Dell, Inc. e-Business


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Presentation on Dell's E-Business Strategy

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Dell, Inc. e-Business

  1. 1. Dell, Inc. E- commerce
  2. 2. Dell Inc. • Dell, Inc. is a global information technology company, which designs, develops, manufactures and distributes computer systems
  3. 3. Business activities Large Enterprise Public Small and Medium Business Consumer
  4. 4. Organizational Environment • Economic Factor Throw out the Legend brand PC Built a factory in Xiamen(China) next day delivery too 400 cities O 4.4% to
  5. 5. Organizational Environment • Long Term Objectives focusing on markets globally 20% of the Asia market take over globalize the company through e-business
  6. 6. Organizational Environment • Operating Environment offers free technical support Online order brings convenience superb relationships with their suppliers the suppliers win every time Dell wins
  7. 7. Organizational Environment • Remote Environment Expanding internet market VARIED by market segment Globalize the company successfully is through e-business
  8. 8. Functions Enterprise computing Businesses & organizations Dell PowerEdge servers OptiPlex desktops Power Vault Latitude notebooks Dell | EMC storage systems Precision workstations Individuals and smallbusinesses Desktops Inspiron notebooks
  9. 9. Competitive Analysis IBM Sun HP Microsystems Dell
  10. 10. Competitive Advantages “Virtual Integration” Real value customer service features Tailoring Manufacturing to customer needs
  11. 11. Impact of E-Commerce • Dell was quick to set up the ecommerce processes • Selling online allows the whole process to be automated and more efficient • 1997 the company recorded $1 million in online sales • By 2000 the company’s internet sales had reached $50 million a day
  12. 12. Definable market • Targeting and sequencing Dell individual and home users small and medium size business large enterprises public sectors
  13. 13. Payment Method Payment Method Credit/debit card Pay with PayPal Pay with dell business credit Gift card
  14. 14. Dell.Inc, MARKETING STRATEGY
  15. 15. Product: • Dell is not reliant on singular production or supplier's chain for Equipment production • . By assigning each regionalized production center particular component for production not only have diversified the risk of concentration of labor and production costs but also depending on particular infrastructure
  16. 16. Price • Reflect the affordability of the local consumers • Xiamen (China) • to provide products and services at the local prices
  17. 17. Place • Always available at the nearest dealers • Objective of gaining their trust in Dell products
  18. 18. Promotion • “Be Direct" attitude
  19. 19. Sales promotion • 1.Broken down market • 2.Pricing strategy • 3.Advertising strategy
  20. 20. Distribution Strategy Direct modes in compressed product production lines, supplemented by online purchase at great development of its direct sales model.
  21. 21. Online technical services and technical support • users answer questions • escalation on Windows • software upgrades informed
  22. 22. SWOT Analysis • • • • • • Strengths: Agility the master of customization the power to the consumer directly selling to the consumer to implement the latest technology
  23. 23. Weaknesses • no proprietary technology • is not creating something based on technology that is exclusively theirs • their high dependency on component suppliers
  24. 24. Opportunities: • expanded markets of Europe, China, and India. • flourish with its low-cost leadership • growth in the business, education, and government markets.
  25. 25. Threats: • Competition • entry into the low-cost leading segment • another company will do something similar