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Buddha & Jesus


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Buddha & Jesus

  1. 1. Educación Básica Superior Segundo Quimestre - Tercer Parcial STUDENT(S): TEACHER: Mauricio Torres DATE: 14/1/13 TAREA (T) GRADE SUBJECT: Social Studies TIME: 30 min. No. 1 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Read the instructions below before starting the activity.  Read the instructions carefully.  Use blue or black pen to fill out the task.  Use your book as a source of information. 10 Points Curso Paralelo No. Lista 8 JESUS & BUDDHA Compare and Contrast Structure Paragraphs / 6.5 / 1.5 /2 I. Compare & Contrast: After we have read about Buddha, we can draw some parallels between his life and message, along with Jesus. Pick two aspects in which they are both alike, and explain each one in a paragraph.