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  1. 1. Educación Básica Superior Segundo Quimestre - Tercer Parcial GRADE STUDENT(S): TEACHER: Mauricio Torres SUBJECT: Social Studies DATE: 22/1/13 TIME: 30 min. ACTIVIDAD INDIVIDUAL EN CLASE (AIC) No. 2 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Read the instructions below before starting the activity.  Read the instructions carefully.  Use blue or black pen to fill out the task.  Use your book as a source of information. 10 Points Curso Paralelo No. Lista 9 CHARACTERIZE: JUSTINIAN List Describe Describe (Instructions) /5 /4 /1 I. List: Write down some traits (five) which can help you characterize Justinian. You may also include actions or events related to him (1 point each). I. Describe: With your own words to describe Justinian’s character. Use the list above to help yourself. Be as vivid and detailed as possible and make it in a paragraph (4 points, 1 for following instructions).