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TutorMandarin Custom E-learning Platform


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TutorMandarin offers 1-on-1 online Chinese tutoring through its PC, Android, and iOS software.

This platform allows students all over the world to learn Chinese in a high tech but human way, designed for optimum efficiency and results.

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TutorMandarin Custom E-learning Platform

  1. 1. Take Your School Online & Mobile Custom Ed-Tech Tutoring Platform Solutions TutorMandarin
  2. 2. **THIS COULD BE YOUR SCHOOL’S PLATFORM** Teach students online anytime, anywhere through PC, Tablet, Android, and iOS
  3. 3. WHY GO ONLINE? GET MORE STUDENTS Reach online students all over the globe now with the latest technology INCREASE REVENUE Get a large user base and monetize more from your existing students. Go beyond the physical classroom. WE’LL TAKE CARE OF THE TECH We’ll provide full technical platforms, support, initial setup cost, as well as maintenance for you. No tech savvy required!
  4. 4. PLATFORM HIGHLIGHTS iOS/Android/PC Cross device support for iOS, Android, and PC through backend system Virtual Classroom Draw, highlight and collaborate with students in real-time Flexible Scheduling Easily set up tutor schedules and have student choose convenient class times 1-on-1 Tutoring 1-on-1 private tutoring or group video classes with up to 24 students at a time Internal CRM Built-in CRM system for keeping track of student progress, payments, & more Easy Payment System Secure and convenient payment solutions for mobile and web that accept Paypal, credit cards, & more
  5. 5. COURSES Upload all your courses into one convenient place. Students can view full courses, individual lessons, and more. -Easy courses upload -PDF Lesson format -Course and classroom both accepts images/webpages/video/ audio/youtube -Course/lesson can be locked or unlocked (i.e. for paying and non- paying customers)
  6. 6. SCHEDULING Easily input tutor schedules so students can select class times through PC or Mobile. -Easy input your tutors schedule -Students select times based on tutors’ availability -All organized in one easy system
  7. 7. PAYMENT Our platform runs on a simple credit system (E.g. 1 credit for 1 class). Set the price for credit and how many credits per class/ course. Students pay through a secure integrated PayPal system. All managed transparently through an admin backend system.
  8. 8. REPORTS Track student progress on classes taken, total classes remaining, content learned, and much more. Optional student class notes and badges! All managed through backend system by the teachers and administrators
  9. 9. CUSTOMIZATION Customize both PC and Mobile APP design to match your school. This means changing background colors, watermarks, APP color schemes and more. Additionally, we can add in other school information webpages and more.
  10. 10. Optional Feature Description CRM Integration Integrate payment and or progress into your existing CRM system Auto-Scheduling When student’s buy package, have their schedule automatically filled in for the semeseter/term Class Notes Teachers can take notes after classes and have them send to students attached to their class Flashcards Flashcards for each lesson hyperlinked through the software Badges Award badges based on learning time, results, and other custom objectives Reports Get weekly/monthly reports on the status of your school and it’s students OPTIONAL FEATURES
  11. 11. Quickly have your school provide an online learning platforms on par with top global players. Get your school platform online for as low as $12K Feature Initial Fee Recurring Fee Custom PC Version $8000- $12,000 Custom Android APP $2000 Custom iOS APP $2000 Support/ Maintenance $800-$1200 /month Total $12K-16K $800-$1200 STANDARD PACKAGE
  12. 12. Let’s schedule a call at your earliest convenience to discuss your platform TIM LIU | SALES DIRECTOR EMAIL: TIM.LIU@N-MARKETING.NET TELEPHONE: +886 922 409 104