Part I


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Part I

  1. 1. Work at Your Placement
  2. 2. Work at Your Placement • You must physically go to the placement office at least once a week for each of 12 weeks out of the 14-week semester. • The total time you spend on the externship course must be at least 150 hours over the course of the semester. 14 of those hours will presumably be spent in class – so you should plan to work 136 hours total, or about 10-11 hours a week. • The hours requirement includes any work your placement asks you to do, and anything I ask you to do, including class time, prep time, timesheets, etc. The only time it does not include is time commuting to/from the placement office. • 150 hours is a minimum. Don’t seem anxious to get out of there as soon as you hit 150. • How much you work each week can be flexible, if your supervisor agrees. You will establish a work schedule and procedures for making changes as part of your learning objectives memo assignment. • Regardless of when you complete your hours, you must do whatever is necessary to complete outstanding assignments and transition them to attorneys/other interns.
  3. 3. Timesheets • Must use the Excel spreadsheet form provided • Timesheet is cumulative; add time each week to the previous week’s timesheet • Timesheet automatically calculates hours and weeks for you • Some cells are password protected so that the formulas work properly; don’t ask for the password! • Be sure to provide a reasonably specific description of your work (without disclosing confidential information) • Submit on Blackboard as instructed on the Weekly Classes page. • If you are in a public interest placement, you can also submit fieldwork hours over 150 as pro bono hours on Symplicity.
  4. 4. Evaluations • Your work will be evaluated at mid-term and before your exit interview with me. • The evaluations are on Symplicity; your supervisor will get a link to the evaluation via email at the appropriate time. • Your supervisor will be encouraged to discuss the evaluations with you when they are submitted. • If there is any concern at your midterm evaluation, I will ensure that it is resolved; the midterm evaluation will not be visible to you at that time. • You will be able to view both your midterm and final evaluation on Symplicity at the end of the semester (under the Exp. Learning tab), and we’ll discuss it in my exit interview.