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Fire up conference


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Published in: Education
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Fire up conference

  1. 1. Flipping Your Classroom Online Web Tools
  2. 2. Today We Will Look At..• Weebly -Create a webpage for my classroom• Lino to work with parents for collaboration• Bitly for creating bundles of links and resources• Screencast-O-Matic and Jing for screencasting• Mentormob• Socrative Quiz Creator• SMORE Create a newsletter using
  3. 3. WeeblyCreate an online presence
  4. 4. SocrativeOnline Quiz Option
  5. 5. LinoOnline Sticky Note Board
  6. 6. Bitly Bookmarking Share groups of links
  7. 7. Screencast-O-Matic Jing JingCreating screencasting for your classroom
  8. 8. MentormobCreate step by step content
  9. 9. smoreCreate online journal
  10. 10. iftttAutomatically add items to social media based on other postings
  11. 11. Google Hangout Online video chatting
  12. 12. Remind 101Text Students Safely