MOHD NURUL SAFIAN BIN MOHAMAD NOORSX100635CJJ03                                          Assignment 2                     ...
   Check Unused Properties    Tool    Scan property files for    unused messages.   Technical Proposals    Review availa...
UI Design                                                                          ColfFusion CFML on                     ...
ConclusionTHE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NETBEANS, ECLIPSE AND RAILO.The NetBeans, Esclipse and Railo are more similar than they a...
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Eclipse vs Netbean vs Railo


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Asigment 2

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Eclipse vs Netbean vs Railo

  1. 1. MOHD NURUL SAFIAN BIN MOHAMAD NOORSX100635CJJ03 Assignment 2 Eclipse vs Netbean vs Railo Eclipse Netbeans RailoEclipse is an open source Most developers recognize the Railo Technologies providescommunity, whose projects NetBeans IDE as the original free Java consulting, support,are focused on building an IDE. It is that, and much more! The extensions and training foropen development platform NetBeans IDE provides support for Railo Open Source – the highcomprised of extensible several languages (PHP, JavaFX, C/C++, performance open sourceframeworks, tools and JavaScript, etc.) and frameworks. CFML engine. Learn moreruntimes for building, NetBeans is an open-source project about why people aredeploying and managing dedicated to providing rock solid choosing Railo and the teamsoftware across the lifecycle. software development products (the behind the company. Also,The Eclipse Foundation is a NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans see what other people arenot-for-profit, member Platform) that address the needs of saying about Railo.supported corporation that developers, users and the businesseshosts the Eclipse projects and who rely on NetBeans as a basis forhelps cultivate both an open their products.source community and anecosystem of complementaryproducts and services.Development Tools. Development Tools. Development Tools. Help Wanted Integration with External Tools and Comes complete with a user If you would like to Services friendly tool and can support contribute to the project, To facilitate development of various a variety of application read this page to find types of applications, the NetBeans IDE involving the development/ work items. provides integration with some external supports Java EE 6 and Java Bug Reports tools and services. The link below will EE 5, including the JAX-WS The WTP help you learn how to configure and use 2.2, JAX-RS 1.1, and JAXB 2.2 uses Bugzilla for bug such tools and services, for example, web service standards tracking. View WTP bug connect to databases, manage your reports or open new source code using version control bugs. software, and use the integrated Eclipse API Scanner support for issue trackers. Describe the API of a Link : component and scan plug-ins for API services.html violations. View WTP Usage Scan Reports
  2. 2.  Check Unused Properties Tool Scan property files for unused messages. Technical Proposals Review available technical proposals. CVS Repository WTP development is carried out in a CVS repository. Both “pserver” and “extssh” are supported. See Using Eclipse with CVS for instructions including the repository location. HTTP Connection Tracer Diagnostic Utility Use this utility to troubleshoot network connection problems in Eclipse. Both of them the development of software applications in multiple languages. In fact, it can be called a complete software development environment composed of the IDE and the plug-in systemThat used with C/C++, Java and PHP respectively. It is a cross-platform IDE, which runs on Linux, Mac OS, Solaris and Windows operating system.CF Eclipse has a wealth of Not supporting ColdFusion Supporting ColdFusionfeatures to appeal to programming programmingColdFusion developersEclipse got a Bugzilla to Debugging option on NetBeans not Railo got a FusionDebug thatsearch and find the debugger support all programming. can help developer tofrom their databases. increase the error in development project. UI ToolkitUI Toolkit UI Toolkit Railo Toolkit that supportSWT Standard Swing toolkit any version Jboss
  3. 3. UI Design ColfFusion CFML on UI Design a Railo engine as our server-UI Design Free, award winning, Matisse GUI side language and otherCommercial alternatives Builder JavaScript libraries such as Jquery are used for navigation menus and user interface design Module System Free Extensions  Galleon ColdFusion Forums  FuseboxModule System Module System  Model GlueStandard OSGi module Standard OSGi module system  ColdSpringsystem or NetBeans-specific module system  Mach-II  cfwheels  ColdBox  Amazon S3 resource (Server Extension) Build System Simple and easy to use. No Build System need configuration to do.Build System Out of the box, Maven or Ant Building Railo Open up theProprietary Railo Source project and run the ant script JDK Support VisualVM, a NetBeans PlatformJDK Support application, All JDK SupportNo equivalent support is in the JDK, so many JARs from the NetBeans Platform are in the JDK too Installation and NoInstallation and Configuration Installation and Configuration need to Configuration need to doneed to do is normal do is easy (Very Easy)
  4. 4. ConclusionTHE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NETBEANS, ECLIPSE AND RAILO.The NetBeans, Esclipse and Railo are more similar than they are different. Both provide a framework fordesktop application developers. In both cases, a large number of features are provided out of box, froma docking framework, to an action system, to update facilities and much more. In both cases, a rich setof APIs are provided, accompanied by many tutorials, FAQs and several books. However, there are somevery significant differences to be aware of when choosing three of them.From what i know that a lot of people use NetBeans an eclipse.(I use Railo before this analysis). I alsoknow that Eclipse is supposed to be more advance people, and NetBeans is better for people startingout. What else is the NetBeans and Railo has a very nice GUI builder that eclipse doesn’t but I choosethe Eclipe because from this survey that I do I found the Eclipse environment it much more better thenthe other.Survey 1: ASP.NET/ASP.NET Survey 2: Silverlight Survey 3: Google Web ToolkitMVC Vendor: Microsoft Vendor: GoogleVendor: Microsoft Environment: Visual Studio Environment: EclipseEnvironment: Visual Studio Language: C# Language: JavaLanguage: C# Output: .NET executable? Output: HTML+JavaScript+AJAXOutput: HTML+JavaScript+AJAX Example: ? Example: http://www.projectkaisExample: 4: Ruby on Rails Survey 5: Java Applets Option 6: VexiVendor: Rails Core Team Vendor: Sun Vendor: Vexi core teamEnvirnoment: Railo Environment: Eclipse Environment: EclipseLanguage: Ruby Language: Java Language: XML + JavaScriptOutput: HTML+JavaScript+AJAX? Output: Java Applet Output: JavaExample: ? Example: Demo on