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خدمة الزبائن المميزة


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الرواد الماسي هو برنامج متكامل يعنى بكل العوامل المؤثرة بمستوى خدمة العميل بهدف تحسين مستوى الخدمة
لنجاح هذا البرنامج يجب تدريب كل موظفي المؤسة دون استثناء والحصول على الدعم بدءا من ادارة المؤسسة نزولا
غاية هذا التدريب هو تقديم دورة تدريبية تشتمل على اعداد المشاركين لتدريب غيرهم
هذا برنامج تدريبي تفاعلي حيث يدرب المشارك نظريا ثم يراقب سيناريوهات عملية من خلال القيام بجولات لمقدمي الخدمات في لبنان ثم تناقش في الدورة
يصلح هذا البرنامج لكافة الدوائر العاملة في القطاع الصحي

This is an Arabic English program designed to improve customer service in health care organizations. It can be used in other disciplines

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خدمة الزبائن المميزة

  1. 1. Your own sub headline This is an example text. Go ahead and replace it with your own text. Templates
  2. 2. E= EMPLOYEE L=LEADER I=INFORMATION T=TEAM E= Environment Leabon, 0096178893553
  3. 3. ELITE MODEL • Is an integrated training program aimed at addressing all aspects which will improve customer satisfaction • All staff categories must have training in order to make an improvement • It is very important to have the organization’s full commitment from top to down • This training is provided for group of trainers who will be enabled to train others on this subject • This is highly engaging program where participant will learn see and teach. • This program is suitable to all industries where employee customer engagement is frequent Leabon, 0096178893553
  4. 4. The Core Concept • The front line employee cannot provide optimum service unless the system is ready and supporting. ELITE focus on the main elements to empower front line employee to provide best service. • E= EMPLOYEE • L=LEADER • I=INFORMATION • T=TEAM • E= Environment Leabon, 0096178893553
  5. 5. Action Plan • Participants to fill the assessment survey • Participants to come to Beirut, where the participant shall have the exposure to models of best customer service • Trainers to prepare the program using survey results • Each day there will be 2 hours presentation and workshop, followed by visit to an example facility • Next day observations made will be discussed at the workshop • The program will take around 30 days • The participants can go back and train the rest of the employees Leabon, 0096178893553