The black doc. Discover the forged doctor using Credential System


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Forged doctors managed to take leading positions in reputable health care organizations in the Middle East.
Implementing a credential system can eliminate or decrease the possibility of such fault.
Also Credential system could track privileges and criminal records.

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The black doc. Discover the forged doctor using Credential System

  1. 1. Medical Staff Credentialing System Discover the black doc
  2. 2.  With the advance in technology, accreditation and social media clients are becoming more knowledgeable about their bill of rights in a given health care center.  Medical errors are spreading through social media like fire in dry grass  Accreditation standards states that patient’s bill of rights must be known to all patients
  3. 3.  Forged doctors incidents are increasing especially in the Middle East  The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) discovered 2,714 forged certificates for health care practitioners in the last 10 years, according to the SCHS.  How did they manage to get into health care centers?They were not screened carefully by hiring personnel I guess, or they were very good in faking their degrees and education history, more likely.
  4. 4.  High Risk non sense care provided by a non medical person  Increased risk of errors  Increased risk of sue case  Massive damage to the hiring organization  Massive damage to the patient  Increased cost on organization and patient  Never ending list…..
  5. 5. Some hiring personnel are perfect while others are not. Why take the risk? Install a Credentialing system It does two main functions 1. Screens the educational and experience background for all docs (Doctors) 2. It maintains the privileging within the contract of the doc in a given organization
  6. 6.  Medical Staff have a list of allowed medical interventions  JCIAO standards states that physicians are allowed certain privileges after they earn it through education and practice  Maintaining the list of privileges is a must  Nursing staff must verify that upon calling a physician to perform a procedure he has the privilege to perform it
  7. 7.  The Credentialing system can track who is allowed to do what  Supports proctoring, certain procedures can be privileged after being proctored by a qualified physician  Certain privileges needs renewal, tracking such privileges is another challenge
  8. 8.  Another bonus, criminal record check  Credentialing system could track if a subject doctor has a criminal record where record is available on-line such as in U.S.A.  Often times a skilled Physician with valid credentials comes to practice in another country, but he has criminal record.The risk is high again.
  9. 9. In Health Care settingThere is no rooms for…..
  10. 10. There are many systems out there, but selection can be challenging. We can Help you define the requirements specific to your organization. Contact us Samir Sawli, PhD Telephone +96178893553