How to lose Body Fat without taking those " Lose Weight Fast Pills"


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When there is mention of a diet plan, the first thought that comes across the mind is – Ok we are just trying something different, like eating foods we don’t like or reducing the normal intake of food in your body. In both the cases most people just don’t have the patience for a long term battle and your efforts for fat weight loss are wasted. Most of the diet systems have these shortcomings and your desired goal to lose weight remain unfulfilled. Here is a diet plan that will help you remove unwanted fat from your body guaranteed! You don’t have to wait for weeks to see results and your patience is not tested the least by this fat burning program called Strip That Fat.

Using this dieting strategy, the results are visible in two weeks time. You will shed those extra pounds from the areas of the body that has made you look bulky. On opting for diet plan – Strip That Fat, you will be provided an online system for perfect diet instructions where you can choose from thousands of diet food combinations and the one that suits you the best. Studies have shown that main reasons for being overweight is eating the wrong foods, eating food at the wrong times, and not doing enough of physical exercises. Proper diet and regular exercises are keys to body fitness.

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How to lose Body Fat without taking those " Lose Weight Fast Pills"

  1. 1. Are you tired of being overweight and want to know how to lose body fat fast? Well, you are notalone because, even after so many advancements in health and fitness industry, the ratio ofoverweight people in our society is growing day by day. The main reason is that people havestopped following the basics of nutrition and are in search of a magic formula or pill that can shedthe extra fat from their bodies overnight. However, the solution to this problem is much simplerthan you think. Here are some very useful nutritional tips that will surely make you lose body fatfast.Do not starve yourself to death:One of the major mistakes made by most of the people is that they try to skip meals and starvethemselves to lose body fat fast. In the beginning, you might lose some weight but eventually youwill come down to a point where your body slows down its metabolism to match the amount ofcalories that you consume. This is a very dangerous state to be in both physically and mentally.Due to lack of nutrition, you will start feeling weakness in your body and this deficiency of food willleave you with no energy to even perform daily work and it can also cause you some serioushealth and joint problems in the future. The problem with starvation diets is that they are very hardto follow and when you stop losing weight even after so much hard work, you can easily getfrustrated. Once you have lost your motivation to lose body fat than nothing can stop you fromgoing back to your old routine that made you fat at the first place.Eat more to lose more:This is not a joke; eating more frequently will really help you in losing body fat fast. Eating just 2 or3 bigger meals a day can cause fat storage in your body because your body only the extra caloriesas fat doesnt matter even if all that you eat is lean beef. Going hours without food can easily leadto binge eating as well. Eating 4 to 5 smaller meals a day keeps your metabolism high becauseyour body also burns calories to digest the food and it also signals your body to avoid fat storagedue to regular supply of nutrition. Eating more frequently wont make you hungry by stabilizingyour blood sugar and at the same time you will be achieving your fat loss goals without the feelingof being on a diet. Regular intake of food will also keep your energy and motivation levels highwhich are really important in achieving any goal in life.Eat clean to stay lean:Eating more frequently does not mean that you start eating ice cream and chocolates 5 times aday. Most of your nutritional intake should comprise of whole and unprocessed foods like fruits,vegetables, meat and dairy products. Take all the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate, fat) in aproper proportion. Do not avoid eating fats or carbohydrates as long as you are getting them fromnatural and unprocessed sources because they are really important for your body to functionproperly. Healthy fats from fish oil, olive oil and carbs from fruits and vegetables will easily fill yourstomach with relatively less amount of calories and wont make you feel hungry. The major portionof your meals should comprise of protein sources like chicken, low fat milk and egg whitesbecause it will make you gain muscles and more muscles mean high metabolism. Ladies shouldnot avoid gaining muscles because, it is better to have a shapely body than being skinny fat.
  2. 2. Mix it up:Different results cannot be expected from same actions. This is also true for losing body fat fastbecause our body adjusts it metabolism according to food intake. If your are consuming the sameamount of calories and same kind of foods every day, your body will get used to it and you willsoon hit the fat loss plateau. Try to change your caloric intake every few days to keep your bodyguessing in order to minimize fat storage. You can even slip in some cheats days to dodge yourbody in to expecting large amount of calories every day and then suddenly get back to yournormal routine. This will make you lose more body fat because you will no longer have the samecaloric intake and your body will be forced to burn the stored fat as source of energy.Stay Hydrated:About 60% of our body weight is comprised of water and it is also very important only next to airfor our survival. You can go for days without food but living without water is impossible. Bodycannot work without water just as a car cannot run without oil and gas. Water regulates themetabolism and also helps in digestion of food. It also plays an important role in flushing out thewastes from our body. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day because it will also keep youfilled and since there are no calories in water, it may also prove to be very significant factor inlosing body fat fast.Did you know that the latest scientific research has proven that eating less calories or low fat foodsare not very effective for permanent fat loss? Almost 95% of people all over the world who followthese types of diets fail to lose weight. Learn the secrets of how to lose almost 10 pounds in 2weeks by eating your favorite foods. Click Here [] to findout more.Article Source: ====healthy recipes for maintaining your weight in 2012 ====