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This tool can centrally manage any content and share the information within organizations, say goodbye to circulars, flyers and mass emails. No more pinned on the wall news, it is all here.

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Management and sharing of information tool

  1. 1. Feb. 2014
  2. 2. What we do Mobile Healthcare Software Products
  3. 3. Specifically… MediKit
  4. 4. Who are Tactuum • Dr Samir Sawli – Business Manager – 20+ years ICT experience – 20+ years in healthcare sector • Mark Buchner – Solutions Specialist – 20+ years ICT experience – 10+ years in healthcare sector – Co-founder/M.D. of successful healthcare IT company (Conscia) • Graeme McClurkin – Technical Architect – 20+ years ICT experience – 10+ years in healthcare sector – Co-founder/CTO of successful IT company (Dog Digital) • Neil Francoeur – Clinical Specialist – 20+ years in healthcare sector – Involved in many healthcare improvement/efficiency projects • Vinh Tran – Technical Lead – 18 years ICT experience – 7 years in healthcare sector – Technical lead on many large healthcare IT projects
  5. 5. Who we work with…
  6. 6. Corporate Structure Tactuum Inc. (Seattle, Washington) Tactuum Ltd (Glasgow, UK) Tactuum (Beirut, Lebanon)
  7. 7. What is MediKit Allows organizations to create, edit, manage and publish existing and/or new clinical resources to mobile/tablet devices. As well as the web! + Instant updates + Works offline + Guidelines + Protocols + Algorithms + Scoring Calculators + Education + Videos (any) Clinical Resources Mobile Devices + much, much more…
  8. 8. What is MediKit There are two parts to MediKit – Publisher and the actual App. MediKit Publisher Web-based Clinical Content Publisher (licensed) MediKit App (free)
  9. 9. MediKit Publisher Create new or • link to existing • clinical resources, incl.: • • • • • • • • • • • Urgent, routine information Confirmation of receiving by user via mobile protocols, guidelines, handbooks algorithms, calculators, formularies, directories, education, rosters, videos, etc.
  10. 10. MediKit App Clinicians can access content/resources via mobile and tablet devices (as well as the web). Even if they don’t have a Wi-Fi/network connection! Single source of content is published to all.
  11. 11. MediKit App Each toolkit is completely configurable and can be made as interactive as required.
  12. 12. MediKit App Design and branding are easily editable. Interactive calculators can be added by you.
  13. 13. MediKit Benefits For the Organization • Low cost with no on-going commitment. • Delivers patient safety and professional image by providing pertinent and organizational specific information to the bedside in a mobile format. • Complete control over the content to ensure proper safety checks and approvals have been sought prior to publication. • Content can be updated and pushed out at anytime by the organization. No printing costs or physical distribution. • Provides mobile access without the expense of a programmer team to build and maintain the functionality.
  14. 14. MediKit Benefits For the Clinician • Content is available via a handheld device regardless of cellular or Wi-Fi network availability, i.e. works offline. • Knowledge that information provided is latest/up to date. • Easy navigation of content with large icons and simple user interface. • Since content is downloaded into the device, access is immediate. • Searchable with the ability to place bookmarks on frequently used information and protocols. • Content has been reviewed and approved by the organizational clinical leadership.
  15. 15. Current Client Installations Started August 2013 1,000+ users Adult Medical Emergencies Toolkit Wounds Management Toolkit Started October 2013 Protocols, Guidelines Toolkit Rollout Jan 2014
  16. 16. MediKit NHS Pilot • Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive • 900+ downloads just 30 days • Average session time: 2+ min. • 85% of users are ‘returning’ to use app. • Medicine students Edinburgh University (3 years): – 800 potential users • Foundation Year Doctors (FY1/FY2/SHOs): – 360 potential users • Hospital registrars/consultants: – 1,000 potential users
  17. 17. Audit and Analytics All user activity is tracked via Google Analytics to support review and revision of content and functionality. Audit reports can be set-up to measure specific activities, e.g. use of an updated algorithm.
  18. 18. University of Washington • 38 clinical questions over 23 rounding days. • 40% related to institutional guidelines/protocols. • Attitudes toward use of guidelines: favorable, but guidelines were hard to find. • Information seeking behavior: – Smart phones – Paper pocket guides • Evidence often unavailable in actionable form when clinical decisions are being made = information & knowledge gaps.
  19. 19. Outcomes of usage so far • Having trustable (e.g. most current) info. ‘to hand’ is highly valued. • High level of trust in personal mobile apps/content (over web). • Considerations between BYOD and enterprise security. • Market developments re. ‘shell apps’ (users vs suppliers). • Regulation – lack of policies, understanding (viz. FDA, MHRA). • Device utility, e.g. – tablet = education/training – Smart phone = JIT (point of care) reference, calculators, tools
  20. 20. Technical Details • Build upon Microsoft platform. • Utilizes Open Source CMS for underlying framework. • Database platform is Microsoft SQL Server. • Code framework is MVC. • Platform used by:
  21. 21. Technical Details • Content is securely encrypted and compressed. • Access to content can be public, enterprise-wide or directed to specific individuals. • Editorial tasks can be automated and managed through workflow processes. • MediKit Publisher support for multiple languages. • Deployment options include; cloud based, supported hosting or complete ownership within organizational infrastructure.
  22. 22. The Techie Stuff… MediKit Publisher Enterprise Adapter Enterprise ECMS Enterprise Adapter Enterprise Adapter Enterprise DMS Enterprise WCMS
  23. 23. Further Information