The Living, Speaking Hand: Typography in Language Arts


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Typography, design, and visual poetry in the language arts classroom.

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The Living, Speaking Hand: Typography in Language Arts

  1. 1. The Living, Speaking Hand: Typography, Design, And Visual Poetry In the Language Arts Classroom IVLA2009.chicago scott schwister
  2. 3. Guiding Questions How does typography modify meaning in texts? How are texts---and typography---evolving in response to changing technology? What does it mean for teaching and learning?
  3. 4. PROLOGUE A Brief History of Typography
  4. 5. Typography is to literature as musical performance is to composition: an endless act of interpretation , full of endless opportunity for insight or obtuseness .
  5. 6. Typography in Motion
  6. 7. Chapter One: fonts Are you my type?
  7. 8. Letters are microscopic works of art as well as useful symbols. They mean what they are as well as what they say. --Bringhurst
  8. 9. Do fonts have Flavors? personalities? feelings?
  9. 15. iQ font by toyota driving = writing
  10. 16. design your own font. FontCapture
  11. 17. A brief interlude to talk about teaching and learning .
  12. 18. Chapter two: principles Honoring The Content
  13. 19. Invite the readers into the text. Reveal tenor and meaning. Clarify structure and order. Link text with other elements. Induce a state of energetic repose.
  14. 20. contrast size hierarchy space
  15. 25. A tale of three sites
  16. 26. Google
  17. 27. The New York Times Online
  18. 28. Boing Boing
  19. 29. We’re only skimming the surface. There’s much, much more.
  20. 30. CONCEPTS about PRINT Marie Clay
  21. 31. concepts about digital texts A new media checklist:
  22. 32. KINETIC TYPOGRAPHY! Who’s On First? Ocean’s Eleven
  23. 33. Another brief interlude to talk about teaching and learning .
  24. 34. Visual Poetry & Selected Oddities Chapter three: play
  25. 35. CONCRETE POETRY … the typographical arrangement of words is as important in conveying the intended effect as the conventional elements of the poem …
  26. 43. A final brief interlude to talk about teaching and learning .
  27. 44. THANK YOU.
  28. 45. font images tungsten: megalopolis-extra: facebuster: tomate:
  29. 46. flickr image credits FELICIANO TYPE FOUNDRY »Morgans Sans Poster« verso & recto (for 24″ widescreen displays): FDI »Iwan Reschniew« Bauhaus (for 24″ widescreen displays): HUBERT JOCHAM »Narziss« - Ö - (for 24″ widescreen displays): Roman Lowercase Letters (for 24″ widescreen displays): FELICIANO TYPE FOUNDRY »Morgans Sans Poster« Impact (for 24″ widescreen displays): 4th february »Boldesqo Serif 4F« Clown (for 24″ widescreen displays): OTTO MAURER »Mrs. Sabo« Fried Brain (for 24″ widescreen displays): JUKEBOX »Eloquent« Ampersand (for 24″ widescreen displays): JUKEBOX »Pistilli Roman« type&color I (for 24″ widescreen displays): #2582: Marat: victor, tailor: "Home" Typography One, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design: "Cup" Typography One, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design: FUSE 18: Matthew Carter: wood type alphabet: Gadgets: RODRIGO FUENZALIDA »Gerd« (lowercase) Experimental Type II (for 24″ widescreen displays)
  30. 47. CONTACT [email_address] IVLA2009.chicago scott schwister MORE INFO typography