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Ochre media profile

  1. 1. Ochre Media Where knowledge meets business (Company Profile)
  2. 2. About us: Ochre Media offers Digital Online Marketing solutions in the B2B arena, through our leading products in print, web, custom solutions. We offer services to vivid industrial sectors and customers are the top management executives and key decision makers of buyer and seller organizations worldwide across varied industrial sectors. Ochre Media currently operates industry reference portals, print products and e-Newsletters in several verticals with its firm presence. Ochre has the requisite infrastructure and talent in place to leverage its diverse capabilities and grow its reach and effectiveness across media segments. Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the iLabs Group of companies
  3. 3. Vision: To become much preferred marketing partner for our customers, by providing incredible marketing support on digital platform and offline association. Provide our clients with a win-win scenario, where we wish a milieu of achieving a good value proposition to our customers. Mission: Providing Result Oriented Mileage to our clients, through Advertising, Public Relations, and supporting in marketing activities. Committed to provide esteemed services in the foray of marketing, to all our customers.
  4. 4. Our Goal: We believe in building a community of thought leaders and experts. As part of knitting the business and knowledge together, we wish to reach the intelligentsia of the industry to keep the latest technology and information about it fairly accessible to all the corners of the Industry. We are committed to provide esteemed services in the foray of marketing, to all our customers
  5. 5. Who We are: Market leaders Leading B2B Online Media Agency A Credible source of information Industry Specific Portals Committed to work excellence Expanding presence with connectivity An informative and expansive industry network A Single point-of-contact across several verticals Passionately-driven to perform In-depth market analysis Our core competencies are innovative market strategies to build your brand across B2B networks
  6. 6. Our Services: Same products with BEST offers and with BETTER ROI. We promote in the best possible way giving an added advantage over competitors. Micro Website: We offer a value base service of having a micro-website linkage to our industry specific portal, where we provide you with an exclusive linkage to your company micro-page which will carry the complete profile of your company, your product offerings and the other basic information. This can work to you as a call-for -action page to understand your customer base, analytics of your company's online promotions, and the lead generation for your business development. Needless to say, the great advantage of this micro website is that you shall be hassle free to work on technological front whenever any changes to the information depicted on the site is to be modified. Our support team will work on all such changes, once you keep our relationship manager updated with your requirements.
  7. 7. Our Services: Exhibitions & Event Marketing: With trade shows and exhibitions events' being the walk of business, across the world, event marketing can turn to be a very resourceful medium to gain business. We keep a complete updated list of all the major business and network events around the world, along with all the relevant contact information. We participate in events and exhibitions and also promote these events and exhibitions through our website. This participation makes us more visible and repute which in turn benefits our clients in the vivid industrial sectors. Moreover, increasing our participation means increasing our database which will again be fruitful for our clients. Associations with so many organizations springing up covering specific areas of industrial sectors, it's hard to know which association is the correct one for the job. We maintain and update a huge list of all the major associations around the world, making it an easy task as opposed to a long chore to find the information you require.
  8. 8. Our Services: Industry Specific E-Newsletters Curious to learn about the latest in their industry, thousands of Internet users, have subscribed to our e-newsletters and look forward for our informative edition which we publish periodically. Upon our association, we shall give you a wide spread coverage in our e-newsletters which can give an incredible mileage to your business. SEO/SEM/ SMM & Research services - SMM - Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is one of the revolutionary marketing tools which is an outcome of internet revolution. It's one of the most cost effective marketing tools, and the other advantage of social media marketing is that it is relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns. Social networking websites allow individuals to communicate on a interactive platform and establish network connect. When companies join the social channels, consumers can interact with them. At Ochre Media, we leverage our expertise to support our customers in using the social media tools like face book, twitter, Hi-5, and professional network platform of Linked In, to promote their product and service offerings to their customers. We support our customers in gaining more networks in the social media sites, which intern Can become a business promotion medium.
  9. 9. Our Services: Exclusive Customised Options & Extensive/Exclusive Promotion Taking in to consideration, the choice of our customers, and the scope for mileage, we create a customized solution of promotion package, which shall be combination or an exclusive of offline and online platforms. Offline promotions like, brand promotion in events and exhibitions, social campaigns, event campaigns etc, and online promotions through, email marketing, banner advertising, articles, promotions, e-newsletters etc are few strategic approaches which we effectively use to increase the business leads for our customers. Projects News Sponsorships Product Gallery Industry reports E-Magazine Print Magazine
  10. 10. Our Services: Industry Specific e-mail Marketing One can deliver your standalone e-mail marketing message in HTML or plain text format. You can target your mailing to a specific industry sector, with opted-in recipients. Receiving pertinent, industry-related offers via e-mail is a valuable resource. Email marketing is an effective resource for marketing our brand, however it has to be done with a very strategic approach ensuring that the nitty-gritty of it is in such a way that it takes the interest of the reader, Our email campaign system also facilitate our customers in understanding how many from the target campaign, opened an email, how many people clicked a link in an email, which specific link within the email was clicked, or reported to spam, or fishing. The integrated system shall leverage our customers with wide scope of resourceful email campaign. Email marketing helps Communicate instantly, within seconds your message is delivered to the subscribers. It helps to create dynamic visual content, wherein Hyperlinks within the email are given that lead to specific web pages creating a uniquely dynamic user experience. Using email marketing you can send a series of messages to your email subscribers, on a repetitive basis educating them about your products and services, and any special offers which you offer from time-time.
  11. 11. e-Blasts/ e- Shots This service from us shall entail to well devise your marketing message to key decisionmakers in your target market segment; we will send your email to a targeted segment of our email subscriber list, giving you the opportunity to exclusively reach the people, who really matter to your business. Product showcase Video Marketing: If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be priceless. A research study indicates that, internet customers are more glued to video representation of the product offerings rather than going through huge content describing the product or service offerings from a brand. We offer complete video hosting and viewing services within our platforms, This will leverage a wide scope of marketing if you want to really get your product or service out there, this is the way to do it. Video uploads are included with all accounts as standard option with our packages.
  12. 12. Our Services: Banner Advertising: Banner Advertising is seen as one of the most economic means of internet advertising which brings in considerable mileage to the brand marketed. If properly leverage this mode of advertising can provide good brand awareness to the customers. We provide banner advertising services, where we strategically position your brand advertisings, in our industry portals to create more brand awareness. Complying with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard sizes, the banner gives you the right space to showcase your company's products and service offerings. A prominent and well thought out positioning across the website including search results, directory listings, profiles and articles are handled to create more value proposition to your investment. One of the major benefits of banner advertising is its targeted audiences. Reaching out to more potential customers, attracting new customers and spreading awareness about the brand among a wider target group are possible through banner advertising campaign.
  13. 13. Our Services: Content Marketing: In communication, what and how we express holds the key to the other understands of us. It's equally important to very effectively communicate about our products and services, as is about the quality of products and services we offer. There are hundreds and thousands of competitors in the market who might be having the similar products, what stands for turnaround is the way we inform our customers. We at Ochre-Media make sure that the content written for your brand and product promotion is unique and helps you in getting prospective clients. Ochre provides content marketing through Profile writing, articles, Interviews, expert talk advertorials, product showcase, press release and product announcement. All these tools of content marketing are efficiently utilized to offer best services to clients and to make their product unique.
  14. 14. Our Portals: Sectors - Markets we serve At Ochre Media, we thrive to bring you with all the latest happenings, technological advancements, and global developments pertaining to varied major industrial sectors. With such a wide spread research and content development, and the inputs from varied integrated sources are attained, we entice our customers, with the industry specific portals, which provide plethora of information pertaining to the specific industry. This attempt from us is intended to save your time in searching for information related to a specific industry. Our portals can become the one-point source of information for specific industry oriented information. Following are the few industrial segments, where we are providing our information portals and are soon launching few more portals related to the other industrial sectors. WEB Automotive -Technology.com Plastics -Technology.com Broadcast -Technology.com Pulp and Paper-Technology.com Defence -Industries.com Sports Venue- Technology.com Hospitals -Management.com Steel -Technology .com Packaging -Labelling .com Pharmaceutical -Tech.com Plant Automation -Technology.com PRINT Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management Pharma Focus Asia
  15. 15. Our Major Clients:
  16. 16. Our Major Clients:
  17. 17. Our Valuable Partners: Our modus operandi of having Industry specific, information portals has leveraged us the scope of building the repository of industry specific B2B information, of buyers and suppliers. The numerous instances, where our customers getting benefited from the information powered on our portals, reflects the impeccable strategic business coverage, visibility and the yielding outcomes on association with us. To be a part of this winning edge, Become our exclusive partner by sponsoring editorial articles, interviews, video, events calendar, sections, semi sections & email marketing of your interest to stand out among the competitors with huge visibility for your company worldwide. So, choose your custom marketing plan combined online and email marketing that empowers your brand.
  18. 18. Contact us: Ochre Media Pvt Ltd Jacob Higgins | Project Director 2nd Floor, Oxford Plaza S.D. Road, Secunderabad- 500 003 Andhra Pradesh, India. Tel: +91 40 4961 4567 Ext:514 Fax: +91 40 4961 4555 Email ID: jacob@ochre-media.com Website: www.ochre-media.com