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Modern Middle East Map


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Modern Middle East Map

  1. 1. Educación Básica Superior Segundo Quimestre - Tercer Parcial GRADE STUDENT(S): TEACHER: Mauricio Torres SUBJECT: Social Studies DATE: 8/1/13 TIME: 10 min. ACTIVIDAD INDIVIDUAL EN CLASE (AIC) No. 1 10 Points GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Read the instructions below before starting the activity.  Read the instructions carefully.  Use blue or black pen to fill out the task.  Use your book or notes in order to complete the task Curso Paralelo No. Lista 10 MODERN MIDDLE EAST GEOGRAPHY Locate /8 I. Recall /2 Locate: On the map locate the capitals of each of the following countries (0.5 points each) and put the correct names (0.5 points each). 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) II. Lebanon Israel Turkey Iraq Iran Syria Egypt Saudi Arabia Recall: For each of the countries listed below, write the date of their independence or creation (0.25 points each). COUNTRY IND. DATE COUNTRY Jordan Turkey Lebanon Egypt Syria Iraq Israel Saudi Arabia IND. DATE