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Multi Link Generates Savings For Wind Power Utilities


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Wind powered electricity generation is one of the fastest growing sectors of the American economy. This rapid growth has presented a challenge to those organizations charged with operating and managing far-flung equipment. Multi-Link, Inc. has provided cost containment and remote site service solutions for hundreds of utilities and equipment service providers for over 22 years.

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Multi Link Generates Savings For Wind Power Utilities

  1. 1.       Managing Wind Power Generation and Transmission Equipment   APPLICATION NOTE Executive Overview Wind powered electricity generation is one of the fastest growing   sectors of the American economy.  This rapid growth has presented a  challenge to those organizations charged with operating and managing  APPLICATIONS far‐flung equipment. Not only is it imperative to satisfy customer   o Energy Management demand for faster service and improved asset availability, it is   Controls increasingly important to do so while reducing service related costs and  o Substation enhancing profitability. Multi‐Link, Inc. has provided cost containment   Communications and remote site service solutions for hundreds of utilities and equipment  o Modem Polling service providers for over 22 years. o Automated Meter Reading o Service Port Access o Remote Equipment Maintenance The Problem o Out-of-Band Network Access Wind turbines are being installed as fast as they can be manufactured.   With this unprecedented growth comes the need to remote access the  o SCADA Interrogation control interfaces of the equipment – power monitors and conditioners,  o Telephony Firewall relays, meters, and telemetry data.  Engineers must be able to access the  o Remote rebooting and management interfaces of these devices from remote operations centers  power control of network or while on the road in order to assure maximum service availability.     assets Cost of Network Infrastructure:  With the number of management interfaces growing, telecommunication  costs to access them are also growing.  In many cases a separate phone  line is installed for each device, with an attached monthly cost of about  $50 (based on national average).  At sites with four phone lines, costs can  add up to $2,400 per year per site.   Limited Resources:    With the fast installation pace of new projects, availability of support staff  is at a premium.  Managing remote site equipment frequently puts  maintenance personnel out of contact for hours, or even days at a time,  frequently at expensive overtime labor rates.  In addition, cost per    service dispatch has risen 33% from 2006 through 2009.   
  2. 2. The Solution Polnet ACP Multi‐link offers a suite of American made products that allow you to  Automatic Call Processor eliminate telephone lines as well as remotely reboot equipment.  The  savings in time and more efficient utilization of limited resources optimize  support operations.    BENEFITS Example 1 Maintenance and operations organizations are responsible for wind farms  o Saves money by constructed across a vast, ever‐growing territory.  This is putting a strain  eliminating phone lines on staff trying to keep up with equipment issues many miles apart.  In  o Secures dial-up many cases,  modems from hackers telemetry  o Centralized control from equipment  remote location needs to be  o ROI within 3 to 6 month powered up on  a regular basis,  after which it is  again turned  off.  For staff  Features trying to keep  o Extremely flexible up with field  touchtone problems as  programming, remote well as regular  programming optional operations, it is  o User defined Security becoming a daily challenge to meet service level demands.  For  Access Codes to seven management this translates into extra costs for overtime pay, service call  digits dispatches, fuel, etc.  o Broad compatibility with   telephony equipment The Power Stone helps contain those costs.  The Power Stone is a phone  and Telco services call activated AC power controller used to reboot and power up/down  o Barge-in protection remote equipment.  Connect The Power Stone to equipment and a phone  o Dual surge protection line to gain complete power control anywhere you can place a phone call.   o Emergency Barge-In for Because The Power Stone is activated with a telephone call, power to the  Priority Calls attached equipment can be controlled from the operations center or even  via cell phone by staff who are traveling.  The Power Stone makes a  o No loss of data throughput speed or perfect complement to the Polnet ACP, providing complete control of  integrity...invisible to remote equipment.    call transaction   o Toll free tech support Example 2  o Two Year Warranty Remote connectivity to control ports provides access to critical    operational information.  In applications normally using in‐network  connectivity, secured access using out‐of‐band techniques via the Public  Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) assures that no site can become  completely isolated in the event of network failure.   
  3. 3. The Power Stone® Remote AC Power Controller Benefits o Saves Money - The Power Stone pays for   itself with one saved   service dispatch Installing a Polnet® ACP (ACP), a secure line sharing device, wherever  o Reduces Downtime - multiple phone lines are required for out‐of‐band access can reduce  One phone call can expenses by thousands of dollars.  Many times each location is able to  correct problem reduce the requirement for four or more phone lines, saving $200‐$350  equipment in minutes per month, or more.  o Protects Equipment - Electric utilities are saving thousands of dollars utilizing this equipment  Leave equipment “off” today, with over 10,000 ACPs now installed.  One such company has over  until needed. Reduces power consumption and 1,000 ACPs, saving over $1,000,000 per year in reduced telecom charges.    hacker exposure   o Application Flexibility – Automatic and Manual Savings per Year operations for versatility in a variety of applications Dollars per Year $4,000,000   $3,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000 Features $0 1 1600 3200 5000 o Fully Programmable Number of Phone Lines Eliminated o Automatic reboot mode o Manual mode (secure)   o 120 volt, 15 amp rating Summary o Programmable security access codes In today’s economic environment, successful power generation  o Non-volatile memory operations will require innovative solutions to keep pace with demand  o Remote programming while maintaining high levels of service.  Reducing telecommunication  and diagnostics costs and making efficient use of resources are key elements stretching    budget dollars.  Multi‐Link products have been used by electric companies  to accomplish these goals for over 15 years.  To find out how much money you can save, download the Multi‐Link cost  savings calculator at www.multi‐‐Line‐Sharing‐Calculator.
  4. 4. Some of the Public Utilities Using the Polnet ACP and Power Stone  ARKANAS POWER AND LIGHT FIRST ENERGY/OHIO EDISON PUBLIC SERVICE ELECTRIC & GAS OF NJ BALTIMORE GAS & ELECTRIC FIRST ENERGY/TOLEDO EDISON PUBLIC SERVICE OF OKLAHOMA BANGOR HYDRO-ELECTRIC FLORIDA POWER CORP ROSEVILLE ELECTIC CENTRAL ILLINOIS PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY FLORIDA POWER AND LIGHT SOUTH CAROLINA GAS & ELECTRIC CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO. GEORGIA POWER TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY CENTRAL POWER ELECTRIC COOP GULF POWER COMPANY TRICO ELECTRIC CINERGY IDAHO POWER TRI-STATE G&T CLAY ELECTRIC COOP INTERSTATE POWER UNITED POWER CONNEXUS ENERGY LOUISIANA POWER US DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY CONSUMER'S POWER MATANUSKA ELECTRIC WEATLAND RURAL ELECTRIC DAYTON POWER MINNESOTA POWER WEST OHIO GAS DELMARVA POWER MONTANA POWER WEST TEXAS GAS DUKE ENERGIES NIPSCO WESTERN AREA POWER AUTHORITY NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC EAST KY POWER COOPERATIVE SERVICE WESTERN FARMERS ELECTRIC COOP ENTERGY CORP NORTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE WHEATLAND RURAL ELECTRIC ENTERGY SERVICES OKLAHOMA GAS & ELECTRIC WISCONSIN POWER & LIGHT FIRST ENERGY PENN POWER WRIGHT-HENNIPEN ELECTRIC PENNSYLVANIA POWER & LIGHT   Polnet ACP Technical Specifications   Model Number                                               ACP‐3; ACP‐5; ACP‐9    Device Interface    Input Power Requirements  Battery:  45 Volts DC to all ports  At AC Transformer:    110‐125 Volts AC only, 50‐60 Hz  Off‐Hook Detection:  8‐150 mA  At Power Jack on ACP:   12‐15 Volts AC  Ring Generator Frequency:  33 Hz       Power Consumption:  10 Watts  Waveform:  Pseudo‐Sine      Power Consumption at standby:   8 Watts  Ringing No Load:  Approximately 105 Volts AC       Ringing 8K Ohm Imp. (REN1.0):  Approx 76 Volts AC  Ringing 4K Ohm Imp. (REN2.0):  Approx 59 Volts AC  CO Interface  Ringing 2.7K Ohm Imp. (REN3.0):  Approx 45 Volts AC  Ringer Equivalence Number:   1.1B          Input Ring Detection:  40‐150 Volts AC, 15‐68 Hz  Warranty                                                                         2 year limited           Physical:                                            6.3" W x 9.5" D x 1.4" H, 1 lb               
  5. 5.         Power Stone Technical Specifications Model Number   PST59102  Switching Manual  Key Pad 4 or 6 digit security code  Power   120 VAC plug in (60 Hz)  command (on/off)  Switching Contact  120/12 VAC 15A with reset  Manual Override  Push button (on/normal  breaker 1800W, 600W  operation)  incandescent.  Power and Relay Status   LED; Remote audible read‐back  Interrupt Modes  Automatic on ring detect.  Ringer Equivalence  1.1 B  Manual pick up with security  Physical                                                 3.4" W x 1.8" D x 6" H, 1 lb  code.  Warranty                                               1 year limited  Switching Auto  Reboot (15 sec off, then on)    Toggle (on or off)    Power on call then off after  hang up + 2 min.                                          Multi-Link Inc.       Multi-Link Inc. makes affordable, cost cutting telecom equipment for a wide variety of commercial, government, and   residential applications. With 22 years of experience, we have   earned  a reputation as a leading manufacturer of money saving MULTI-LINK, Inc. telecom solutions. Hundreds of companies, from SOHO to   Fortune 1000, domestic and international, have installed   thousands of our products to reduce monthly phone bills and   225 Industry Parkway associated costs. Nicholasville, KY 40356 T: 800.535.4651