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Pro To Go USB Models Catalog


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Pro To Go USB Models Catalog

  1. 1. We can create anything you can imagine!Great for promoting a product or business.Keep printing costs down.Environmentally friendly.Give your marketing campaigns a massive boost.Bring more people to your website and wow them with your Usb Model.First impressions count!SpecialtiesCreating anything your brand desires!Boost your USP’s with our USB’sDescriptionPRO TO GO® prides itself on the fact that we are the worlds leading manufacturer of bespokeUSB Flash Drives.In just 4 years we have been able to provide our unique customised flash drives to some of thebiggest brands in the world, thus expanding our presence worldwide. 1
  2. 2. Due to our in-house design department and the high level of quality of our production and ma-nufacturing processes, we can ensure that our customers’ success in the final outcome of theirorders is achieved beyond satisfaction.What exactly do we offer?We can convert any logo, product or even an idea into your very own unique bespoke custommade USB Flash drive. We can customise the on screen icons/avatars and pre-load websites/brochures/mp3/mp4 files in order to maximise exposure of your brand or product to your client.Our customized flash drives are a fantastic marketing solution and are a unique sales tool!Your bespoke custom made flash drive is perfect for: Product promotions, Events, Press relea-ses, corporate gifts, Retail, Give-away’s and a Greener option in regards to standard catalogue/brochure.Of course, we also make it even easier by offering a wide range of standard housings (Twister/Halo etc) that can be personalized with methods such as screen printing, laser Printing, Silkprinting and laser engraving.So to sum us up in the words of Albert Einstein: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imaginationwill take you everywhere” 2
  3. 3. Our designers will take your logo/product/idea and create a mock design (Totally free of course!!) for you to see your logo/product/idea as a 3-D flash drive image.Then we will cater to your ideas and chop and change the design until you are happy and then send you the final design for your approval (Totally Free also!!). Afterthat, we begin production of your unique flash drive to bring your idea to life.A mould will be made at the production factory and one outer shell of your design will be produced. We will then send you the pre-mass production pictures from thefactory for your approval and once you give us the final go ahead we will begin mass production of your unique product. After production, all units will be indepen-dently checked to ensure quality and then delivered to your door.“Put your Brand in your Clients Hand!” 3
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  10. 10. ACCESSORIES / ADDED VALUEWe complement our products with a wide range ofaccessories that will add value and an extra Wowfactor, such as a custom presentation case. Thesecan be made from a variety of materials that are alsounique and exclusive to you. Each design is differentand is perfectly suited to the needs of each client.Turn your USB flash drive into a key ring! To do this,we have a great selection of accessory hangerson offer. Our various kinds of textile lanyards andcarabiners are perfect to ensure you can alwayskeep your USB flash drive easily with you. These arealso customised in the same way as your USB flashdrive so that your product continues to maintain itshigh level of personalisation and exclusivity. ACCESSORIES 10
  12. 12. SOFTWARE / RECORD FILE: FULL INTERNAL MEMORYPre-loading files to your USB flash drive memory is so-mething we consider necessary and very useful for highpromotional value. Therefore, our programming department INTERNAL MEMORY PARTITION AUTORUN PARTITION USABLE PARTITIONhas developed software that makes our USB memory capa-ble of generating promotional effects of various types; Suchas automatically opening an interactive catalogue or logging INTERNAL MEMORY WITH AN INDELIBLE PARTITIONon straight to your website every time the USB flash drive is INDELIBLE ADVERTISING USABLE PARTITION PARTITIONplugged in to a computer. AUTO RUN (YOUR FILE LOADS STRAIGHT AWAY ONCE THE FLASH DRIVES IS CONNECTED)Use the PRO TO GO® software to promote your website, ADVERTISING OPTIONS CUSTOMISE YOUR BROWSER ICONattract fans in their social networks, converting its product CUSTOMISE THE BROWSER BACKGROUND OR WATERMARK DIRECT WEBSITE LINK TO DRAW IN MORE TRAFFICin an interactive software that will record on a USB stick WE CAN PRELOAD CLIENT’S APPLICATIONS: PDF.MP3, MP4 ETC.and that the user will provide additional space to store your CLIENTS SOFTWARE/APPLICATIONS (DOES NOT REQUIRE INSTALLATION ON DISK DRIVE, THE USBfiles personal. WILL AUTO RUN THE SOFTWARE ON CONNECTION) SOFTWARE 12