to establish finance – attraction of investments, their own business companies in the venture capital; new Sunrise Valley knowledge economy law – product commercialisation, cluster. patents, copyrights. Attendance of the school will involve The Entrepreneurship School aims not the trainees in science and business only at providing theoretical knowledge cooperation networks that will boost their but also at developing the students’ skills career prospects. in putting the acquired knowledge into practice. Therefore, much attention is given to seminars presenting Lithuanian company case studies, performance of practical business tasks together with company representatives and lecturers. The Sunrise Entrepreneurship School organises two kinds of training in the development of entrepreneurship skills – Programme I and Programme II:
  23. 23. Programme I Programme II Duration 4 months 2 months Scientists, researchers, students of Target groups Company employees doctoral, master’s study programmes March-June 2007 March-April 2007 Duration of training September-December 2007 September-October 2007 Frequency of sessions Once a week, a total of 16 sessions Once a week, a total of 8 sessions 6 management lectures 2 finance lectures 6 management lectures 2 law lectures 2 finance lectures Programme structure 4 business situation analysis seminars 2 law lectures a practical seminar at a company presentation of business plans find practical solutions. Invited speakers SErVIcES proVIdEd from companies will present cases and by SES: will participate in discussions. Four months entrepreneurship “Entrepreneurship library”. Sunrise training for researches, doctoral and master entrepreneurship school offers library students, as well as two months courses for services. Our library has extensive prospective incubator tenants. The program collection of textbooks and scientific aims at providing theoretical and practical literature, as well as provides free access to knowledge, and covers such themes as: electronic databases. entrepreneurship, new product marketing, Presentation of business plan. The financing the entrepreneurial business, final part of the programme. Participants managing start-ups, spin-offs, spin-outs, and (one by one or in groups of a maximum RD developing. of 3 people) present their business “Business clinic”. Programme lectures plan, which is evaluated by a panel focus on such topics as new product comprised of representatives of business, creation and marketing, venture capital, academic institutions, the Sunrise Valley technology transfer. Conducted by and the Municipality. Persons who have practitioners, case-study seminars successfully completed the programme will familiarize participants with the and whose business plans have been contemporary issues of Lithuanian given the highest evaluations are given management. In business clinic session an opportunity to establish their own the participants will discuss on the companies in the Sunrise Valley business situation of the company and will try to incubator. find solutions. Simulation games. This is a “Case study”. Up to date, most of constituent part of the entrepreneurship training programs in Lithuania are based skills development programme designed on business practice of foreign companies. for the development of instrumental, In order to change this approach, our interpersonal and system competencies programme uses special created cases, and practical applications of knowledge. which analyze business practice of local The interactive game of modelling business companies. Case study seminars, as well situations promotes communication as “business clinic” provide an opportunity and teamwork, in addition to improving to apply theoretical knowledge and to decision-making skills.
  24. 24. pArtnErS Vilnius Municipality Vilnius is the center of advanced technologies and of the information economy that stimulates innovations both in the country and in the whole region. The development of a modern economy is closely linked to the large potential that currently exists in the areas of science and education. More information: Vilnius University (VU) - Since its establishment in the 16th century, Vilnius University, as integral part of European science and culture has embodied the concept of a classical university and the unity of studies and research. Vilnius University is an active participant in international scientific and academic activities and boasts many prominent scientists, professors and graduates who successfully integrate in the modern European community. More information: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) was established in 1956 and is the only technical university in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The University consists of 8 faculties; the Aviation institute; 10 research institutes; 19 laboratories. Currently there are over 16000 students studying at VGTU. The institution offers 80 study programmes, 11 of which are taught in English and are open to international students as well as to local students. There are 939 academic staff members, two thirds of whom have a PhD or a higher academic degree. More information: Vilnius University International Business School (IBS) - International Business School at Vilnius University was established in 1989 as a separate unit of Vilnius University. IBS offers Bachelor’s Degree programme in International Business (BBA) and Master’s Degree programmes in International Business and Law, and International Trade (MBA). Additionally, IBS offers a Preparatory Semester for majoring in MBA studies. IBS gives priority to high academic excellence based on international and national expertise, active development of international and business relations, promotion of students’ entrepreneurial and management skills which would guarantee their competitiveness in the market-driven and knowledge-based business environment. More information: The association Knowledge Economy Forum (KEF) unites politicians, researchers, NGOs and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to promote knowledge economy in Lithuania relying on the development and introduction of science-based technologies and innovations. Therefore, members of Knowledge Economy Forum play a proactive role in cluster-based economic policy-making and legislative initiatives, organize various conferences, workshops and roundtable discussions. More information: Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LCI) is a public entity which represents the interests of Lithuanian industry, business and employers. LPK was established in 1993 after the reorganization of the Union of Lithuanian Industrialists. The Confederation unites 36 branch and 7 regional business and industry associations which all in all make up over 2700 enterprises from different sectors. Besides the main industrial enterprises, many bank branches, commerce enterprises, foreign company representatives, science research institutes, universities and other educational institutions are members of the Confederation. The Confederation aims to create favorable conditions for economic, technical and social development of Lithuanian enterprises. More information:
  25. 25. The public institution Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LIC) is a non-profit organisation, providing innovation support services to enterprises, research institutions, industry associations and business support organisations. LIC is engaged in international technology transfer, consultancy services regarding implementation of innovation, RD projects, promotion of national entities to participate entities in European RD programmes, development of the regional innovation strategy (RIS LITHUANIA - INNPULSE), organisation of the national annual contest “Innovation Award“, administration of the national technology platform centre. More information: Northtown Technology Park (NTP) is a public institution created to manage the innovative environment and is to promote the culture of innovation and facilitate the creation and growth of technology-based businesses by providing business advice, high quality office space and seed capital to start-up entrepreneurs. Founded in August 2002 by the Vilnius City Municipality and the Ministry of Economy of Lithuania, and supported by local universities Northtown strives to become the city’s major high tech business centre. To concentrate more enterprises specializing in technologies and to guarantee high-tech quality at Northtown Technology Park, it is scheduled to build a new office building. More information: Public institution “Visoriai Information Technology Park” (VITP) was founded on November 14, 2002. VITP is non-profit organization and resulted from close co- operation of scientific and educational institutions, state and municipal authorities and IT sector businesses. This co-operation basis on the tradition formed in Visoriai district of Vilnius. Activities related to information technologies took place in Visoriai since 1986, when Institute of Mathematics and Informatics moved to this location. Since 1988 IT companies, established mainly by former institute staff,appeared. Businesses in collaboration with the Institute and Universities located in Vilnius carried out joint projects related to modern methods and software for scientific information review and storage, development and introduction integrated systems, etc. More than 100 new jobs had been created in Visoriai since 2003, providing Lithuanian market with new products and developing export capacities. More information: The Association „Infobalt“ is to stimulate and promote the institutional electronic initiatives, technological infrastructure, Internet connection and mobile communications, electronic sales, and all IT solutions, that would essentially improve the quality of life of each Lithuanian resident, the work efficiency of each Lithuanian enterprise up to the level of leading European companies in order to ensure intellectual competitiveness of Lithuania. More information:
  26. 26. research fields of Sunrise Valley’s universities and rd institutes Physics of Atoms, Molecules and VILnIuS unIVErSIty Condensed Matter; Parametric Light Phenomena in Crystals, Vilnius University has 12 Faculties, 3 Liquids and Gasses; Institutes, 8 Study and Research Centres, Ecosystems and Climate Changes, one of the oldest Libraries in Lithuania, the Preservation of Environment and Use of Astronomical Observatory, the Botanical Natural Resources; Garden, the Computer Centre, 5 Associated Number Theory and Probabilistic Research Institutes, 3 University Hospitals, Number Theory; and International Business School. In 2004, Probability Theory, Statistics and there were 23 057 students, 19 639 of them Combinatorics; in graduate studies, 3418 in undergraduate Differential Equations and Their studies. There were 582 doctoral students. Applications; Research and teaching is carried out by Computer Science. 1842 specialists, including 177 habilitated doctors, 18 scientists who passed Biomedical sciences habilitation procedure and 1012 doctors. Bioinformation and Behavioral Systems Fundamental and Applied Research on MAIn rESEArch FIELdS Genomics and Biotechnology; Evaluation of Biodiversity, Environmental Technological sciences Impact on Humans and Structure and Laser Technologies; Dynamics of Ecosystems Using Genomic Technologies of Materials, Surfaces and Methods; Nano-derivatives; Plant Genotaxonomy and Biotechnology Non-destructive Control and Metrology of Cultivation and Reproduction; of Materials; Human Genome Diversity, Its Origin Semiconductor Technologies of Light; and Phenotypic Realization; Information Society Technologies; Human and Public Health, Quality of Life and Environment: Scientific and Applied Physical Sciences Research; Structure, Functions and Mutations of Bioethics, Health Politics, Application of Biomolecules in Model and Live Systems; New Technologies; Electrochemical Processes at the Etiopathogenesis, Diagnostics, Treatment, Interphase; Rehabilitation and Prevention of Diseases: New Functional Materials and Chemical Fundamental and Clinical Research; Compounds: Synthesis, Selfassembling Biomedical Optics: Fundamental, and Research of Properties; Applied and Clinical Research; Creation of Analytical Methods and Ecosystems and Global Change; Instruments for Analysis of Environmental and Industrial Objects; Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Crystals, Universiteto 3, LT-01513 Vilnius Disordered and Nano-Structures; Structure and Evolution of the Galaxy, Rector: Prof. Habil. Dr. Benediktas Juodka Interstellar Matter and Galaxies; Phone: +370 5 268 7010 Optical, Microwave, Acoustical and Fax: +370 5 268 7009 Noise Spectroscopy; Email:
  27. 27. VILnIuS GEdIMInAS tEchnIcAL unIVErSIty Today Vilnius Gediminas Technical University with near 14 thousand students at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree studies is the third university in Lithuania. It comprises 8 faculties with 52 departments and over 700 of teaching staff, the Faculties of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electronics, Environmental Engineering, Fundamental Sciences, Management, Mechanics, and Transport Engineering, Institute of Aviation, Humanitarian Institute, 10 research subdivisions at University level and 20 research subdivisions at faculty level. MAIn rESEArch FIELdS: Research, development and application of building materials, structures and technologies; Development and application of information technologies, statistical analysis and methods of modeling physical processes; Development of Lithuanian science and technologies, solution of social, economic and technological problems of integration into the European Union, harmonization and restructuring of engineering systems; Experimental and theoretical research of environmental systems and development of environment protection technologies; Investigation of objects and design methods of architecture and urban planning, systems of building and territory planning in the context of social and economical transition; Investigation of a transport system strategy and development of different types of transport; biomechanical systems; Investigation, development and Estimation and optimization of energy application of technologies of geodesy supplying and energy using systems. and cartography and measuring methods of physical quantities; Saulėtekio 11, LT-10223 Vilnius Development, optimization and improvement of electric and electronic Rector: Prof. Habil. Dr. Romualdas Ginevičius devices; Phone: +370 5 274 4930 Research, design and improvement of Fax: +370 5 270 0112 technological processes, mechanical and Email:
  28. 28. business Support Institutions in Vilnius AGENCy FoR INTERNATIoNAL SCIENCE ANd ThE LIThUANIAN dEVELoPMENT AGENCy TEChNoLoGy dEVELoPMENT PRoGRAMS FoR SMALL ANd MEdIUM SIzEd ENTERPRISES IN LIThUANIA under the Ministry of Science and (SMEdA) was founded as a non-profit organization Education is responsible for administration and seeking to create favorable conditions for coordination of the EU Sixth Framework Programme, development of small and medium -sized business. EURATOM, Security Research Programme, EUREKA, Services: COST as well as other programs and activities in Lithuania related to international science, research Updating and disseminating information on and technology development. small and medium-sized business development in Lithuania; Address: A.Goštauto str. 12-219, LT-01108 Vilnius Production and distribution of publications for Phone: +370 5 2644 708, Lithuanian entrepreneurs; Fax: +370 5 231 22 92 Provision of information regarding business funding Website: opportunities; Organization and management of subsidized LIThUANIAN INNoVATIoN CENTRE (LIC) is a non- counseling and training services for entrepreneurs; profit organization, providing innovation support Provision of methodological support and services to enterprises, research institutions, industry information, co-ordination of the activities of state associations and business support organizations. supported Business Information Centres and Business Incubators. Services: IRC (Innovation Relay Centre) Network helps Address: Žalgirio str. 92, LT-09303 Vilnius enterprises, research institutes, universities, Phone: +370 5 205 12 37 technology centers and innovation agencies Fax: +370 5 205 12 46 to transfer technologies and find partners for Website: technological cooperation in Europe; Advisory consultancy services on the absorption of EU Structural Funds while developing and implementing Innovation, Research and Development projects; Development of regional innovation strategy (RIS LITHUANIA - INNPULSE); Organization of annual contest ‘Innovation Award’ in Lithuania; Evaluation of company innovativeness; Publishing of catalogue of Lithuanian innovative companies ‘Gateway to Innovation in Lithuania’. Address: T. Ševčenkos str. 13, LT-03223 Vilnius Phone: +370 5 235 61 16 Fax: +370 5 213 27 81 Website: 0
  29. 29. LIThUANIAN dEVELoPMENT AGENCy, a public GUARANTEE INSTITUTIoN INVEGA organization under the Ministry of Economy, provides (UAB “INVESTICIjŲ IR VERSLo GARANTIjoS”) fast and efficient support for starting a business in founded by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania by: Lithuania to provide Investment and Business Guarantees for SMEs. Providing relevant business information; Servicing investors through the investment Services: decision process; Provides guarantees for bank loans for SMEs and Identifying local suppliers; administers loan interest subsidies for SMEs; Organizing site and company visits. Provides guarantees for investment credits (into own long-term assets) and current assets (to procure Address: Šv. Jono str. 3, LT-01123 Vilnius raw material and other materials); Tel.: (+370 5) 262 7438 Provides guarantees for loans granted for the Fax: (+370 5) 212 0160 implementation of projects financed from the EU Website: Structural Funds. Address: Žalgirio str. 92, LT-09303 Vilnius LIThUANIAN BUSINESS SUPPoRT AGENCy Phone: +370 5 210 751 (LBSA) is a public institution established by the Fax: +370 5 210 7511 Ministry of Economy as an implementing agency to Website: manage and administer financial assistance provided by the European Union Structural Funds and national support programmes. Address: Gedimino Ave. 38/2, LT-01104 Vilnius Phone: +370 5 268 7401 Fax +370 5 268 7409 Website:
  30. 30. “Saulėtekio slėnis” (Sunrise Valley), Saulėtekio av. 9 (3rd building) LT-10222 Vilnius, tel./fax 370 5 236 60 21, e-mail: