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The structure is designed taking a holistic approach in consideration with local climate, local materials , local people along with energy saving elements.
It pertains to the eco friendly principle which was approach of the firm from its inception for all its projects. Design reflects the ethos of the surroundings-its culture and traditions. Rural, traditional and Heritage aspects are perfectly blended in the design resulting in an eco friendly structure.
Fusion of Post Modern and Ancient architecture is observed in façade and several interior elements. The shapes and forms reflect diverse aesthetics, with harmonious collision of styles adopted for its own sake.It is a natural The staircase block tilting in glass and ACP reflects the post modern character of the structure which is held by robust, tough stone work of creamish white Gokak stone and black undressed sun pointed basalt stone.
Structure is designed to meet occupants need for thermal and visual comfort at reduced levels of energy and resource consumption.

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  2. 2. LAURIE BAKER The use of local materials with consideration to local climate and participation of the people leads to A Holistic Design Approach .
  3. 3. An Architect’s office
  4. 4. Fusion of Post Modern and Ancient Architecture is reflected in façade design
  5. 5. Dressed basalt provided with niches for lamps
  6. 7. Wall of black basalt and yellow Rabkavi stones Yellow pine wood fixed To yellow Rabkavi stones
  7. 8. Fusion of Post Modern and Ancient Architecture is reflected in façade design
  8. 11. Ceilings provided with photos of actual project work
  9. 13. Architects working space
  10. 14. Ply planks fitted over MS square brass fitted by MS straps
  11. 15. Staircase leading to terrace from studio space A cosy ‘Diwan’ as resting space
  12. 16. Cosy workspaces
  13. 17. Table tops made up of Ceramic Jaisalmer stone Jute pin up boards mounted on the ply for drawing display.
  14. 18. Grey granite flooring Glass top resting on Wooden frame
  15. 19. mural made up of foam concrete block carving
  16. 20. Huge window and a mural
  17. 21. Open and airy Studio space
  18. 22. Wooden partitions also used for storage
  19. 23. Siporex units as library chairs Design in coloured mosaic
  20. 24. Open and airy studio
  21. 25. Ceiling pattern reflected on flooring exploring different materials
  22. 26. Hariyali planted in patches Eucalyptus trees preserved Harmonious placement of landscape elements
  23. 27. Natural tone of the environment maintained
  24. 28. ‘ Cassia Javanica’ with yellow flowers experienced from the continuous glazing
  25. 29. A 3 KW wind mill is provided on terrace which takes care of all domestic lighting and battery charging for inventor.
  26. 30. THANK YOU Ar,Suvarna Lele