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1 1 delian league


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1 1 delian league

  1. 1. Prelude to War:The Delian LeagueSocial studies for 9th – Teacher: Mauricio Torres
  2. 2. After Persia After the Persian Wars 480 B.C., the Greekswanted to make sure they were ready if thePersians ever returned. The Greek city-statesformed the Delian League.
  3. 3. Ancient Greece
  4. 4. The Delian League The purpose of the Delian League was to putmoney into a shared treasury, to have on hand incase of war. It took money to make weapons and ships and totrain men. The Greeks wanted to be ready to fund awar instantly.
  5. 5. Saving the Money Athens guarded the treasury. Corinth probably would have been abetter choice for many reasons. First, Corinth was famous for beinggood with money. They had a bank. They were not constantly at warwith Sparta, as was Athens. Athens and Sparta simply could not getalong. But Athens did not discuss who would guard the treasury. Theysimply started collecting monies from the other city-states, as well asfrom themselves. Corinth was not happy about this, but they didnothing to stop it. And Sparta could care less who held the money -they just wanted it protected.
  6. 6. Athenians GrowStronger Pericles was a young and talentedAthenian. He was a leader. Heencouraged his people to build a wall todefend the city of Athens from attackshould one come. At the same time, hetraveled to Sparta, and convinced theSpartans to grant a peace of 30 years, togive everyone in the Greek world a chanceto recover from the Persian Wars. Thatsuccess made him famous in the ancientGreek world. Pericles was a persuasivespeaker! It was a time of great prosperity for thepeople of Athens. They were loaded withwealth. They were at peace.Art, poetry, philosophy - everythingflourished. They built wonderful buildingson the Acropolis, the rocky hill overlooking
  7. 7. Golden Age
  8. 8. Athenians GrowStronger At first, Sparta was fine withAthens guarding the treasury.Athens only kept 1/60th of themoney pouring in from thevarious city-states to pay forguards. They reportedpromptly to all the city-stateson what money had been paidand by whom. But in a short amount oftime, the treasury grew solarge that even 1/60th of itwas a lot of money! Athensgrew rich guarding thetreasury of the Delian league.
  9. 9. Picking a Fight One day, Athens and Sparta quarreled aboutsomething. Fuss fuss fuss - thats was Athens andSparta. It was an insignificant quarrel. It was notover the treasury. It was not over anything really.But this quarrel started a war between Athens andSparta that lasted over 25 years - thePeloponnesian War.
  10. 10. Ask Yourself Recall: Who was Pericles? What was the purpose of the Delian League? Analyze: How did Athens grow so strong? Spartans did not acre who saved the money. What does this tell youabout them? Evaluate: Do you thinks Spartans and Athenians hated each other so muchthat they used a small excuse to go to war? Draw Conclusions: Why was Corinth an ideal candidate to take care of the money?
  11. 11. Bibliography Peloponnesian War for Kids: Images taken from Google.