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Neolithic Revolution


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Neolithic Revolution

  1. 1. Revolution! Social Studies for 8th E.G.B. Teacher: Mauricio Torres
  2. 2. What is a REVOLUTION? It is a big and drastic change. The reasons are many, but the ones we need to focus the most are:  Cultural invention and interaction.  Science and technology.  Economic opportunity and development.  Geography and environment.
  3. 3. Hunter-gatherer societies Earlier humans lived in small groups, which today we call tribes. They were nomads, which meant that they followed food sources, and didn´t settle permanently in one particular spot.
  4. 4. Hunter-gatherer societies This food sources, needed to survive were usually wild plants, seeds, fruits and nuts. They would also hunt large prey in groups. Early weapons used for hunting
  5. 5. A leap forward Little by little, humans started to develop new and more complex skills, such as language.
  6. 6. A leap forward These new set of skills were:  Creating fire (before they controlled it, not created it).  Polishing stones to make more complex tools such as saws (until they started using metal to create tools).  Domestication: changing animals and plants to make them more useful for humans.  Agriculture: Producing their own food. The development of agriculture would lead the way forward into a new way of life, and change humanity forever.
  7. 7. A leap forward All of these happened in Southwest Asia, and gave rise to the Neo-lithic era.
  8. 8. Urban settlements With new sets of skills, they began to raise crops. Now they didn´t need to follow their food source and began settling areas and building cities. In this manner, survival was more certain and humans could now focus on other persuits; not just gathering food needed to survive.
  9. 9. Urban settlements In cities, populations grew in ways never seen before. Religion developed too, and the most important spots on cities usually were religious sites. In some places, they were so huge we call them MEGALITHS.
  10. 10. Neolithic Revolution  The shift from food-gathering to food producing.
  11. 11. CLASSWORK Draw on a piece of paper, a draft from a scene from what your tribe´s daily life was like. Take the paper home and paint your drawing, in a neat manner. Don´t forget to put your artists signature in it!
  12. 12. Bibliography Burstein, S. M., & Shek, R. (2012). World History (Teacher´s Edition) (1st Edition ed.). (H. McDougal, Ed.) Orlando, Florida, US.: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Images: Taken from Google.