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Doing Business in India


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While thinking of diversifying to new market, India is obvious choice as new market. Here are the reasons why you should be looking at India and how it can be market of immense potential for you. Contact us in case you need any more info on India or assistance in India.

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Doing Business in India

  1. 1. INDIAINDIA Riding The Tide of Growth
  2. 2. A Changing India . . .A Changing India . . . One of the Fasted Growing Economy of the World… Per Capita Income doubled in recent years and growing… Largest Middle Class of 267M and will grow to 547M in 10 years (NCAER) Total Mobile Subscriber of 924M and adding over appx 3M per month… (UK 83M) 70% of population below 35 yr Age..
  3. 3. Some Data.. Appx 1000 movies are made annually in India. Hindi 120, Tamil 150, Telugu 140. 82,237 Newspapers 828 Satellite News Channels 422 Satellite Entertainment Channels 780 Spoken languages (22 Official)
  4. 4. Acquiring Western Look. Changing Attitude like having good time. Increased Awareness and spending on grooming and lifestyle. High Disposable Income. Increased Affordability due to the Role of Banking Mindset change – saving - not a priority. A Changing India. . .A Changing India. . .
  5. 5. Timing is Perfect forTiming is Perfect for YouYou
  6. 6. Having said all that …Having said all that … ““Its India”Its India”
  7. 7. You don’t find a White Face. You struggle and are amazed with the lack of Infrastructure available. Logistic clearance takes almost 23 days. We are the Largest Democracy and we are Proud of being so. But it has its blessings and disguises. Kentucky got -- fried Chicken… Its India…Its India…
  8. 8. The Great Fall of Kellogg’s… Wal-Mart still trying to find a way in… Aloo Tikki Burger – The Indian McDonalds… Its India…Its India…
  9. 9. I can go on Speaking on India.. India is not only about its Spiritual Powers, Peoples Integrity but it also has its Unique RhythmUnique Rhythm….
  10. 10. In summaryIn summary India’s Consumer and Retail environment changes create an ideal environment for us to launch new businesses in India. Success however will be achieved through a long term effort rather than an overnight success.
  11. 11. Thank YouThank You