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Strength & conditioning


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Strength & conditioning

  1. 1. David Smith
  2. 2.  S- Specific A-Adaptation I- Imposed D- Demands This is a term used by coaches to say that for every drill that they use there is going to be a specific meaning for each one
  3. 3.  Flexibility Strength & Power Endurance Agility Cardiovascular
  4. 4. You can do all of these for all three seasons for footballo Jog for 10 minuteso Brisk walk for 15 minuteso Ride bike for 10 minuteso Quick feet for 2 minuteso Choose one of these four activities for your warm-up each day
  5. 5. o All of these stretches will work for each seasono Hip Flexor Arm Stretch Quad Stretcho Hamstring Butterfly Calf Stretch
  6. 6.  Bench Press-Mondays 65%/Max then increase by 10% each week Tricep Pulldown Squats- Tuesday Calf Raises Deltoid Exercise
  7. 7.  Use for all 3 seasons Dot Drill Shuttle Run Lateral Plyometric Jumps Lateral Plyometric Box Jumps Forward and Backward Sprints Tuck Jumps
  8. 8.  Use for all 3 seasons 10 40 yard wind sprints Flip a tire 4 20 yards 10 times 30 burpees as fast as you canPush a sled with 2 45 pound weights on it for30 yards 5 times “Cardinal Run”
  9. 9.  Use for all 3 seasons Slow jog for about 2 to 3 minutes Stretch out
  10. 10.  Football Players body fat % are usually in between like 10% and maybe even up to like 37% because of how big the offensive linemen can be It is shown that over 56% of football players are obese