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Sarah Shirback :)

  1. 1. How To Create a Powerful Presentation!By: Sarah Shirback 
  2. 2. Things That Make a Powerful Presentation• Change the background color• Change the text color• Use pictures• Add charts when needed• Use short phrases• Add music or a short video clip
  3. 3. Background Color The reason you would change the color is to grab attention to the slideHow to: You can right click anywhere on yourslide and choose “format background”. Thenclick on the small arrow next to color to choosea color for the background of the slide. Anotherway to change the background is to click on the“Design” tab on the top of the screen and thenchoose a template to use as the background foryour slides.
  4. 4. Text Color You can change the text color to grab attention to the wordsHow To: You can change the text color byclicking on the color underlined “A” on the topmiddle of the menu bar and choose your color.Another way is to highlight the written text andright click. Then choose the color underlined “A”and choose your color.
  5. 5. Adding images You can add an image to help demonstrate your point better.How To: You can add an image by clicking“Insert” at the top of the screen. In this tabthere are many options for inserting pictures orclip art. But make sure the pictures you add arerelevant to you point.
  6. 6. Keep it Short When giving a presentation it is important tokeep it short so you do not loose the attentionof viewers.
  7. 7. Having Trouble?? If you are having trouble figuring out whether ornot your presentation is powerful, there arewebsites to help:• to-make-powerpoint-presentations-powerful/• to-create-powerful-presentations-1027429• Or you can simply Google how to make a powerful power-point presentation 
  8. 8. Resources••••