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Bread and Circus


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Bread and Circus

  1. 1. Educación Básica Superior Segundo Quimestre - Tercer Parcial STUDENT(S): TEACHER: Mauricio Torres DATE: 15/1/13 TAREA (T) GRADE SUBJECT: Social Studies TIME: 30 min. No. 1 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Read the instructions below before starting the activity.  Read the instructions carefully.  Use blue or black pen to fill out the task.  Use your book as a source of information. 10 Points Curso Paralelo No. Lista 9 BREAD & CIRCUS Compare and Contrast Structure Paragraphs / 6.5 / 1.5 /2 I. Compare & Contrast: Write a short text (three paragraphs) comparing old Roman politics and politicians, with those we have today. On the last paragraph, finish with a conclusion Ask your parents for help, and explain them what "bread and circus" means. How is this related with “corruption”? Use your own words to complete the task. Use examples to illustrate your answer. More space on the back 