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Glaucoma V: Creative brief


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A project proposal for Glaucoma V, an app designed to engage patients and caretakers during and after medical treatment.

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Glaucoma V: Creative brief

  1. 1. KongEyeImproving Hospital Aftercare &Understanding Eye ImpairmentsClientKongeye HospitalProject MembersSharon Kong, Creative DirectorKomput Ar, Technical Director
  2. 2. OverviewKongEye Hospital approached K Design for the developmentof a mobile or web-based application that would assist inholistic patient-care for patients with glaucoma.
  3. 3. ObjectivesThe project will be an exploration of the ways in which a hos-pital and mobile technology can provide patients with holistichealthcare [1]. The objectives of the project are as follows:increased access to medical caredisease-specific visual communicationincreased empathy for health management[1] Holistic Healthcare: A model throughwhich patients may receive more effectiveaftercare, more support from caretakers, moreinformation about his/her disease, easier acces-sibility to pharmaceuticals, personalized medicalinformation, preventative care, etc.
  4. 4. AudienceThe primary user for the app is the patient’s caretaker(s) and/or loved ones. Due to the deteriorating eye-condition of thepatient, the caretaker may be responsible for the patient. Theend-user, or beneficiary is the patient. [2]The primary audience is projected to be between 40 to 60years of age with access to an application such as KongEye.The audience may have some visual impairment and may beunfamiliar with digital interfaces.The secondary audience is the hospital, which can use theapplication as a tool to further aide the patient. The hospitalmay also use the application to keep track of the patient’smedical history and hospital bills.[2] In the case that the patient is his/her owncaretaker and physically able to fulfill that role,the primary audience is the patient.
  5. 5. Interaction Flow
  6. 6. Project Timeline2012December 14 Proposal Presentation (draft)2013February 1 Proposal Presentation (revised)Feb 1 – April 5 Prototype Development and User-testingApril 5 Presentation of Alpha PrototypeApril 5 – May 3 Prototype Development and User-testingMay 3 Presentation of Revised Functional PrototypeMay 3 – June 17 Development of PrototypeJune 17 Implementation into Kongeye HospitalAugust 16 Feedback Analysis Round 1December 12 Feedback Analysis Round 22014March 3 Feedback Analysis Round 3June 11 Analysis Presentation