Part II


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Part II

  1. 1. Course Requirements
  2. 2. Beginning of Semester • Preparation Materials and Test • You must achieve 90% on the preparation test within 30 minutes to get credit • You can retake the test as often as you need in order to get 90% • Learning objectives – Week 1 • Form and materials provided on Blackboard; will discuss in first class • Draft the learning objectives portion prior to your first class • Bring draft with you to first class and first meeting with supervisor • Revise based on class and conversation with supervisor • Submit certified copy on Blackboard as soon as possible; provide copy to supervisor • Confidentiality assignment – Week 2 • Materials and instructions provided on Blackboard; will discuss in class • Draft assignment as soon as possible • After confidentiality class, provide to supervisor for review and comments • Revise based on comments • Submit on Blackboard only after you have received comments and approval; certify supervisor review and approval • These should be done as soon as possible, as instructed by your professor. The absolute latest it can be turned in without risking failing is Sept. 30.
  3. 3. Reflective Assignments: Individual Journal Entries • Three types of journal entries • Midterm Self-evaluation and Final Self-evaluation • Other journal entries as required by specific assignments • Any journal entries you want to provide • Submit on Blackboard as an entry in your “Individual Reflective Journal” • Don’t disclose confidential information • Do spell-check and proof the submission • Submit at least one of these no later than Nov. 8
  4. 4. Self-evaluation Content • Review your learning objectives memo • Discuss specifically whether you have accomplished each objective • At midterm, discuss whether you need to change your objectives • At final, discuss how you will take this experience forward
  5. 5. Exit Interviews: Nov. 11- 22 • Ask your supervisor when they plan to submit your final evaluation, which is needed for the exit interview. • Set up your exit interview for a date after the final evaluation is to be submitted, according to your professor’s instructions under “End of Semester Checklist.” • Mark it on your calendar!
  6. 6. How to Prepare for Your Exit Interview • Review your journals and supervisor evaluation • Write and submit your final self-evaluation • We’ll discuss • The status of any outstanding assignments • Your supervisor’s evaluation of your work • Your learning objectives and whether you accomplished them, and lessons you reflected on in your journals • Where you’ll be going from here, and what lessons you can take with you
  7. 7. Placement and Program Evaluations • Placement evaluation is on Symplicity • There is a link to it in the “End of Semester Checklist” • In Symplicity, click on Exp. Learning • Click “Edit” under your current placement • Click on “Program Evaluation” • Externship Course evaluation will be provided separately.
  8. 8. Check Status of Assignments • Click on My Grades to see “grades” for all assignments • Click on assignments to get more detail about what was required • Click on rubrics, if available, to see what has been credited • There is not a strict numeric minimum or maximum – the grades are for feedback purposes only. • You must complete all assignments, satisfy the hours/weeks requirement, and perform end-of- semester obligations to receive a passing grade.