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Sci c un4adptelmnt

  1. 1. Name: Date: Period: Adopt an Element Congratulations! You have been given the wonderful opportunity of adopting your very own element. Element ownership promotes a sense of pride and well-being while fostering increased responsibility and awareness of the diversity of the periodic table. Even though some elements might have similar characteristics, each element has their unique and individual properties due to their atomic makeup. Which element will you adopt? To begin your important adoption journey, you must start the process by completing an Element Adoption Sheet provided by the Element Adoption Agency. Internet and book resources will be provided to assist you in completing this important form. Once completed, as a proud owner, you will need to create an adoption poster highlighting specific aspects of your element and reasons for adoption. Your adoption poster must reflect your excitement for the new addition to your family by being creative, colorful and informative. Because the Element Adoption Agency is a bureaucracy, strict guidelines must be followed when creating this poster. Please make sure to place each item listed on the poster in its assigned place and follow all guidelines. Failure to do so will upset the adoption agency and cause grade point values to decrease. Element Agency Adoption Poster Guidelines (10 pts each) Atomic Number 87 Fr Francium 223 Family 3 Facts 2 Example Pictures/Drawings Element Symbol Element Name Atomic Mass In addition to the above design standards, the adoption agency requires your poster to meet the following additional criteria: • Made from ½ size poster board • Poster should be made vertically using only 1 side • Contain name and period on back of poster • Creative and Original Of course, the Element Adoption Agency would love to maintain unlimited adoption time lines. However, due to the paperwork needs of the Agency, the Element Adoption Sheet and Element Adoption Poster must be turned in by the following deadlines to receive a full project grade: Element Adoption Sheet Due: ________________________ Element Adoption Poster Due: ________________________ Adopt an Element Project Chemistry
  2. 2. Name: Date: Period: Please do not hesitate to contact the Element Adoption Agency should you have any concerns about the adoption process, poster, or deadlines. Sincerely, Dr. Webb Element Adoption Agency President Element Adoption Sheet (5 pts. each) Element Name: _____________________ Symbol ____________ # of Protons ___________ Melting Point _________°C Classification: Atomic Number ____________ # of Neutrons ____________ Boiling Point _________°C Nonmetal Atomic Mass ___________ # of Electrons ___________ Phase State ___________ Metal Metalloid Physical Appearance: __________________________________ My element belongs to the _________________________ family. Discovered by ____________________________ in __________ Interesting Facts: (uses, interesting facts, common compounds, etc.) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Adopt an Element Project Chemistry
  3. 3. Name: Date: Period: Potential Adoption Information Resources Web Elements: Los Alamos National Lab Periodic Table: Chemical Elements Periodic Table: Online Periodic Table of Elements: Adopt an Element Project Chemistry