Greek Geography


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Greek Geography

  1. 1. Geography and the Early Greeks Social Studies for 8th E.G.B. | Teacher: Mauricio Torres
  2. 2. A Peninsula  Greece is a peninsula, which means that it is surrounded on three sides by water. Greece has a lot of smaller peninsulas sticking out from it, which means Greece enjoys many natural harbors.
  3. 3. Landscape  Greece is also covered with mountains. They are not huge mountains but if you are trying to go from place to place in Greece, you'll find the mountains a bit of an obstacle.  Only a small portion of that land provide flat land for farming and villages.
  4. 4. Sea People  Three thousand years ago, it was very difficult to get from place to place in ancient Greece by walking. But it was easy to get from place to place in Greece by boat.  In the ancient world that grew up around the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, the Greeks became known as great sailors. They sailed about the Mediterranean, setting up colonies and outposts where they could.
  5. 5. Colonies  They tried to set up a colony or two in Egypt, but the Egyptians chased them away. They had more luck establishing new towns on the coast of Turkey, on the coast of Italy, on the coast of Africa, and on the coast of France.  Colony: a group of people who leave their native country to form in a new land a settlement subject to, or connected with, the parent nation.
  6. 6. Greek Colonies
  7. 7. Greece  Meanwhile, back in mainland Greece, cities were thriving. The soil was mostly fertile. The Greeks had a wealth of seafood, fresh fish, a wealth of vegetables, and fresh drinking water. The Greeks were very happy with their land.
  8. 8. Trading Cultures Develop  Many cultures settled and developed in Greece:  By 2000 BC the Minoans had built and advanced society in the Island of Crete.  Years later, the Mycenaeans built towns and fortresses all over mainland Greece.  These two civilizations influenced the entire Aegean region and helped shape later cultures in Greece.
  9. 9. The Bronze Age: Greek Ancestors Minoans  They lived in the island of Crete. Therefore they spent a lot of time at sea.  Mycenaeans Good shipbuilders, that made them traders.   They traded wood, olive oil and pottery for copper, gold, silver and jewels. It was a great location for fishing and trading, but it had its natural dangers: in 1600, a huge volcanic eruption created a tsunami which flooded Crete and may have caused the collapse of it’s civilization.  Unlike the Minoans, historians consider the Myceanaeans to be the first Greeks, mostly because they spoke the language.  While the Minoans sailed all over the sea, the Mycenaeans built fortresses on the mainland.  By the 1400s, with the decline of the Minoans, the Greeks were now able to take over Crete and become the greatest traders.  They had set up colonies over Greece and Italy.
  10. 10. The Bronze Age: Greek Ancestors Minoan Art Mycenaean Art
  11. 11. The Bronze Age: Greek Ancestors Minoan Architecture Mycenaean Architecture
  12. 12. Aggressive “Trading”  The Mycenaeans did not think that trading should be done peacefully. They usually attacked other kingdoms.  Historians believe it was them who attacked the city of Troy, starting the legendary Trojan War.
  13. 13. Dark Ages  Mycenaean society began to fall apart in the 1200s BC when invaders form the north, swept into Greece.  At the same time, natural disasters destroyed many cities.  With this civilization crumbling and invaders taking over, Greece slipped into a period of warfare, disorder and where few records exists.  This is called a “Dark Age”
  14. 14. Ask Yourselves  Summarize:   How did the Greek Peninsula´s geography shape the lives of the Greeks? Analyze:    What kind of resources did the Greeks have at their disposal? What do the Greek colonies have in common with each other? Infer:    What kind of obstacle did the mountains of Greece pose for their people? Why did Mycenaeans put such importance on building powerful fortresses? Compare:   How was the decline of the Minoans and Mycenaeans similar? Recall:  Where was the Minoan civilization located?
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