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  1. 1. STOICISMGreek PhilosophySocial Studies for 9th EGB – Teacher: Mauricio Torres
  2. 2. ONTARGETCommon views with ChristianityStoicismWhat is stoicism?• Free WillWho was Zeno?LegacySummaryWhere do we go from here?
  4. 4. ONTARGETHaving a “good life”No one is forced to pursue a “good life”, but it is up to each individual to putaside things in which he has little or no control whatsoever.• This includes indifference towards pain and pleasure, poverty and riches.
  5. 5. ONTARGETRely on yourself to be happy"Man is disturbednot by things, butby the views hetakes of them."This phrase summarizes stoic thought. It is up to you how you deal withproblems or whatever life gives you.
  6. 6. ONTARGETZENO“Happiness is a good flow of life.”
  7. 7. ONTARGETZenoZeno was the founder of the Stoic school of philosophy, which he taught in Athensfrom about 300 BC.• Most of the details known about his life come from preserved anecdotes.• Zeno is described as a haggard, tanned person, living a spare life.• He started to teach in a place called “Stoa Poikile.”, hence the name “Stoics”.
  8. 8. ONTARGETZenoHe had a very upbeat look upon life. He thought that by forgetting aboutevery thing that could cause us anxiety we could achieve a life that is inharmony with nature, living in accordance with a supreme lawgiver.
  10. 10. ONTARGETDoes this conflict with Christ’s teachings?Both Stoicism and Christianity state:• an inner freedom in the face of the external world,• a belief in human kinship with Nature or God• and the futility and temporarity of worldly possessions and attachments.• Both disregard the passions and inferior emotions such as envy andanger, so that the higher possibilities of ones humanity can be awakenedand developed.
  11. 11. ONTARGETLEGACYPractical Stoicism
  12. 12. ONTARGETStudents’ Great Philosophical QuestionsThe point of philosophy is to ponder thequestions that life presents. Students ofphilosophy (and, perhaps, students of life)have raised and will continue to raise some ofphilosophy’s greatest questions:• Why?• What?• Will this be on the test?• Should I worry about this?So how will stoicism help you on your life?LegacyAre you a philosopher?“We have two ears and one mouth, so weshould listen more than we say”Zeno of CitiumThe Stoics presented theirphilosophy as a way of life, andthey thought that the bestindication of an individualsphilosophy was not what a personsaid but how he behaved.This is why later thinkers of theRoman era, adapted Stoicism totheir own set of beliefs and eventoday, as a way of life it is stilluseful to us.
  14. 14. ONTARGETSummarizing:Stoics would not make a big fuss about little (or even thebig details) in life.They would probably just say:“Main advice for handling any difficult thingin life: Put it in perspective and get over it.”